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Planning a Ride / Maputo to Zim via Gonarezhou NP...... Possible?
« on: November 10, 2014, 12:28:39 pm »
Iím planning a trip from Swaziland to Vic falls via Maputo in early December and was hoping someone could assist with information on a certain section of the route that I wish to travel. I plan to ride the outskirts of Maputo climbing on the  EN1 to Magude, then on the 405 till it meets the 208 that runs up to Malvernia Border post into Zimbabwe (Songa Border Post). From here I wish to travel through the Gonarezhou reserve till the road meets the A4. The road from Maputo to Magude seems to be tarred, but Iím not sure about the rest of the road to the border post. 

My concern is the road condition from Magude to Malvernia as well as being denied access to Zim through Gonarezhou on a motorcycle. Has anyone ever travelled this route on a Bike? Any information would be appreciated

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