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My 5c worth :  I was on the June 2018 trip....BEFOK !

I booked my spot for April 2019 before we had left Purros.

Fantastic riding and great value for money.
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Clothing and Equipment / Re: How much water and how to carry it ?
« on: May 28, 2018, 03:42:37 pm »
Very neat arrangement there Chris.
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Clothing and Equipment / Re: How much water and how to carry it ?
« on: May 28, 2018, 03:04:08 pm »
We can make up custom carriers for coke bottles....zero aesthetic value but they work !

Water or fuel...works well...just don`t use the same bottles.
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Planning a Ride / Re: Cross Cape Cycle Route
« on: May 03, 2018, 08:32:00 am »
I would love to take you up on the offer and kak in your sho... I mean stay over, but that is a bit far north of my route this time. Maybe next time. Thanks though.

There are times I wonder why I am doing it too, and the other voices tell me I'm nuts. Not a good sign

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It is an excellent sign...follow your dreams boet. Life is too short to do otherwise.

Are those bags performing as they should or do we need to modify them?
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Excellent thread and info...thanks Pieter.
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NOMAD BIKE BAGS will sponsor some prizes in the form of Bags and possibly T-shirts for the bash.

Kobus give me a shout and we can arrange collection before you go.

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Ride Reports / Re: Why is all the good riding so far away from Kathu...
« on: January 15, 2018, 03:38:28 pm »
Thanks Spearo  :thumleft:

Yes, that African report is big sore in my backlog, just cannot find a drive to finish it. But one day I will try...

Right now I'm on extended riding sabatical (well right/right now I'm on idling sabatical doing what I do best - procrastinating as you can clearly see from this post), so I don't work. I made living mostly implementing big IT systems in banks. Not sure what the correct name of the position is - something between business architect (designing solution) and project manager (managing the implementation). I came from background where those two go hand in hand, but in this modern specialization world people believe (wrongly IMO) that they can be separated.

One of the objectives of the sabatical is to figure out what next - not making big progress on that so far. Well actually I know what next - get my ass in gear and go for another trip pronto  :biggrin:

Well if your sabatical brings you to the epicentre of civilization...set aside a day or two and I will attempt to make you  the holster-type of luggage you wanted....no charge!
I`m no expert, but have learned a few tricks in the last couple of months.
Will ideally need whatever bike you want to fit it to as well as I don`t believe in the `one size fits all` theory.
Even have accommodation for you .
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General Bike Related Banter / Re: New Rockfox soft luggage in the works
« on: December 18, 2017, 01:36:15 pm »
Ok, we finally grasped the basics of RF welding.

You don't fix a weak earth with a thick cable, Nooooo you fix it with a Shimstock ribbon.
A good reading on the 'Power' gauge might indicate a weak earth.
NO Earth will trip the overload.

This is NOT electricity. It will boil the moisture in your flesh in a few seconds.
This does not even behave like electricity.

In order to do all the welds on the bags we had to modify the machine to be quickly converted between normal, deep throat or 'bridge'.  After a lot of experimenting we now roughly know what to look for.

If anything is wrong - even a weak ground - you will burn a hole the size of a match stick through the material.  We currently have 5 sets of PERFECT bags with patched little burn holes at R 2 500.00 a set.  (Normal price R 3 600.00 )

Full production will start next week once the machine is fully upgraded.


Check your electrodes for dirt or pitted surfaces...this will cause the burn holes.
Dont mark the PVC with pencil...it will do the same thing  as well.

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Planning a Ride / Re: Garden Route December Rides...
« on: December 15, 2017, 12:57:42 pm »
Any of you need bags for local trips during the holidays...give me a shout: Nomad Bike Bags now doing bag /luggage rentals.

We are open till next Friday.
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Sorry Sean, but am doing a ride in the Karroo that weekend, so you will have to settle for Frisco boet.

Will sponsor a 26litre and a 38litre barrelbag and two standard tailpacks as per website: https://www.nomadgear.co.za

Please let me know if you have anyone coming through George that I can send them with.
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Vendor Section / Re: SOFT LUGGAGE....opinions.
« on: September 14, 2017, 10:54:57 am »
Thanks for the comments and feedback.

If I have to be critical, I think these bags are a touch too big, but it is what the client wanted.

Starting a GS800 tomorrow , also with Rock Fox racks and will tweak the design marginally.

I will post pic`s...WATCH THIS SPACE !!
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