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And this is it - hope you enjoyed?  :thumleft:
We also went to ride the simulator which according to the shuttle astronauts came close to the real feel. That we will never know, but it was however a sure great experience as well!

This is it then for the space station and shuttle era and I will conclude with a few random pics taken in the rockt garden!
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Invite Coxvain over for a drink and give him a rattle can.........................problem solved. :deal: >:D ;) :lol8:
Its big....both in size and 'moment'

One can actually see how the tiles have discoloured upon re-entry, and also the damage during take off as pieces of cement and debree 'sandblasted' the back end of the shuttle.
This experience is impossible to capture in words and pics, but I hope some of you will enjoy it through the pictures.  :thumleft:

They give you a movie presentation on how the decision was made to go the space station and shuttle route - how it came about and then right at the end the theatre screen become transparent and you see the real size and obviously original 'ATLANTIS' right in-front of you, the window lifts and you walk through and there you are.....Like you have walked right into space. This was the best experience I had for the day....cant capture in pic and words but I have tried.

Humbling experience
After the Apollo experience we took the bus back to the main complex and that is where I burst with excitement because the space shuttles were more in our frame of reference and I could relate
There were many suit and uniform designs but the NASA emblem stayed the same
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