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Ride Reports / Trailrider's Epic Ride - The untold stories & pics!!
« on: April 13, 2007, 02:58:10 pm »
Day 0 - Preperation

This report is given from another angle, of someone from the outside, or is that now from the inside of the 4X4 or "cage"... :lol: I will try and fill in the gaps from the other reports of Trailrider's Epic trip down in the Southern Cape. :twisted:

Everyone rushed around to get the last things done and prepare for the The Epic Trip. The dogs from Cape Town drove down to George, but had some bad luck on their way. Mike's son lost it on a corner and changed the look of his Loncin. :shock: The damage was too bad  to the front rim and had to be "carried out". He's trip was surely the sortest of us all... :oops:

We were all packing, and re-packing, and... the darn 4X4 is too small for all the "refreshments"... :twisted:  :evil: Here are some(and only some) of the stock I took with... :D

And then, when we were all ready and finished with the loading of the 4X4, out comes a farking number 4 black pot. :evil:  Well, it could not stay behind, so I put it on the floor and rested my feet on it for the next 3 days! That is where the good taste came from guys...!!! :wink:

Day 1 to follow...

General Bike Related Banter / Introducing the Ghost
« on: March 14, 2007, 04:12:47 pm »
Howzit all,

I would like to introduce myself to the forum as I'm the latest member who has joined. My name is Casper Heydenreich and I'm from Port Elizabeth. My callsign is obviously derived from my name - 'Casper the friendly ghost', and most people call me by it - Spook.

I've been made aware of this forum by a very dear friend of mine, Trailrider from George (my "groot" vriend) :wink: and I've been following a lot of topics and posts now for a while. I follow a few forums and would like to say that this one is "The" forum. Thus, I feel very privileged to be able to join such an active and enthusiastic group.
I also did not like the name "Lurker" that was givin to me by some forum members for always reading and not joining. I also could not reply to any posts and that really teed me off. So, I hope I did the right thing to join? :?
As me and my wife Elga are huge outdoor enthusiast, I see this forum very relevant and would like to contribute as far as possible to all the different topics. I'm joining the 'trip of the year' down in George on the 6th of April, so looking forward to meeting some of you.

Lastly, I don't currently own a bike, but my last one was XT550. Hopefully my mind will be made up after our trip in April.

Safe driving and live life as there will be no tomorrow!

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