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Wow, awesome pics and vids, thanks!

Hoe maak die subaru, nou dat jy dit al n rukkie het - goods, bads, surprises...?

Good! Really enjoying it and the space inside is awesome. Loaded the garage fridge in it when I collected it  :thumleft:

Its an old vehicle so the rubbers are wearing, and and and,  but all fixable.

Suprises... How well the motor and turbos still run :biggrin: and the car feels planted thanks to its AWD. We most likely driving up end of April to fetch doggie in Auckland so will have a real feel for it long distance
Maggie the friendly kitty Kat  :imaposer:
BMW 1200/ADV / Re: 1250 Tank increase
« Last post by Bundu on Today at 07:31:08 pm »
is there still enough space for fuel/gasses with a full tank on a hot day?  I guess it has a breather pipe, where it could dump any excess
Ride Reports / Re: Human Rights day 780km trip
« Last post by Oubones on Today at 07:05:13 pm »
Always nice when such comes along!
Glad you enjoyed it so much and for taking us along! :thumleft:
Wild Dog Pictures / Re: Snake Photos
« Last post by mtr89 on Today at 07:04:00 pm »
Herald snake
BMW 650GS / Dakar / XChallenge Singles / Re: F650GS possible ECU Fault?
« Last post by Oubones on Today at 06:58:04 pm »
I know that, but have a Dakar that is waiting for the solution!
It improved after I replaced the idle actuator but still not sorted.
It will also just cut out at random, now it starts right once and then not at all!
Eats batteries though so I am suspecting electrical cause.
It is on my to do list when back from Nam trip and was hoping that you would find the fault for me. :thumleft:
General Bike Related Banter / Re: KTM Caferacer
« Last post by benreaper on Today at 06:37:09 pm »
Saw this on the net and thought to myself "now there's a KTM I'd ride".


Can you savages not embed a video?

There, is that so hard? Fucking cavemen I tell you...
No!! I don't want to "embed" with you!
V@kken weird goed wat die stads mense doen.....
Hey guys
I uploaded a video to YouTube to show what the bike is doing.
Any ideas ?

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Ride Reports / Re: Human Rights day 780km trip
« Last post by jaybiker on Today at 06:19:01 pm »
So presumably the screw remained in the tyre and caused no problems on the ride?
General Bike Related Banter / Re: Versekering en ABS
« Last post by Twinman on Today at 06:13:28 pm »
Baie dki. Sal so maak sodra ek terug by die huis is. Bki weg met verlof. ( darem met motor)
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