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New Member Introductions / Just moved to the Langebaan.
« on: March 29, 2017, 06:56:47 pm »
 :ricky: My wife and I have retired to Langebaan and I've bought a small wheat farm between Hopefield and Malmesbury, on yhe R45. Have my GS 1200 LC here now and plan to get the KTM 525 down soon. I look forward to meeting and doing some day rides and "get aways" with like minded guys and girls. I've been quiet on the forum since taking over the chairmanship of the KZN BMW Motorcycle Club. No longer involved as I've moved down south and loving it.
2 years ago I broke my color bone when my bike did a somersault and pitched me onto my pip. The neck brace did the rest. Three months later, before I was fit and strong enough I was riding above my pay grade on the Josi2kosi when I broke my tibia and fibula. A year ago I had all the titanium out and the body is strong again, so ready for more. Have learned though that I needed to skill up or slow down. When you're pushing towards 60 and had medical downtime like I've experienced, the latter is the wiser choice. Please give us a shout if there's anything on the go in the area.

The Comedy Club / Another true story.
« on: November 01, 2015, 10:40:16 pm »
True Story, quite hilarious.
A while back a guest and his wife told me a story of when they and their kids were on a caravan trip to the Cape. The caravan was too small for all of them so they had to put up the tent for 2 kids to sleep when they got to one of the towns en route. This particular evening they arrived as the sun was setting and realised that they had left the tent pegs. The only place that seemed to be open was one of those 7-11 type of general stores, so he thought he'd try it.
He asked the very Afrikaans woman at the counter if they sold tent pegs. She looked at him, blushed and called a man to the counter before disappearing. The man said "Naand meneer, watter ene soek jy? Seeing the blank look on the customers face he asked in broken English. The customer said he would prefer the steel ones but, if they only had them in wood it would do. The shop keeper looked pained as he said "No meneer, we only have the regular or super.  Only when the guy produced a pack of Tampax did the penny drop.

Who's coming along ? The routes are going to be awesome!!   10 - 13 Sept. Northern Drakensberg, KZN. Entries still open.

BMW are hosting the KZN GS TROPHY REGIONAL QUALIFYING COMPETITION at St Ives,  oposite Piggly Wiggly on the R103 just past Howick. Country Trax are setting the course and doing the scoring.
Skills will be tested and many will marvel at what can be done with a big bike.

Open to the public, no charge. BRING YOUR OWN DS BIKE (any make) AND RIDING GEAR and test yourself on the course after the section of the course has been completed by competitors.
Its going to be a fun day in a stunning setting. Restaurant, pub, play area  etc right there.

This will only happen every two years so dont miss it.
Starts at 09H00 and ends when you get homesick.
Look forward to seeing you there.

For more info call me on 0823371030

General Bike Related Banter / Had a good laugh today........
« on: June 06, 2015, 10:12:04 am »
After hearing me refer jokingly about my BMW kit from time to time, sitting in bed this morning, out of the blue, swambo chirps " I think I'm going to get myself a twat suit" :imaposer: :imaposer:

General Bike Related Banter / Lift req JHB to KZN for bike.
« on: May 28, 2015, 10:09:09 pm »
Hi guys
I recently bought an LC from a fellow wd in the big smoke and need to get it down here. I cant go up and ride it back as I am recovering from breaking my collar bone recently.
If a responsible person is coming this way with some space on a trailer I will be happy to make it worth his while.
I am only 3 minutes off the N3 near Estcourt. 0823371030 Allan

BMW 1200 LC / What are the "must have" extras for a new LC?
« on: May 15, 2015, 03:17:06 pm »
What are the "must have" extras/ farkies for a new LC?
PRACTICAL SAFETY, COMFORT AND PROTECTION ENHANCEMENTS FIRST ( I dont consider an after market exhaust, bar raisers etc. as worth anything).
Secondly what does one need to buy (and where) to be able to fit my trax panniers and top box?

Hi Guys
Eksdom seems intent on fucking us around again and charging us more while doing it.
I am looking at investing in "going off the grid" to a large extent and need some advice. The property is near Estcourt KZN, www.bluehaze.co.za
It might mean that I would also require a generator for when we have insufficient power stored or created by the solar??
Looking forward to some good advice.

Ride Reports / A liitle Sunday breakfast ride ends up in Lesotho.
« on: October 20, 2014, 07:26:50 am »
The newly renamed KZN BMW Club's sunday ride yesterday was to the Nip Inn near Bulwer. I rode down to Howick and met the other +- 20 bikers (including a few guest riders on other makes of bikes). During breakfast we discussed what routes we would do before heading home. The road bikes and those on ds bikes who were already homesick took the quickest scenic alternative towards Ixopo and the twisties of the Umkomaas valley, others took an even more scenic route to Impendhle and Nottingham Road. Then there were a few guys who said there must still be snow on top of Sani and the day was perfect, a warm sun, cool air and many daylight hours left. It was my first propper ride since I fractured my spine 3 months ago when I rolled my bakkie and trailer with 3 horses, so I needed to test if all the resting had worked. My bum itched more for the saddle than my back would hurt later anyway so I quickly assured two new club members that Sani is a walk in the park now and you dont need passports if you ask nicely and say you're not going through Lesotho. 6 of us left for Himeville then The SA Sani border post where the two new guys, Cobus on his new LC GSA and JP on his GSA, were to turn back for home. ( JC hadn't ridden a bike until 4 months ago and never been off tarr).
When we got there I spoke to the border official, he allowed us through and we told the two newbies (who also had tyres made for the blacktop) that the road is better to the top than to the border post they were at. We were impressed when they both said they would come with us, I think we were all expecting at least a discreet liedown or two. We were to be pleasantly surprised as the two new guys eventualy summited victoriously, a bit sweaty but with big grins and highfives allround.
After an uneventfull decent, one guy with outriggers fully operational, we headed our different ways home to Estcourt, Durban and South Coast. Hats off to JP, not many guys would "cut their teeth" on Sani!
This morning my back is feeling good so I am one happy chappy and back in the saddle again.

We are having a get together braai at my place, www.bluehaze.co.za  next week wednesday 24/09. It is an initiative of the newly restructured KZN BMW MOTORCYCLE CLUB. If you dont like clubs, no problem, come anyway. If you ride with a guy who has another make of bike, no problem, bring him along. Bring your baggies, wives or friends. We will have braai fires from 11.00 am, rolls and salads free, meat for sale at a fair price, or you can bring your own. Liscenced premmisses so dont bring drinks please.
We will have a boat on the dam and live music too.

Plan to ride together, maybe through some of our awesome Midlands / Drakensberg countryside!

Hope to see you in numbers. Would be good to know if you will need to buy braai packs here so we dont run out.

My cell 0823371030

We are planning to go through Moz to Tanzania from Pemba to the Ravuma river, cross the river then up to Mtwara and the mountains. Any advice on road conditions to expext in March / April next year would be appreciated.

Hi guys, we are busy planning a trip up through Moz and into Tanzania. We are wanting to find out more about road conditions from Pemba to Ravuma river then to cross the Ravuma and head for Mtwara and the mountains. Stanley and Livingstone no longer on the forum, anyone else have some advice?

The Comedy Club / 3 fat white women.
« on: July 27, 2014, 07:35:24 pm »
Heard this one today and thought it's a classic. I'm not going through every joke here to check it hasnt been posted already.

3 fat, pale females sitting in an airport cafe, talking with a strong accent. A guy sitting nearby says "Sounds like you ladies are straight from Scottland?" The biggest one replies "No you idiot, Wales  !!!" He replies " Apologies wales, are you from Scottland?

We are doing another trip around the Cape early in September, ending up in Bloem for the GS Echo. We have all other accom sorted, Just need to know about a good spot in Springbok.

Ride Reports / Saturday Zingela ride from Blue Haze
« on: July 20, 2014, 08:36:49 pm »
The day dawned with frost on the ground but the clear sky carying the promise of a sunny, warm winters ride. Some of our club members didnt do this ride as they are convinced I'm colour blind. (Last year my orange route was aparently black)!
This year we only had one guy wanting to do the orange so thirteen bikes left for Zingela ranch and the "Zingela Highway". Known wild dogs were Rhino 2 (who pillioned one of his sons on his Triumph, accompanied by his other son on a 650 Dakar), Anything V on his Suzuki V Strom and guys who are also club members: Gyro Ratfink (Anton), K9 (Kean) and my neighbour Andy XR.

We took backroads and tarr to Colenso then wound our way through one of those dry thornveld roads that seem to go nowhere and you may see one motor vehicle from beginning to end. As always happens you end up with some guys much slower than others so we had to stop on occasion. I decided it would be a good idea to let someone else lead so I could go up ahead to take pics of them coming through, then shoot ahead of them again to take more pics. This, of course allowed me to ride at my preferred pace, which is a tad quicker than most. The first off was when Otto came around one of those steep, loose decents with a sweeping bend to the right and a bit of rough "no man's land" on the inside. He took the "shortcut" and ended up in the rough without actualy dropping the bike. His eyes were big and he rode slowly for a while so we supposed he'd crapped himself. He later confirmed it was only skid marks and threatened to sue me for "false advertiseng the route as "green". (a joke of course).
The second off I know of was when there was too much of a gap between the group while I was taking photos. I went back to find a rather shaken Johan (Rhino 2) and his sons. Johan had taken a low speed tumble and wasnt looking happy so I offered to pillion his son for the rest of the journey. It is, of course difficult to know people's skills levels unless youv'e ridden with them and I'll admit that the route is not green so I do apologise guys. We saw Deon ( Anything V ) praying next to his bike a few times, we were facing east but it was not quite midday yet. We later found out that he was checking his bashplate (see pic). Andy and his wife Sarah also had a slow speed off on the red sandy "holes" shortly after one of these pics of them were taken, then they later tumbled when their momentum was lost (caused by our club Chairman deciding to take a shortcut up a rocky ascent, ditching his bike and creating a bottleneck).

Once everyone had got to Zingela they realised why we go there. It's a special place, a camp frequented and patronised by hunters and those wishing to get away from city life. . . FAR AWAY! In fact it's not far but it feels like it because most city dwellers shit themselves when they first experience the "Highway", even if they're not the driver. If you take your kids there they have to spend time with you because theres no cell signal, no tv ( with exception to major sport ) and no shopping mall! Your host at Zingela, Mark Calverly, looks like Kingsley Holgate but doesnt like leaving his piece of paradise where the happenings in the rest of the world seem not to bother them.

We had one of Linda Calverly's fantastic lunches, a few of our favourite thirst quenchers and sat in the bohma area overlooking the Thukela River, chatting about all sorts of things, not excluding the ride so far. We had nearly every pillion wanting to squeeze themselves into the Jeep which was already full of the "non pillioning" wives and a daughter.
I think everyone did a bit better on the way back as they knew what they were in for and knew there was no other option. There were, of course, amoungst us who love this kind of riding.
We went down the infamous "little sani" with no problems as Mark must have repaired it and thrown all the loose rock over the edge recently.
When we got to the Weenen tarr road Deon had headed home and Johan and his boys left to overnight with family near Mooi River. The rest of us rode back to Blue Haze through the Weenen game reserve and then Estcourt.

Although some participants were a bit bummed with me and the condition of the road, they were all later thanking me and saying it was a great day. Nobody was hurt and the worst was a few bike scratches.
Johan you did well, your sons and you should consider it a privelege to be able to do these things together, before they move away and do their own thing.

Once again I do apologise about the route grading but who am I to argue with the likes of Alfie, Jon W, Outhere and the boys when they call it a green route? !!

As part of our annual Blue Haze KZN BMW CLub weekend we are riding from here to Zingela Ranch, having lunch there and coming back.
We are doing two routes, the green (pillion friendly) one goes around Colenso way and the orange route goes up towards Giants Castle, down through Lowlands, past Willow Grange, down through the hlanzeni, Weenen, Zingela.
Anyone wishing to join us must just let me know numbers for the lunch. No other cost.
It is important to note that there is an American hunting party doing a hunt there on Sat and Sun and we must go through in a group and ride quieitly nearer the camp. We dont want
 a wild dog going to the states as a trophy!
We leave Blue Haze at 08h30 so theres time to get here from Durban. PMB or NKR.
My no : 0823371030

Dualsport weekend at Blue Haze, KZN Drakensberg area, 17th to 20th July.( Two weeks time).
Last year we ran a very successfull weekend here so we were asked to do it again. We first open bookings to our KZN BMW Club then offer to anyone else. We do have rooms available for singles, couples and families and the rates are set to make it an afordable but very comfortable weekend. The planned routes offer technical, challenging riding for some and scenic gravel riding for others.
For more info contact me or go to www.bluehaze.co.za  , go to the flyer "BMW Club weekend" at the bottom of the home page.
Good rides, entertainment, rider training, motorcycle gymkhana and more!. This is one you bring your lady to if you want her involved in your sport. Non pillion partners meet us at lunch stops and say they have just as much fun!
My no 0823371030. Call me any day between 08h00 and 21h00
NOTE: This is not a ride where you can get lost or have to find your way on a gps. We ride in small groups and look after one another, making good friends in the process.

Looking for good spots to stay (comfy,clean, reasonably priced and preferably attractive), between Cedarburg and Springbok while on our "Flower Power" trip in early September. Where are the best spots to see the flowers?
We are taking roads least travelled through the Eastern Cape, then spending a few days in Langebaan before heading up to Springbok and back home past Clarens.

Having organised a few DS adventures for mates and BMW Club weekends I realised that there are a lot of people keen to attend these type of events. They do take a lot of planning (including getting permission from private land owners, tribal leaders etc), expecially if you are planning to take to the forrest roads, trails and roads less travelled.
The plan is to "set up" 4 rides, two pillion friendly and not too technical but scenic and no racing, and two routes on mixed surfaces with some rather technical "red" sections.

I have realised that some guys have racing in their blood (probably from racing enduros in our youth), and others who wisely keep within their skills level without taking chances, we also ride a range of bikes suited to differing terrain so we have decided to do the following:

Max 60 bikes
No more than 30 on the red route.
One pillion friendly route will be ridden each day and one red route.
Each route will be lead by someone who knows the route and landowners.
Each ride will be split into groups of 4 to 6 riders to "buddy" eachother and in order to reduce bottlenecks and dust.
The last group on the ride to sweep.
Red route riders can race certain sections.
Routes will be downloadable and markers will be visible.

We know that our sport is about getting to the destination, spending time with friends, having a party and RIDING AWESOME ROADS AND TRAILS. So we will be laying on entertainment on the Saturday night and a DS Gymkana on the Sunday morning.

Due to the fact that we will be filling our accommodation we will not be charging anything for the entertainment, planning etc. Accommodation varies from 6 sleeper self careters to luxurious honeymoon suites, so should fit most budgets.

Let me know what you think guys, its going to happen anyway but your positive input will be appreciated.

Planned dates: Arrival Thursday 31st July, ride Friday 1st and Sat 2nd August, home Sunday 3rd.
4 hours from JHB, Two Hours from Durban and 3minutes off the N3. www.bluehaze.co.za

Ride Reports / Round Lesotho from KZN.
« on: March 22, 2014, 09:11:40 am »
Thought I'd just share a few highlights of the trip. No kilometers,  road numbers etc. There are a number of roads to take  you around the "Mountain Kingdom", including some scenic dirt alternative detours which offer more riding but also a better DS experience (my opinion).
We left late morning last Friday from my place near Estcourt. 3 bikes with 5 people who've ridden a lot together, we were to join up with a group of GS riders from Durban for increased "fellowship" at the overnight stops.
Before we knew it we were on top of Oliviers Hoek pass and zigzaging on the stuffed road where a BBBEEEE contractor took a large advance draw after just starting the rehabilitation project and "retired to the hills". We cruised through Golden Gate, relishing the corners as we always do. (just as well because later our fearless leader from Durban would put a stop to that). Once in Clarens we met for lunch with local friends at the Highlander and went on to our overnight stop. We booked in, unloaded and left to visit ex Durban friends Kobie and Sylvia Van der Linda who recently took over the running of Union House and Destiny Castle, only about 10 km away.
Union house is where the Brits and Boers signed an important peace treaty, lots of history for those interested. The guest house has been furnished with period furniture throughout and looks very comfy.

Kobie asked us if we'd like to see the castle which is 7 km away, on top of a mountain, on the same farm. It was started many years ago by someone else but never finnished until present owner Mike Fogg, of motorcycle racing fame, completed it. Aparently over 7000 pieces of rock were cut out of another spot on the farm and transported up a rough zigzag pass to the top, then came all the rest. We were expecting something like one of the European "keep" type of castle, something quite rough. The sky was threatening to ensure that we had limmited time up there so Kobie suggested we move fast. The other pillion couple declined, it was afternoon sleep time and sounded far too strenuous.
Kobie wore a khaki shirt, short boots and "a short pant", a few weeks in the "states" and he'd forgotten about atgat! Granted, he has his own expensive padding and he was on a little 230cc. I went ahead of Dave as I didnt know we had to negotiate a wet vlei with muddied streams and pools. The first real pool was deceptive so halfway through Dave almost went down with his bike, he managed to keep the 1200 from lying in the water, gathered his wits and we proceeded. Next was the pass to the top which has had almost zero maintenance for about 3 years. The beauty of the rock overhangs and wonder of the effort it mast have taken to build was far from my mind as I concentrated on finding the best lines to cross the steep, slipery rock surfaces and then steep, switch backs with loose rock. Angela was, of course, hanging onto my jacket to stay on and I had to grip like hell to stey on too. Once at the top we discovered an 800m landing strip on the way to the castle which has been "in mothballs" for three years. The entertainment areas, bedrooms, spa room, balconys, chapel etc are still beautifuly furnished and the entire place mindblowing. It will be open for bookings again soon and prommises to be one of South Africa's unique and sought after destinations.
We just couldnt get to see everything though as the rain was now sweeping in from the Malutis and we had to get off the mountain. It must have looked like a bank robbery, we were kitted, on the bikes and gone in a flash. Upon arriving at our hotel in Fouriesberg Dave said it was the most awesome riding he's ever done, the challenge was so worth the reward.

More to come, here are some pics:

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