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Wild Dog Pictures / Kubu Island
« on: October 11, 2017, 06:30:39 am »

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Ride Reports / Namibia February 2017
« on: April 16, 2017, 08:14:46 am »
2 Friends, 5.5 days available only for this trip. 4100km. What a trip
My adventure riding friend Ian van der Berg , have been dreaming about a bike trip to Namibia for the last 2 years. In 2016 I visited Namibia with my family in our 4x4 , so had a good idea of where and what I would like to show him on such a trip. During December Ian really started nagging me to do a trip. Both of us being business owners with me really having limited time to go on bike trips, started talking about March 2017 for a trip to Namibia. Yet every week in March started filling up with either family or other business responsibilities until I had to call of March as a no go for a trip to Namibia.
It was the second week of February during peak hour traffic on a Monday morning when after phoning my wife and getting the all clear with no other responsibilities for the upcoming week , that I phoned Ian and asked him if it would be possible for him to get his bike prepped and ready to leave in 2 days time for his dream trip to Namibia. Both our bikes still needed new tyres and in  a haste 2x scott stearing dampers was also ordered and fitted by Off-road cycles in Pretoria
Ian only dropped of my bike Tuesday night at about 9pm , after which I still needed to pack my bike.
We arranged to depart the next day at 1pm from my business in Primrose

820km later whe arrived in Upington at 9pm and went looking for a b&b for the night.
Next morning departed Upington at 6am after a 5am breakfast at b&b , direction Nakop border post

Next stop was Canyon road house for a quick snack

Then Fish river canyon

The we headed still North to Seeheim hotel for late Lunch

We wanted to still make it to Beta but eventually run out of time and energy and found a nice camp for the night on a farm about 80km before beta

Friday morning started bright and early
Breakfast at Beta and then arrived at Sesriem campsite. After a quick visit to Sesriem canyon we arranged a lift to Sossusvlei as bikes are not allowed to go there.

Saturday morning started heading back south in direction of Aus. But first we had a meeting with the famous sand roads of the D707

Eventually made it to Aus. After having a quick lunch there was still enough time and we decided to do a quick dash to Luderitz and Kolmanskop

Kolmanskop was unfortunately already closed so we could only get pictures from a distance
Headed back to Aus to camp for the night

Sunday morning decided to travel via Rosh pina to Noordoewer back into RSA

Stopped for lunch in springbok and then pofadder
At Pofadder I noticed Ians rear shock was bent
We slowly limped on to Augrabies. About 500 meters before Augrabies campsite the rear shock snapped. BMW germany engineers happened to be following us into Augrabies as this happened
They immediately offered assistance in transporting Ian's bike back to Jhb

BMW germany was busy with cooling testing of the new M5 in the Northern cape. They strictly prohibited us of taking any photos of the test vehicles

Monday morning I had to ride home alone for the second time on a trip with Ian (previous trip he fell and broke his shoulder at 20km/h on West coast)
This was one amazing trip.
We managed to do and see so much in such a short time.
I would encourage all Adventure bike riders to at least experience Namibia once in your life.
You wont be sorry

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Wild Dog Pictures / Namibia 2017
« on: April 16, 2017, 07:22:46 am »

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BMW 1200/ADV / Heidenau tyre stability problems on 1200gs adventure
« on: September 20, 2010, 06:14:42 pm »
 >:( Last year at the BMW GS Eco event I noticed a lot of 1200 GS's fitted with Heidenau tyres. I completed last years event on Metzeler karoos which came fitted standard on my new GS 1200 Adventure purchased about 3 months earlier. My rear Metzeler karoo just made it home with about no tread left after less than 4000km's on the clock. I came home and could not find any stock of Heidenau's at that stage and fitted a set of Maxis with the same tread pattern as anakee's.
My rear maxi tyre was due for replacement and I decided to try the Heidenau's after reading good reports about them. I could only find a 140 rear tyre as they are not available in 150 rear size.

I could only fit the tyres 2 days prior to the Eco Challenge. I immediatley noticed a bit of a whobble at speeds over 120 km/h and even during hard braking unloaded.
My bike was loaded very light for the Eco challenge yet I felt very nervous traveling at 140km/h on the highway. On the fast gravel road leading into Smithfield most of my group was traveling comfortably  at speeds of 120-140km/h on anakees and Continental Knobblies , yet I felt extremely nervous and had a serious head shake at only 90km/h.
Has anybody else experienced similar reactions on the heidenau's on a 1200Gs?
Tyre presure on gravel was1.4bar front and 1.8bar rear and on tar 2.4bar front and 2.8bar rear.

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