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Lekker Brett.. great job  :thumleft:
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oh, and as a matter of habit, I change oil filter with new oil, everytime. the oil filters are cheap and easy to change so its not worth skipping

Just remember when you change the oil filter it holds a lot of oil, so you fill the bike with oil.. then start it.. let the oil go into the oil filter, then check oil levels again.. I check my oil levels 3 times.. once before starting, once after starting and once after my 1st ride after an oil change.. then i know its right.
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Im looking for this part of my dash if anyone is stripping a TA700

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General Bike Related Banter / Re: Honda CRF450L is coming
« on: May 24, 2018, 11:13:50 am »
I dont see a helluva advantage to what I already have which all in cost about 35k, with reg docs etc??


And you don't have to deal with Honda agents. Buddy of ours is having a nightmare with his brand new AT


I was waiting for the Honda Agent comment.. I have a friend who has a problem with BMW agents and his new GS.. whats the point?

People buy bikes based on what they will use them for.. if everyone didnt buy bikes because of agents no bikes would get sold.
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Sorry , only saw this now.. if you still looking , Phone William 0792493459 , he does the programming of keys for Honda
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If you take some close up pics I can look at it for you but in reality a Transalp with 19000km on it is basically brand new, there is not going to be that much to look for .

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thanks, Bensien - that is VERY comprehensive info indeed, and exactly what I wanted  :thumleft:

I will download the forms, but more importantly, will get OTHERS (Harold, of BikeGear, though he is currently travelling the 'Stans), and other Helmet and/or Soft Luggage importers, to get some critical mass of form submissions, etc.

I'll happily collaborate and send off as well. Tx for the info

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Keep an eye on gumtree, they pop up from time to time. When okes sell these bikes its not uncommon for them to strip them.

If you see a 650 for sale offer to buy the crash bars, usually the okes selling realise that the extras will not increase the value only the desirability for the bike.

I would'nt buy them new, they quite pricey for what they are.
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I proved that you dont need a big budget or a big bike to do a tour. Picked up a KLE500 for R20k, spent about R6k on new tyres, chain, sprockets, break pads, luggage rack etc and did 14 relatively trouble free days in Namibia averaging 300/350km a day. Besides a battery issue and clutch switch everything went ok.

Im sure a R200k+ bike would be nice to tour on but its not always necessary, ride what you have got.
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When I got my KLE it was in pretty good condition but it was nowhere ready for a good 14 day trip through Namibia.

The list of things I did just to prep

Change the speedo , clutch cable
Made up pannier racks
Changed the tail light to LED / changed rear indicators to LED and changed their position.
Added a 12V socket
Had the seat reshaped and recovered
Added in a tool tube and 5L fuel solution
New tyres ( E07 front and back ) / chain / sprockets ( 17 front 44 rear) / oil / oil filter / brake pads

This was my 1st attempt at packing the bike just to see where everything would go

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Kawasaki KLE 400/500 & Versys / Re: KLE 500 spares and sprocket ratios
« on: March 06, 2018, 03:45:23 pm »
Different year models came out with different sprockets, which is why you getting the variation.. I forget the years but one came out with a 44 standard and then another model came out with a 46 std, both with 15 front.

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holy smokes.. another thread on the issue.. some okes are really bored. :patch: :patch:
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I scanned through the thread, and what immediately caught my attention is that everyone has a very strong opinion on the bike, but I could not find 1 post from anyone who actually rode the bike.

How will you know whether the bike is kak or not, if you haven't taken it for a spin???

At least Harry rode the damn thing, and formed his own opinion!

I think if you read through the thread most of the comments are not against the bike per se.. some of the comments will compare weight of the bike to others in the market, or compare the eye watering price or slag the fact that a 310 cannot be the BEST adventure bike or indeed slag Harry because he is not exactly an adventure rider, no matter the comments most have personal opinions on  points that can be made without having to ride the bike .. you don't have to ride the bike to note the weight in comparison to a 690, or have to ride one to note the the 390 Duke which is about the same price has 25% more power.

If threads were only open to okes who have actually ridden a bike it would be a pretty quiet thread and it still would'nt change the weight or price of the bike.
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What is the fuel range, weight and seat height? Bit disappointed on the lack of facts and abundance of feelings.

Weight is 169kg, seat height is 835mm and the fuel range is difficult to get on these launches because the journalists donít get to fill the bikes up and measure it. Official statistics say 33km/l with an 11L tank.
They could have doubled that easily then perhaps call it an ADV bike... :sip:
To be honest the 300 class bikes are overhyped commuters and horribly over priced... have looked at the BMW and Kawa and not impressed when I see the tag.
I would rather buy a second hand 650> class for the same amount and have much more bang for the buck.

Most of you are missing the point of the bike imho.
This is not for you, or the guy who has raced in Amageza, or go do Atlantis dunes every other weekend.
This bike is for the newcomer who wants something lighter, not intimidating, but yet can do a bit of highway, but also do the commute to work, that needs to reach the ground and be able to pick their own bike up if it falls that doesnt cost an arm and a leg when it does.

Everyone should be applauding this bike, as well as the Versys 300 and CRF250 (for the taller people). It gets new riders and older returning riders back into the seat and doing some adventure riding.

Have you ridden the CRF250 Rallye? I have a Honda garage, I love Honda, I have a Transalp 700 a CRF250x a CRF450x and my son has a CBR125, so to say Im a Honda fan is correct.. even I think the 250 Rallye fell very short of what they were trying to do and I will never buy one, it targets such a small segment of the market that I anticipate that it will be discontinued quite quickly here in SA so its not even getting a slow clap from me yet alone an applause.

2nd if you think that these small bikes don't cost an arm and a leg when they fall over, go get a quote on some body damage then come back.

This is the Wild Dog Adventure riding forum.. yes lots of bikes are discussed and reviewed here and its interesting for the most part to see whats coming out on the market, I think that most okes appreciate all bikes when they come out and have an interest in them.. but when you have a LOT of okes on 650cc - 1200cc adventure bikes trying to convince them that a 250/300cc adventure bike is the shizz nizz is always going to be a tall ask, because it is... If this thread was on the Short People Adventure forum or the Girls Starting Out Adventure Riding Forum or even The Old Guys returning to Adventure riding forum you may get a different set of comments and rightfully so.

Adventure riding for most means a packed , soft or hard luggage solution on gravel over distances. You can argue that you can do an adventure ride on a 150cc, and some people have done around the world rides on 150cc bikes, everyone will applaud them and say they are true adventurer riders over a guy fully kitted on a R300k 1200GS.... but is a 150cc moped what we call an adventure bike?

I would park a G310GS in my garage.. It would need to be donated though.
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General Bike Related Banter / Re: Brutal bike crash :(
« on: February 07, 2018, 11:45:07 am »
Vraag is: hoe toets jy dit?

Hoe toets jy of iemand soos 'n vark gaan ry sodra hy sy papiere gekry het?

I don't think that's the point.. the point is that we have a race track in most major cities.. they should write the learners and be able to at least show they can ride. in SA you can go write a learners and legally be able to ride on the road without having ANY skill or ability to do so.

When my kid turned 10 I got him his 1st bike, he rode offroad until he was 16 then got a 125.. he is now 18 and has never had an accident or fallen off his bike. Unlike most of his friends at school who got on a bike for the 1st time at 16 and proceeded to show off .. literally everyone of them ended up in hospital with mommy and daddy selling the bike.

I would like to see the rules changed regarding licencing but before that happens I would like to see gov departments sort out their massive incompetence.
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Planning a Ride / Re: The Bike Tour Guys - new tour offering - Bali
« on: February 01, 2018, 04:37:50 pm »

All the dates will be posted on the website and on WD when confirmed. The best thing to do is to phone Elton on the number above, he will be running the tours on the ground in Bali so he will have up to date info on which tour will be best for you to join.

It is absolutely fantastic, and if you compare it to some other tours exceptional value for money.. the biggest difference to most tours is that you will be staying in resorts as accommodation, there is nothing like having a lekker swim with a cocktail after a days ride. Price also includes the bike hire and fuel so no need to budget anything more than what you planning to drink.
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General Bike Related Banter / Re: NEVER EVER BUY A HONDA PRODUCT!!!
« on: February 01, 2018, 03:05:01 pm »
"Since my post Honda has been very accommodating and are really trying to get to the bottom of this. My bike is currently at the dealer and I spoke to them yesterday, they could not see anything on the diagnostics and asked me that I take my bike and ride with a gopro focused on the dash in order to see when the ABS switches of. They also offered to come out to me wherever I am when it happens to plug the diagnostics in while the bike is still on and see if they can pick something up."

just based on that basis the heading of this thread should change.. sounds like good customer service to me.
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Good to hear that you're OK. I had a major one on a solo trip in September in die Karoo near Merweville/Leeu Gamka crossing. 07h00 in the morning I was cruising along at about 120km/h on my KTM 990. Not paying attention to the road I hit a patch of really thick sand where they were busy resurfacing the road. Sommer in the beginning I was already half sideways. As I progress through this shitty sand I was giving more and more gas. I also try to lean back but it got worst and worst .. must have been spectacular to watch. I don't know what speed I end up doing but it was fast. I don't know how it feels to ride a rodeo bull but being on that KTM felt like it. It kept on for about 80 -100 meters. As I hit the hard gravel it stopped. At that stage I was m@er toe and totally forget to take a few pics :-).  I regret the day when I am going to get the next one....it will happen again because it will happen when you lease expect it. I think that I would have recovered by giving gas and move back on the seat but in my case the sand had deep lorry tracks which made it even worst.

That's exactly what happened to me in Namibia, I suspect that a flash flood had taken out some of the road, the municipality had come with trucks and refilled the road with sand and a bit of building rubble, hitting the gas doesn't help when you already knee deep in it.. glad we survived to tell the tale.
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General Bike Related Banter / Re: must get new tyers in CT tomorow
« on: December 18, 2017, 11:01:15 am »
Trac mac or Flying Brick as well.. both good options
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Honda TransAlp / Africa Twin (<750) / NC 700/750 X / Re: Exhaust
« on: December 14, 2017, 04:32:48 pm »
Have you considered just getting one made up.. Scorch perhaps?
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