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That's a shame.
Ag, you guys are just jealous. ;D

It will be a hoot. :ricky: 

I do think Ewan was less of a faffer, he's actually got some balls because his riding skills were really shite if I remember correctly.

Stop being such grumpy old men. We like bike shows, remember?
General Bike Related Banter / Re: My new adventure bike
« Last post by BlueBull2007 on Today at 02:17:39 am »
I realize I am getting old!! :eek:

Too much work unfortunately and I am waiting on a new clutch handle (vs. lever) after my crash (thanks for the reminder Frans :laughing7:) .

Here is a short RR on what happened in case you missed it.  :deal:
Seriously, though, I promise that my next RR might be have some decent pics, even if they are of me with the bike on top! ;D

Show us a pic please....
General Bike Related Banter / Re: Any Ducati Desert Sled owners here?..
« Last post by Oilspill on Yesterday at 11:43:07 pm »
Iíve got the red one.

I have to agree about the tank size, another 100km worth wouldíve been great.

Other than that, itís the most fun bike Iíve had in a long time.

Easy on the eyes too, I canít walk away without looking back at it.
Yo that is a stunning bike

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The Comedy Club / Re: Photos that make you think WTF
« Last post by ChrisL - DUSTRIDERS on Yesterday at 11:29:37 pm »
Planning a Ride / Re: 2 weeks for Namibia by 4x4 SUV
« Last post by ChrisL - DUSTRIDERS on Yesterday at 11:06:31 pm »
Namibia is MAL duur!

Jy is 100% reg Namibia het mal geraak met hul pryse veral as die persoon in rand betaal. Pla hulle natuurlik glad nie want die meeste toeriste kom daar aan met euro of dollars en soos ek verstaan is daar geen tekort aan toeriste in Nam. :'( :(
Planning a Ride / Re: KTM ADV Rallye Swaziland 23 Aug to 26 Aug 2018
« Last post by Minxy on Yesterday at 10:57:38 pm »
@Minxy will you be doing red or black route.
I was suppose to go with the Pieters (twister) en (losper) on a lowvekd swazi trip but i cant get off both weekends to join them and now have a opportunity to join the ktm rally.
But i dont know anyone thats going and i like to ride a red or black route but theres always a losper or twister to get me going when its tough dont know if i want to do this solo.
I think you have a choice between green and orange or something like that. We'll be doing the more difficult one of the two. You are more than welcome to join us, it will be lekker :)

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Planning a Ride / Re: NW Spring Spitt Braai Bash 1 Sept 2018
« Last post by Nicobie on Yesterday at 10:51:21 pm »
PietB from Randfontein, and myself from Hekpoort, will most likely start off from Wimpy in Magaliesburg on saturday morning.

Maybe we see some of you there or on the road.
Ride Reports / Re: Where has your bike taken you today?
« Last post by Tom van Brits on Yesterday at 10:45:33 pm »
Lekker  :laughing4:
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