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General Bike Related Banter / Re: Accident on N1 near Allendale
« on: September 05, 2014, 10:12:59 am »
I rode past the accident scene this morning, at around 7:45.

Not very nice to see. The rider was still lying right next to the smouldering bike, covered by a space blanket.

i find this 'giving us a bad name' thing confusing.
do you feel that the shooter-motorist has given all car drivers a bad name?   do you treat or view all car drivers differently?

I suppose it depends on your point of view.

Car drivers generally think that bikers are irresponsible.

Bikers, on the other hand, know that not all car drivers are out to get them.

However, when I commute on my bike I think that all car drivers are idiots. Best way to stay alive.......  ;D  ;D  ;D

I a sense I am glad he said what he said - now we know what some people think.

Now we know to be vigilant. As bikers we are very vulnerable and we need to remember that some cagers feel like opening doors.
We also have to think about why they feel like doing this.

Fair enough. I commute daily and there will always be one or two bikers that give the rest of us a bad name.

But for a motoring journalist to post something as stupid as this on a public platform?! He is getting what he deserves.

This guy is now getting kak from all directions. And a lot of it is coming from fellow motoring journalists.


Karma is indeed a beaatch.

This guy is not sorry. He is just sorry he got caught.

If you look at his Twitter feed @thegandranaidoo some of his initial responses were:

@lara_robertson LOL. Please make my day and charge me for intent. READ the FULL conversation before commenting!

@lara_robertson LOL. What response do you expect from me? I am sorry 'baas', it won't happen again?

@DenisDroppa LOL, my response was a reference to bikers during peak hour traffic in the morning and afternoon. You safe on a brekkie run...

Only later did he post the following half-assed apology:

Dear bikers in SA, I have retracted my statement and I humbly apologise for my insensitive comments.

Little prick.

General Bike Related Banter / Re: Nitro Circus coming to S.A !!!!!!
« on: February 16, 2014, 08:22:08 am »
Listen up peeps, if you don't have tickets to this show yet then make a plan, they rocked the house down in CT last night :thumleft: :thumleft: :thumleft:

Insane, Epic, Mind blowing.... name them all, this was one freakin Awesome show. I recon I saw almost every biker that I know at it last night and they were all raving  :ricky:

Great stuff! Can't wait for Saturday.

Yes, he's even getting flack from fellow motoring journalists.


The project I am on is going haywire and I will have to spend the weekend putting out fires.

Can't make it anymore...............  >:(  Sorry

1.Windpomp +1
2.Draadkar+1    ( Pondokie 1 by backpackers )  PAID
3.Butchh+1        (( Pondokie 2 by backpackers ) PAID
8.roxenz + son
9. ZAR two nights - Backpackers!!! ( + wife )  PAID + 1
10. Slakkie ( wdf slaap slakkie in sy bakkie ?) PAID
11. Thugscub and Panda   Saturday
12. Zetman Saturday
13. Deondj
14. Corrots   stream cottage  :deal:
15. Go Girl   stream cottage   :deal:
16. Smokes  Two nights Backpackers
17. Aluway
18.  Mof
19. laurika. stream cottage  :deal:
20. Dirty Boy + 1   Camping 2 X nights
21. Chinaconexion +1 Backpackers ( Honeymoon chalet )
22. DJ
23. Bernt ( Backpacker Bunkhouse )
24. Gwans ( Backpacker Bunkhouse )
25. Sandban(g)k Saturday only !
26.Wilddoc +1
27. Non Dog Fritz + 3
28. JouPa + Shebanggu + 1 (2x TeePee)
29. JVR Paid
30. Arno en broer ( Saturday night only )
31. Mr Topie Mev Topie en balsak Topie ( Soek n Family hut .. Rick laat Mr Topie weet )
32. SandAngel (Backpackers)
33. Hondsekierie (Backpackers)
34. Bike_Buddies
35. Laban + 1
36. GundaGunda  CARAVAN   :deal:
37. Big H .stream cottage

General Bike Related Banter / Re: The 2012 MotoGP and WSBK Thread
« on: April 02, 2012, 01:40:14 pm »

I see that MotoGP is now open on SuperBru.

Who is going to start the Wild Dogs 2012 pool for us?

Stoetie is the man, PING him H!

 :thumleft:  I sent him a PM.
Pool up and running boys! :thumleft:

My application for membership is in  :thumleft:

General Bike Related Banter / Re: The 2012 MotoGP and WSBK Thread
« on: April 02, 2012, 12:46:50 pm »

I see that MotoGP is now open on SuperBru.

Who is going to start the Wild Dogs 2012 pool for us?

Stoetie is the man, PING him H!

 :thumleft:  I sent him a PM.

General Bike Related Banter / Re: The 2012 MotoGP and WSBK Thread
« on: April 02, 2012, 11:37:27 am »

I see that MotoGP is now open on SuperBru.

Who is going to start the Wild Dogs 2012 pool for us?


Planning a Ride / Re: SPLASHY FEN
« on: March 15, 2012, 10:30:16 am »
Sounds like a great idea  :thumleft: Will let you know........

That is one cool bike!!!!  :thumleft:

General Bike Related Banter / Re: MOTO GP Superbru for us here at WD!
« on: March 14, 2012, 01:13:02 pm »
Daar is nog nie 'n PG pool op SuperBru nie, het nou net gekyk. Sal so elke 2de dag kyk en laat weet as dit op is. :thumleft:

Cool. I'm in  :thumleft:

The Comedy Club / Re: Missy the cat...
« on: March 13, 2012, 10:20:29 pm »
 :laughing4:  :laughing4:   :laughing4:  :laughing4:   :laughing4:  :laughing4:


General Bike Related Banter / Re: BMW service.
« on: March 12, 2012, 06:23:58 pm »
Ek gaan sommer in-chip en se jy kan maar gerus aan jou houding ook werk.  Om mense te oordeel aan hulle voorkoms (vb "tang" en "onderbroek") is tipies ou-skool.  Ek se nie jy't nie n kak ervaring gehad maar om mense te begin oordeel aan hul uiterlike is vlgns my pretty faktap.  Het jy baie geld en dink jy jy is n laanie?

En sbtw, daai tang wat ek dink jy na verwys (ja, die bra met die tatts), is een befokte mechanic en mens - klim van jou high horse en gaan praat met hom asof hy jou equal is :mwink:


Die manier wat die storie vertel word is neerhalend (en ook nie snaaks nie, soos sommige mense beweer).

En, ek was ironies genoeg daai selfde Dinsdag middag by Bavarian om my bike na 'n 80,000 km diens te gaan haal. En soos gewoonlik was alles in orde, met geen probleme nie. Daai is een van die eerlikste dealerships waarmee jy ooit te doen gaan kry, selfs al maak hulle nou en dan foute (met ander dudes se bikes, nog nooit met een van myne nie).

General Bike Related Banter / Re: Tau's Dakar dreams TBC...
« on: March 09, 2012, 04:22:13 pm »
Sorry to hear that the dream has been placed on hold.

Well, for a while anyway.......  :thumleft:

For the record, when I made the donation I never expected to get it back if you didn't get an entry. We all knew that everything still depended on it and that it wasn't gauranteed at all. And I am sure that you had to spend the money to get as far as you did.

So I don't want it back, and I don't want you to send it on to someone else.

(And BlueBull2007 will get the same support for his endeavour, I'm sure of that....  ;) )

General Bike Related Banter / Re: WOA Somerset Wes Promo dag!!
« on: March 07, 2012, 10:41:37 pm »
Lewer julle in Gauteng af?  :biggrin:

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