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General Bike Related Banter / Trying to contact DROOPY
« on: April 28, 2017, 11:32:51 pm »
Anyone have a contact number for DROOPY in Bloubergstrand????

Trying to contact him to see if his bike is sold or still available???

Have sent him PM's but no reply.

SPOED  :snorting:

General Bike Related Banter / Grahamstown Acommodation
« on: October 30, 2016, 07:38:22 am »
My daughter is playing in her last primary school water polo festival in Grahamstown on Friday 4 and Saturday 5 November, i.e. This coming weekend.

Any Grahamstown dogs who can suggest a good B'nB we could look at for the Friday evening?

Thinking of coming to watch with the wife and younger daughter of 10.

0837881082 if you could message details or numbers of places. Might be a lot fully booked already???

SPOED  :snorting:

Planning a Ride / SANI TOP to DURBAN
« on: October 01, 2016, 10:27:20 pm »
Any dirt routes anyone could suggest for us to try. 3 guys on GSA's.

Sleeping at SANI TOP on Friday 7 October. Following day riding to Durban to watch the SA vs NZ game. Any suggested route for the Saturday except the obvious SLAB!


 SPOED  :snorting:

Mate and I have been able to source 2 tickets for the SA vs NZ game in Durban on 8 October. So we planning to ride to Underberg/Heimville on the Friday. Sleep over and then Saturday morning do Sani up and have a Maluti at the top and then down again and then off to Durban for the rugby. Sleep over somewhere in Durban and then Sunday hit the N2 slab back to East London.

Any dogs who run B'nB's in these areas or have ideas of places to stay that won't be an arm and a keg. Need to keep part of the budget for our liquid suppers!

Thanks for any accommodation names and numbers posted.

John, Nox on this forum, sent me a mail a few months ago informing me that he wanted to do a ride for his dad, Royce, also Royce on this forum, as he is fighting the big "C" and Nox would like to do a ride with his dad before he gets too weak or before SWAMBO sells his bike.

The plan was to meet in Port Alfred on 19 December and then leave for Baviaans on the 20th. Do Baviaans and sleep in Makkadaat Caves. From there on the 21st we would travel to Willowmore, De Rust and on to Prince Albert via Meyrings Poort and on into Die Hel to sleep in HEll on A Sunday evening. On the 22nd we would exit Die Hel and ride Swartberg Pass to Oudtshoorn and then Montague to George (This changed slightly on the trip). We would sleep in George. On the 23rd we would ride the 7 Passes and then Kom Se Pad to Angies G Spot and on to Uniondale, Willowmore and then to Steytlerville where we would sleep in the Royal Hotel. On the 24th we had a dirt route planned towards Uitenhage and then slab it back to Port Alfred and me back to East London. This route for the day also changed slightly but more about that later.

Bikes were packed, Snorkels were tested, PAnniers fitted and important Reading Matter packed for DIE ARENDE!!!

On the 19th I eventually left East London for the first leg of the trip to Port Alfred to Royces house (Which is for Sale. Lovely holiday home for a Gangster Paradise Dog). We all arrived in PA around 4 pm.

The BLoem boys had trailered their bikes down. That was to be the first "FINE" I imposed as it is sinful to use the words TRAILER and GS in the same sentence.


Bikegear / Hydenhaus Rear Tyre
« on: October 20, 2014, 07:59:42 pm »
Do you guys have stock?

150/70 17" I think it is for my GSA!


And wear are you guys in Blue Water Bay again?

Rod Harris - 083 788 1082

ACME Salvage / Wanted: GS 800 rear view mirrors
« on: April 28, 2014, 11:58:42 pm »
Do you perhaps have a set of the 800 mirrors! Want them for my 1200 GSA, and price if you gave?

General Bike Related Banter / Zumo 220 - Pro's and Con's
« on: February 16, 2014, 09:30:14 pm »
Hi guys, and gals,

Looking for any advise/ feedback you can give me on the Zumo 220. Looking at buying one here on the forum.

Had the Zumo 550 before and was very happy with it but foolishly sold it with my bike!

What's good and what's bad about the 220?

Thanks for your input!

General Bike Related Banter / BMW 1200 GS/A Rim TPC
« on: September 27, 2013, 07:08:32 pm »
Anyone here know if it is possible to buy 2 Tyre Pressure Censors for my GSA spare rims? Or does anyone know where I can get or does anyone perhaps have some old damaged rims with these sensors in which they are happy to part with??

General Bike Related Banter / GoPro Hero 3 vs Polaroid XS 7 and 20
« on: September 25, 2013, 06:54:44 pm »
Am interested in getting a GoPro or Polaroid at a much lower price. Anyone who has a Polaroid and can advise on how it compares to th GoPro???

Any advice would be appreciated.

« on: August 25, 2013, 07:42:58 pm »
Last weekend I went for a solo ride to charge the batteries to GULU just outside East London. Also went to have a look at a house at Cove Rock which i would love to buy and move to. SWAMBO not keen on the daily commute of +/- 20 km one way per day.


« on: July 28, 2013, 10:12:07 pm »
Any other Stirling Primary dad's who are wilddogs and will be going to the dad and son/daughter's sleepover on the school fields on Friday 2 August????

Are my daughter and i going to be the only ones arriving on a bike again like last year????

Lets see a few more bikes there!! I know there a few of you who are dogs!!!

 :pot: :pot: :pot: :peepwall: :peepwall: :peepwall: :ricky: :ricky: :ricky: :pot: :pot: :pot:

General Bike Related Banter / FIRST EVER INSURANCE CLAIM
« on: July 14, 2013, 10:22:06 pm »
Tomorrow i will be testing the vehicle insurance claims department of my insurers for the first time ever in 22 years of owning vehicles!!!!!!!

3 rd dirt trip with the GSA, Have done Baviaans, Die Hel, Prince Albert pass, Montagu pass, 7 Passes between George and Knysna, 5 day lesotho trip including Sani Pass, Umthombe Kei and over the pont to Mazeppa Bay WITHOUT A FALL or INCIDENT on far worse roads than what we rode yesterday!!



Guy ahead of me went across a cattle grid and there was a 5 ton truck waiting on the other side of the grid. I watched him cross the grid and pass the truck and then focused on if the truck was going to wait and let me cross the cattle grid first. So i took my eye off the guy ahead who decided to stop in the middle of the road just past the truck which i did not notice. I went over the cattle grid and waved to the guys in the truck that they could now go as i was the last bike and when i looked up the other guy was infront of me about 10 m away, in the middle of the road!! Instinct made me grab front breaks and we all know what happens then. Why i did that i will never know. I also had instant TARGET FIXATION and did not eventhink of an escape route.

Front wheel obviously gave way and i went down on the left. i went into the screen and the two pins at the bottom of the screen broke and the top screen control arm bent forward and the middle point of the screen bent in between the headlight protector and the headlight making contact with the headlight which proceeded to explode into many pieces.

The left lower crash bar dug into the ground and has bent bacwards into the cylinder head protector which has a few scratches and had the front nut ripped out the cylinder head and snapped the bracket holding it to the cylinder head.

I had one of those zip on toolbags on the top crashbat which protected the bike quite well and is still in perfect condition, except for a scratch or two.

My chest where it hit the screen is tender as well as two nice bruises developing on my left and right lower fib areas, left knee has a bit of water on it from a knock and my left thigh has a nice dooma and big bruise. My right index finger knuckle is pretty stiff, cant make a fist yet and my neck (Whiplash) is surely the most uncomfortable.

Fortunately i missed the other guy who i have never ridden with. So maybe i need to take more care when riding with guys i dont know for the first time of just WAKE THE #$%k up!!!! :'( :'( :'(



Last pic. Did some TLC today, maar kyk daai POEP OOG!!!

 :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

Pic 2 - Look how close i ended up behind Stefan!! Could have been worse!!!

General Technical / Silicone Spray
« on: July 11, 2013, 09:04:56 am »
I see some guys use silicone spray on their bikes. Is this after cleaning the bike to give it an extra shine? Obviously not on the seat!

Which is a good brand to buy?
Do you spray on all over the bike or are there parts you must steer clear of?
Can you do this in the sun?
What pro's and con's are there to using silicone spray on your bike??

Any feedback will be great for all dogs to share! Not sure if this topic has been discussed before? Apologise if it has. :thumleft:

The Comedy Club / Oscar at it with Mandela
« on: July 06, 2013, 11:31:50 pm »

Mandela has left his legs in his will to Oscar Pistorious so that Oscar can also experience the LONG WALK TO  FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!

Today JMOL, KALLY, JAMAL, DAVID (BBT - Born Before Technology), KEIRIDER and myself went on a reconaisance ride to see Umthombe Kei. We had heard that the road in could be a bit of a challenge?

My feeling is that it is a bit technical and pretty rutted. The down hill section has a lot of loose stuff (marbles) that could catch a few guys. It was dry today and has been dry in our area for quite a while, not much rain lately. We did come across some mud today.

I enjoyed the ride in and the ride out even more. Coming out momentum is important. Big adventures two up will have to take it easy as it is pretty rough but a lekker ride to a superb venue.

The other guys on the ride today feel free to post your pics and comments here.

I am sure that if the rain stays away (will make the road unplayable) then this is gonna be a great bash.
Herewith a few pics i took today as we broke my bikes GRAVILINITY!!!! (Virgin gravel trip!!)

Enjoy the pics and see you at the bash.

Hi guys, I see JMOL has not started a post for us so here goes. Feel free to add guys. My butt is starting to tingle already for this ride.

Planning done with a few variables for weather conditions and distance vs time factors.

17th - Slab to Patensie, buy meat and a few beverages here. Dirt then to a Chalet at Kudu Khaya. (R 170 p.p.p.n.)
18th - Kudu Khaya into and through Baviaans to Uniondale and then tar to Prince Albert through the Prince Albert pass. Still sorting this nights accommodation.
19th - Prince Albert into Die Hell, Lunch and Back out Die Hell and then on to Oudtshoorn and George via the Outeniqua / Montagua passes. Caravan park chalet or B 'n B for this night. Still sorting that out?
20th - George via 7 Passes to Knysna and then inland via a pass (forgotten the name, is a well known one? Jaco has my mapbook) towards Willomore and on to Steytlerville area. This is where the distance and time comes into the ride???
21st - Steytlerville to the R 400 and along the R 400 to Grahamstown and then slab it back to EL.

Members: Jaco - 1200 GSA, David 1200 GSA, Neville 650 Dakar and myself 1200 GS.
Any other Dogs want to join, give us a shout.

My boet and his sone and a few more inland dogs gonna be in the area and exploring Baviaans from 17th to 19th as well.

Enjoy your rides this December and ride safe guys and gals.

« on: December 06, 2011, 09:18:03 pm »
Hi Fellow Dogs,

I am looking for some advise. I had a HID light fitted last week. Since yesterday my bike when i am moving it into the garage in first very slowly and i turn the handle bars left, she cuts out.

I realised tonight that when stationery and idling if i turn the handles to the left she cuts out everytime???

Anyone had a problem like this before or have some advise?

Could it be  a wiring problem from the HID light???

Any advise in this regard would be appreciated??


The Comedy Club / Hansie and BinLadin
« on: May 13, 2011, 11:52:08 pm »
Usama meets Hansie in the afterlife. Hansie says, " Hows it Binnie! Welcome!" Bin Ladin says, " Dont talk to me. the last time we spoke in Pakistan i specificly told u to fly that plane into George Bush, not a Bush outside George!!!!!!"

New Member Introductions / Rather late than never
« on: July 20, 2010, 08:47:07 pm »
Hi all WD members/readers/gate crashers and lovers of bikes

I cant remember if I introduced myself the first time I joined. My name is Rod and I live in East London, 3 doors up from the MAYOR of the street I live in, namely fellow WD member, JMOL.

Fortunately he is my alarms clock every morning. On his way to work he drives past my place and hoots to wake me up. What a pel.

On top of that he organises a day dirt ride every month. Plans the route and all we have to do is follow. Awesome places seen this way.

Other than that my thread name has been a nickname since varsity days when I used to still play a bit of rugby. Left wing and had a bit of PACE, thus was rebaptised SPOEDVARK!

Campo was another after some aussie wing? Thought spoedvark would be a good one for WD.

Currently I ride a BMW 650 GS which is for sale on WD. Looking at another bike on WD, BMW 1150 GS. The WP one. Maybe have to spray the blue to black, SHARKS!!!!!

Complements to all the dogs whose bikes I have had the pleasure of looking at on the various threads. 99% of them are in awesome shape and well looked after.

I hope this will suffice as an intro.

Remember my motto in life: GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!!!!!! Need I say more? :ricky:

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