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Honda CR / CRF / Africa Twin 1000 / Re: CRF250 Rally/DS
« on: July 16, 2018, 10:51:27 pm »
I know the 250 Rally can take me up difficult terrain much easier than a 650 class bike and it's still very capable on road as a commuter as well (much better than a plated enduro bike). Case closed just a pity they don't sell for perceived  250 type money  :-\
I own a 250L and a DR650 - the DR is much more fun , feels about the same weight but is able to power out of mud and sand much easier, its a better bike for difficult terrain for me, the 250 just doesn't have that extra push somehow - took a friend riding in the forest here in Knysna on the 250 and the 650 and we went off the roads and into the pine plantations between the trees , the power felt better on the 650 so made it easier to change direction or blast up slopes  - I hope they have fixed the long side stand on the Rally , on the 250L you need to find a small dip to put the stand in . Still have the 250L as its a class bike and very reliable, I use it round the farm but going into the forest the 650 is much easier, going to Baviaans is a no-brainer
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Fuckers broke down the bar, Harold's workshop, the toilets etc today, left them their house with two weeks grace.
All those who say it's about getting advertising etc in this thread, two old people lost their lively hood and possibly in two weeks their home.
A great stop over is gone, a fantastic day ride for me out from Plett and back, a bikers institution broken down.
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General Bike Related Banter / Re: RIP - Lourens Hoffmann
« on: April 17, 2018, 04:16:31 pm »
so for your loss and strength to his family
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About South Africa... / Re: PLAAS FOTOS - FARM PICS
« on: February 21, 2018, 03:07:05 pm »

Sounds absolutely heavenly... except for the cycling bit.

Can one pop in for a beer? As re the glamping, only for cyclists? Any camping options?

there is basic camping and beer :) I have had motorcyclists from around the world come stay - last was a couple from Holland and Turkey who had just done the west coast of Africa and were heading north via the east
 coast .
Attached is a pic of the donkey I want to install in the forest
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About South Africa... / Re: PLAAS FOTOS - FARM PICS
« on: February 21, 2018, 07:57:59 am »

Wow Shanti, i am jealous. Such a magnificent area to stay in.
You say small farm but i see its highly specialised and you probably do much better than  guys here with big maize farms.
I am VERY interested in that off grid caravan camping thing -  would love to stay over one day - How do we get to you?

Hi SchalkL - our overheads are low - I wanted it that way , its just my wife, I  and Oscar - a Malawian working on the farm - we are working hard to make ends meet.
I am in an area called Fisanthoek  - you can find me on Google Maps under Fisanthoek films or Fisanthoek brewing co .
I have just cleared some blackwood and with the money I got relocating the caravan deeper in the forest ( before the caravan was on the side of the brewery which is getting noisy ) , my intention is to put a deck off the caravan , small kitchen , braai area and outside bath with donkey - will post some pics once done ...... our area is well known for cycle tracks in the forest ( Diepwalle ) so the intention is to set up some off grid caravans , provide a good fresh breakfast from the farm and a map of routes - the afternoon can be spent swimming in the dam , hanging out at the brewery etc - over summer we do movies on our field which is lots of fun - current caravan sleeps 4 on two double beds but I am looking for another two to provide options . Thank you for your kind comments
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Garage, Projects & Restorations / Re: TIG weld trolley build.
« on: December 11, 2017, 09:15:00 pm »
Good work - Yo - your welding trolley is worth more than your welder :) . Hope you are saving for something decent to sit on that trolley - Fronius is a good start .
My workshop TIG has a dedicated home but I work on sculpture mostly - ali and bronze .
Very impressive and I can second you on those magnetic squares - useless - I even had one you could turn off and on with a switch in the housing - they just not strong enough - 12mm steel table with clamps works for me .
Keep up the good work
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Good Food & Braai / Re: Home beer brewing
« on: November 27, 2017, 08:57:12 am »
Have been looking at similar options MickeyT - I walked into a local electrical shop looking at elements - the guy behind the counter immediately knew who to phone - it was a company based in CPT   ( sorry the name eludes me ) who do this work for many breweries and micro-breweries - the guy on the phone immediately asked for the dimensions , volume and KW of element needed - they make them up specific for your pot .
Here is the number of the electrical shop perhaps give them a ring and they can help you further - if you don't come right I will pop in some time in the week and chat to the guy I spoke with.
E4electrical - 0443820265 - I would hazard a guess and say min off 5.5Kw   
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