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Tactical Quarter Master / TacQM: Do you have the power? Do you?
« Last post by camouflage762 on Today at 07:50:33 am »
Ultratec Battery Tester and Organiser
This organiser measures 30cm x 16cm x 3.5cm and includes a battery tester that can be detached and used away from the organiser or can be used while away from the cadddy. The unique design allows the organiser to be place in a drawer or mounted on a wall/ cabinet (Includes mounting hardware)

The organiser holds:
•   8x D cell batteries
•   10x C cell batteries
•   9x 9V  volt batteries
•   26x AA batteries
•   10x AAA batteries
•   9x CR button cell batteries
•   3x LR  cell batteries
**Please note batteries not included**

Follow the link below for product info and pricing:

***Vat held @ 14% on our current stocks. We will keep the Tax Man happy with the discounted 1% New Vat will be applied to new stock and re-stocked items***
Price includes Vat. Full costs displayed BEFORE you have to pay.
Online Credit Card and EFT Payment options available.
www.tacticalquartermaster.co.za we are ONLINE, deliver Nation-Wide, Door2Door OR you are welcome to Click’nCollect.
Please contact us at sales@tacqm.co.za if you need assistance or have a query

BMW 650GS / Dakar / XChallenge Singles / Re: Garage project Version 4
« Last post by Roulof on Today at 07:46:52 am »
Jes ek verstaan.

Dis baie mooi werk wat jy daar gedoen het :thumleft:
Wild Dog Pictures / Re: Girls with bikes!
« Last post by Wayne on Today at 06:28:09 am »
Wild Dog Pictures / Re: Girls with bikes!
« Last post by Wayne on Today at 06:14:04 am »

Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk

This installation job is big.

And it's taking a lot longer than anticipated. Today I was onsite again and worked a solid 10 hours on the job. Several unforeseen snags that cropped up. Tomorrow I return to commission the system, I hope to be done by lunch time. I'll also try and remember to get a couple of pics for y'all.

This weekend I need to get all the fishing tackle sorted and ready for the trip to the Keys. We leave Thursday morning, and I still haven't gotten anything ready...  :sip:

On a lighter note. Earlier I was sitting chatting to Junior Zog about his day when a name on the TV caught my eye. So I snapped a pic. I have no idea what it was all about, the sound was off, but that woman would have a moerofa time if she lived in the WesKaap  :pot: :imaposer: :imaposer: :imaposer: :imaposer:
I wonder if her siblings were called Summer, Spring and Fall? A pomp for each season of the year  :peepwall:  :imaposer:
Ah but we know you are special!
Did not know you could cook too. :imaposer: :thumleft: :peepwall:
Yep Mrs Z. Now that's progress for you. I bet that gave you a nice warm and fuzzy feeling

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When a normally fussy, picky 11-year-old tells you that you cook "the best food in eternity"... you know you've nailed it!  :imaposer:
General Bike Related Banter / Re: Who wants an All expenses paid holiday?
« Last post by Manic on Yesterday at 10:52:52 pm »
Who is looking for an all expenses paid holiday from the 30th January to the 11th February.
I have to lead a motorcycle tour from Mossel Bay down the N2, through Addo and to Cape Town via the Karoo.
Then back to Mossel Bay.

You will be the backup driver carting the trailer and luggage in a Toyota Hilux 4x4.
a little first aid knowledge and road side mechanical knowledge would be great

Pm me if interested

Bly dis n Hilux. As dit n Ford Ranger was sou julle nog n backup voertuig net vir hom moes gekry het.
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