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Good Food & Braai / Re: The Good Food & Braai Thread
« Last post by luv2ride on Today at 07:07:37 am »
Dis weer sulke tyd  :drif:
Right, time for another family favourite. This dish does not have a proper recipe as you basically chuck a whole bunch of ingredients (some compulsory- marked with a asterisk) and whatever you feel like or have available in the cupboards / fridge.

Gebraaide dronk hoender / Drunk chiken on the braai

You will need
*Chicken portions ( I used around 20 pieces)
*Around 5 sliced onions
*2 quarts of beer ( very important)
*fresh chopped Garlic and ginder (around 2  teaspoons)
*Tomato paste (2 of the small 50g foil packets)
*Oil (about 1/2 cup)
* Chutney (about 1/2 cup)
*1 tin of chopped tomatoes
Barbecue spice (dont be shy)
Cajun spice ( use enough)
Various herbs ( the dried kind)
Apricot jam / honey (about a 1/4 cup)
Soy sauce

Chuck all the above ingredients in a pressure cooker and seal / "sit die gewiggie op"
Cook on high heat untill the preasure sound like it is ready to explode. The pot must be at full preasure!!
Kill the gas flame or switch of the stove and leave it there until it is totally cooled off. I dont even open the pot to see what it looks like
As soon as everything is properly cooled off, place the whole pot and all the ingredients in the fridge and leave it there overnight.

The next day you place all the chicken pieces in a "toeknyp rooster" on the braai and keep the sauce from the pot. You are going to use it. You will need to use a "toeknyp rooster" as the chicken will be very fragile and soft and you will end up with just lot of empty bones and broken chicken pieces if you try to turn it with a " braai tang".

You will also need a lot of coals as this dish kills a fire. I use a built in braai and I make sure I have enough coals on standby to feed a locomotive :deal:
Every time you turn the chicken you  must brush / pour some of the sauce and onions unto the chicken. Make sure you are well prepared for a lot of mess when you turn the chicken as a lot of sauce and onions will drip off every time you turn the chicken around.
Try to use as much of the sauce as possible! 1st prize if you can use all the sauce  :thumleft:

The chicken will be ready when the skin is a nice dark brown, with some places a bit black (the onions and tomato sauce caramelised) You don't want crispy and dry chicken)

Pictures below is part one,  the rest will be added tomorrow after I braaied the chicken
KTM LC8 1050 / 1190 / 1290 / Re: the tale of my 1190 RRRRRRRR
« Last post by armpump on Today at 06:53:20 am »
Bike looks good again!

When is mx track test :)
General Bike Related Banter / Re: What a kak feeling.
« Last post by Vis Arend on Today at 06:38:19 am »
Where in the same position many moons ago for almost twenty years.  Could not even afford a little scooter.  Every time I would see a bike my heart bled.  Many tears were shed in those20 odd years.  I  stuck it out and saved up to the end where I could afford a 650.  Bought it and never looked back.  There is now 3 standing in my yard.    Today I appreciated it so much more knowing that kak feeling not owning a bike.  I believethere will always be a bike in my yard,even if I am not able to ride it. 
Vasbyt, before you know you will have your dream bike again.   :thumleft:
The HP2 which is aimed squarely at off-road travel had telescopic forks .

Makes you think doesn't it and was a tacid admission of the shortcomings of telelever.
Saw this on FB;


An accident victum that set up an online petition which might well have helped.
Ok, So.

I was at the gas station this morning when this rustbucket of a car pulls in at the other side of the pump I was using. Literally barely holding together. Old black guy gets out. 80+ (really), Jamaican (or similar), he can barely stand upright. As he opens the car door, billowing clouds of ganja smoke and reggae at full volume come out. He's grinning ear to ear, higher than a kite, he was one happy man. I got high on the fumes just standing there filling up my car. He was feeling no pain...  :imaposer:

Made my morning.
Planning a Ride / Re: KZN BASH 2017 - 4, 5 & 6 August 2017
« Last post by Oubones on Yesterday at 11:59:44 pm »
And now Butch with his Russian jet fuel!  :eek7:
Ek dink ons gaan braai!
I think we gonna burn some meat! :imaposer:
General Bike Related Banter / Re: What a kak feeling.
« Last post by Oubones on Yesterday at 11:52:39 pm »
2SD you are a wise man, flip if it has 2 wheels and goes it is good.
Navigation, Maps and GPS / Re: Garmin City Navigator Southern Africa NT 2017.30
« Last post by IDR on Yesterday at 11:47:49 pm »
Sorry guys. This amounts to copyright infringement / theft.

Links removed, and thread locked.
Ride Reports / Re: TVB op vakansie na Gough Eiland
« Last post by Tom van Brits on Yesterday at 11:31:58 pm »
And just a couple that I have revisited, and I may even pay them another visit as my lightroom skills get better (I hope)
For now I am just playing and trying to find my way with the tones and colours and so on. Some days I bugger a pick up real bad, and it just look like a piece a road kill or maybe a crook that was roughed up by Chuck Norris or Jack Bouwer. Luckily the is a 'reset' button and I count to 10 on my fingers and start over again  :)
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