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BMW 1100/1150/ADV / 1150 throttle body rebuild kit
« on: March 13, 2018, 02:42:04 pm »
Hi everyone, is there any chance that I can get a throttle body rebuild kit in SA? I'm a proud new 2003 GSA owner and looking to sort a few of the noises... :thumleft:

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I'm busy restoring a RD03 and looking for the stock single piece bashplate and the stock exhaust.

Does anyone have these lying around?

PS: I also posted in thr buy/sell thread.


I bought a RD03 yesterday and started a thread in the projects subforum: http://www.wilddog.za.net/forum/index.php?topic=188397.0

I have contacted lots of people and it seems this is going to be a daunting task to find all the spares I need to get the bike back to original. So if anyone has some RD03 spares they will be willing to part with, please help me out :thumleft:

I've also found something weird, the engine number is RC31E-100xxxx and the frame is RD03-1000xxx. All the information I can find suggests that the engine number should be RC31E-500xxxx and the frame RD03-5000xxx... Maybe someone with more experience can tell me why?


So yesterday I decided to buy Africa Twin RD03 that is in dire need of rescuing. I've had my RD07a for a while now and I thought this will be a good addition :biggrin:

The bike had major front end damage somewhere in the past and was deregistered in 2002. From what I can tell the motor hasn't been properly run since then. From the outside everything looks good and the motor cranks over. I also noted that the front and rear sprockets are still original so my opinion is that the owner of the bike prior to the accident took good care of the mechanical workings.

Here are some photos of what the bike looks like... not good at this stage unfortunately :peepwall:

I then decided to strip most of the bike today.

I'm looking to do a restoration to as close to original as possible and at the moment my biggest issues is:
- getting the motor out and make sure everything is good
- finding the missing parts - front cowl, windscreen, side panels, clocks, lights, brackets for lights and clocks, front wheel, front mudguard, shocks, shock and disc covers...

I'll keep this post updated as the project progresses. My first task is getting the motor checked out, get the parts to the powdercoaters and looking for parts.

Any advice, pointers or help with spares will be greatly appreciated!!

I've heard about a Africa Twin Club in South Africa, does anyone have the contact details?

Hi, I have found a .pdf copy of the original owners manual of the AT, 2002 print. Shows for example the tripmeter setup, general maintenance, and a full description of the included toolkit etc.

If you want it please comment or PM me your email address.

Hi, I'm looking to buy a Africa Twin and would like some advice on the common problems and issues I should look for when inspecting a potential bike? 1999+ model.

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