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Racing Section / Re: MotoGP 2021
« Last post by Cracker on Today at 03:42:15 pm »
Ja, WSBK has lost me for now ......................... I was glad when Rea started beating everyone but now he's just taking the piss.
It is also a garage - so they might be able to help you now.
There is a Yamaha agent in - May's Yamaha ( May's Auto Centre) owned by Bruce May.

Arbuckle St, Himeville, 3256
033 702 1356

Will probably only be open tomorrow.
Ride Reports / Re: Anyone close to Underberg
« Last post by Vintage_Mania on Today at 02:59:29 pm »
Give IanB a call - he is in Pietermaritzburg. I will PM you his number. He knows a lot of guys in a 200km radius.

BMW F800GS / 700GS / 650GS Twins / Re: F800GS Instability - Advice needed
« Last post by Pannas on Today at 02:47:03 pm »
As for the KTM twatwaffle in here...go troll somewhere else.

what he said...  :komet:
Ride Reports / Anyone close to Underberg
« Last post by Mark62 on Today at 02:42:02 pm »
chain just broke 50km before Underberg
from Midmar
063 6602933
Ride Reports / Easter Weekend Ride in the Cederberg (Video)
« Last post by Gravel_Seeker on Today at 02:34:14 pm »
Great riding in the Cederberg over the Easter weekend

My chain just broke 50 before Underberg from Midmar  :xxbah: :xxbah:
Wild Dog Pictures / Re: Photo of the day
« Last post by luv2ride on Today at 02:27:09 pm »
Clarence drive Gordon's bay
An entirely satisfactory ride of over 30kays this morning. Quite a crowd, Lance, Andrew, Lucas, Kevin, Liza, Matt, Kevin, Angus, Gerard, Peter, Kim, DavidM and 3 newcomers, Taylor, John-john and Tuscan (I kid you not!) set out with me on a grand tour of the Parklands Bush. We met Mark, William and Daniel at the Crater. One of the newcomer's bikes died here and they towed it back to Cipla by a long and circuitous route. Lucas nearly killed himself when he tried to fly his bike. Both he and the bike survived.

Great to see Matt Vianello riding again. He bravely managed to hang on until the end despite the weird and mysterious crippling condition which has plagued him for the last two years.

Debriefing was as fine as always.

Big, big thank you everyone.
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