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My friend is stuck in Laingsburg, need a bike battery for his 750 africa twin.

Anyone in surrounding area that can help? Would be much appreciated.


083 5515 971

Any dogs in the Potchefstroom area?

Please let me know if someone is able to go look at a bike for me? It's a KTM 250xcw 2stroke.

Contact me via email at: mvisagie00@gmail.com

Suzuki DR & DRZ / DR650 - Sprockets
« on: November 03, 2014, 07:35:47 pm »
Anyone have a Rear 45T sprocket for 525 Chain? OR know were I can get 1?

Can only seem to get up to a 43T :-\   but actually looking to get a 44 or 45T Rear. . .

Please let me know, based in Cape Town.

General Technical / DR650 - Clucking Noise from motor
« on: June 17, 2014, 07:42:37 pm »
So I had this clucking noise from the motor since yesterday, rode it today and on my way home the sound just got drastically worse and I was getting worried.
at first I thought it's the timing chain, and I'll sort it out towards the weekend as I'm commuting with the bike.

Anyway, on my way home it got so bad that I had to stop. Sounds like there is something seriously loose in the engine.
It can be the gears cause it still have drive, but the power started to cut-off bit by bit, so then I just stopped and arranged for a bakkie to pick me up. >:(

There's also no oil leaks.

Anyway, What could this be?? Need to sort it out asap, and have no idea to whom I'm gonna take the bike...  Suzuki south is a bunch of palookas.

Any other DR650 guru's around?  Want to take it to a reliable DR specialist. ???

any info would be much appreciated. I'm in Durbanville, Northern Suburbs.

(and no, decided not to sell my DR)

General Technical / Suzuki DR650 - Clutch
« on: December 01, 2013, 11:39:32 am »

my clutch failed in the middle of the dunes yesterday, luckily we had a 4x4 with us  :( >:(

Been told it's an easy fix, just need new clutch plates/friction plates?

Where in Cape Town can I find a set? And can I go aftermarket or should it be original Suzuki parts?

And what would the cost be?

Any info would be appreciated :thumleft:

Clothing and Equipment / Leatt - Neck Brace - TRAIL OR CLUB ?
« on: November 27, 2013, 01:53:44 pm »
I was wondering if it's worth it to spend an extra R600 to get the GPX Club rather than the entry level GPX Trail ?

I know you get more settings & adjustments with the CLUB, but is it worth it ?

TRAIL is +- R2500

CLUB is +- R3100

General Bike Related Banter / Orange OR Yellow - Headlight Cover ?
« on: October 08, 2013, 09:31:16 pm »
The other day I broke my orange cover. . . and for a while I wanted to try the yellow 1, cant remember were I read about it, but someone said the yellow is better in dusty conditions? therefore it should be the better option?
Decided to get the yellow 1 to try it out. . .tested both, but the yellow does seem to be a bit brighter.

Most guys have the orange, but I see for every 10 orange covers there is 1 yellow, or are these KTM haters? :imaposer:

Anyway, was curious . . .which 1 is better ?   (btw, this cover is crucial in traffic! a must have!)

General Bike Related Banter / Bike gear. . .?
« on: August 06, 2013, 08:21:15 pm »
Anyone have some mx boots and body armour lying around ?

Want it for a friend of mine. . .

Please let me know. :thumleft:

So earlier I got a call from a mate : Would I like to race his XR600 this upcoming weekend at the bonnievale enduro. . .fundero. . .not really clued up with all the events,

Well, without thinking twice I said Yes :ricky:

He will be doing it on his WR450,

Thing is This will be my first "enduro", I'm kinda nervous and super amped at the same time.

I'm not sure what class I must enter for, the social (2hours) or the other one that is more competitive (3 hours).  ???

The XR is a big heavy bike, but I heard the event isn't really technical so it should be fine ? I think, of ek gan seriously hard afk@k. . . ;D

Is there anyone who's doing it this year OR has done it before and can give me some tips?? Would be much appreciated. Am I being a bit too brave to do this on a XR600? ?

I like a challenge and decided I should give it a go. ;D

Do however need some rubber for the pig, front is pretty much sorted so if anyone have a rear 18" 130 - knobbly lying around please PM me!!

Cheers :thumleft:


I was stuck in PE with a flat tyre yesterday...and made a few calls, Warren was kind enough to

come fetch me with his trailer and Gerhard sorted me out with a spare tube.

Thanks a lot guys!!

Really appreciate it !! :thumleft: :thumleft:

So I got a holiday job outside PE,coming up end of next week and really want to take the bike up,

but seriously need some new tekkies...  :-[

If anyone have some 2nd hand tyres lying around with some good life left, please let me know! (no road tyres!)

If it's a good price, I'll buy them from you!!

Rear Tyre - 130/90 or 80/17"

Front (not so important) - 90/90/21"

Would be much appreciated! :thumleft: :thumleft:

Ride Reports / 1st Whole family trip - Cederberg Oasis
« on: July 02, 2012, 03:06:15 pm »
So things been going pretty hectic as an industrial design student, and this was my first proper break I got from university this year - a 5 week joliday – pure heaven…
So we as family wanted to do a trip together for a while now and this was the opportunity to do it. We were planning on doing the Loeriesfontein trip with the dogs, but due to my dad AKA StofMonster’s work we could not leave on Friday as planned, so the alternative was to go to Oasis via katbakkies…
We decided to join the dogs doing the “mid tangwa-night ride” and met up at du Vlei padstal were everyone was enjoying the cold wet weather, was nice seeing some familiar faces and meeting  new dogs. :thumleft:

After a quick cup of coffee we hit the wet dirt roads and got a bit of rain heading to Ceres were we filled up.

Jeandre, StofMonster, Flatout and me.

Then the plan was to braai on Katbakkies at the rocks but decided to rather join the dogs again at the Tangwa Padstal . We heard the “soutie” that got the land there is full of cr#p and don’t like people braaing there. So after all we had a nice braai with a bunch of great people.

After that we still had all the way to Oasis to go, so we left, with my brother on the little XR125 we can’t go too fast…

Stopping at my “Think bike” sticker I sticked a few years back… >:D

Katbakkies was full of bumps and soon the hooligan inside came out , we fooled around a bit and after that we found a dog in the middle of nowhere and decided to take the dog with.. Luckily after a few kays we found the locals and returned the dog, they were all dik gesuip.

Anyway after that we gooied miellies to make Oasis before the sun dies on us. Then my bike went on reserve and I’m thinking “Oh sh!t, I’m not gonna make it” , so I nursed it to Oasis riding like a sissie, but made it, 45km’s on reserve.

We had as always a great T-bone and Tjips and it was sommer a lekker atmosphere.

The Next morning I had a quick hike up the “koppie” for some photies and headed back, filled the bikes with juice Gerrit got us, Thanks allot!

Poor cameraman got drenched, haha :laughing4:
We did a short ride towards Wupperthal, took some nice photos did some water crossings and came back to Oasis were surprisingly we found Flatout (my dad’s older brother) he decided to stay another night in the the Cederberg, so then we packed up and left heading back home…

All in all had an awesome trip with the whole family  and will be heading back very soon to Oasis… :thumleft: :thumleft:

1. I polished the header pipe and started the bike now... after few min the header turns red hot :o :o  Is this normal??

2. Then there is flames popping out the back ?

Dont think my air/fuel mixture is correct. (I think the idle is about right,I did retune that...)

Any advice ? ? ?


26 Eagle Street, Okavango Park


086 1250 300

New Offroad, Enduro, Trials and Dual Sport bike shop !!

The do all the top offroad gear from Airoh to Hebo gear and lots more...

Service, Repairs, Rebuilds, Suspention etc.

The shop is full of KTM's :pot:

Make sure to pop in . . . Great bunch of guys! :thumleft: :thumleft:

Ride Reports / 3 Hours In The Quarry !
« on: July 23, 2011, 05:59:49 pm »
Myself, my brother and Malcolm met up at kenridge and headed out to Zone 7 for 2pm. . .

Me on my DR, my brother on his XR125 and Malcolm on his brand new Suzuki DRZ400.

What a blast it was! Haven't been to the quarry for a while now,but always a fun place to ride. . . Just endless tracks :pot:

Anyway,Dankie manne ! Ons maak weer so!

Hier is 'n paar foto's :thumleft:

Wild Dog Pictures / The Photoshop - Thread
« on: April 20, 2011, 10:30:19 pm »
Here you post all your crazy ideas of bikes-how you think they should look like, what colour they must be,what extras they should have on etc. all done on the computer. . . "PHOTOCHOPED"

If you want a mad/original/something else design/colour scheme for your bike, this is the place where you put your order in. . .

So take it away people!

Go Mad and Have fun! :thumleft: :thumleft:

Clothing and Equipment / FIVE - Stunt Gloves
« on: April 10, 2011, 07:13:11 pm »

Anyone have these gloves? How good are they?

I'm in the market for some new gloves,It's between the Acerbis Carbon G,the Cortech Accelerator series 2 gloves and now I've seen these at TracMac the other day,and I like them even more.

They look really great and feels great. All of above is in the price range of about R840 - R880.


For those of you into motocross,this will be held at melkbos 4x4 and the National Supermotard is the next day at Killarney RaceTrack. (if I'm correct)

 :thumleft: :thumleft:

Wild Dog Business Directory / Vivace' Signs and Design
« on: April 05, 2011, 11:04:56 pm »
Vivacé Signs & Design is a ONE STOP SHOP for all your signage needs. QUALITY & SERVICE IS OUR STANDARD AND NOT OUR PRICE.
We do it right - once!
* Corporate signage
* LED & Neon Signs
* Light Box Signs
* Chromadek Signs
* Window Decals
* Digital Printing
* Vinyl Logos & Letters
* Graphic Design
* Real Estate Boards
* Fabricated Letters - 3D
* Vehicle Branding
* Billboards - Large 3rd Party

Contact me Martin on 0835515971 (Stikland)


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