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Ride Reports / Re: Where has your bike taken you today?
« Last post by Noneking on Today at 07:13:19 am »
Another day...... another ride.....

General Bike Related Banter / Re: RIP Lourens Lotz aka On-RNR
« Last post by Slaaiblaar on Today at 06:51:39 am »
Copied from Facebook
"Lourens went offroad riding, hit a branch, came off the bike, maybe with a broken back and broken ribs. One of them punctured his lung."
General Bike Related Banter / Re: RIP Lourens Lotz aka On-RNR
« Last post by BlueBull2007 on Today at 06:03:23 am »
Oh no!

I am so sorry to hear this. Do you have any more info?

General Bike Related Banter / Re: Prolong the sprocket life or not....
« Last post by Boerbok on Today at 05:28:17 am »
If it was me I would keep the rear, possibly replace the front depending on wear, and definitely replace the chain if it has tight links.
General Bike Related Banter / Re: Yamaha T7 Concept
« Last post by Tom van Brits on Today at 02:24:55 am »
Neat bodywork

With respect but if he likes that why did he not buy the 790  ???
This last week I was off to Sydney to do some computer’er’es work.
The one thing about travelling for work is I get to choose whatever chow I like. All this time that we have been on the island we have maybe been out for dinner twice and having something like takeout is rare, rare like a loved red headed stepchild, or a RENAULT that still runs after the warrantee has ended.
AAAAANNNNHOOOOO While I was in Shitney I took full advantage of the situation and fed myself on MacDonald’s like a starving pig eating leftover birthday cake from a trough.
Each night when I was in bed watching TV the feeling of guilt, over stuffing my face with macca’s, wracked my body with the shivers, just enough for the delicious pickles to slip out between the bun and the patty and fall onto the white hotel linen. Lucky for me I had asked for extra pickles so I didn’t have to put the remote down to continue gorging on this scrumptious junk food.  :drif:
When I returned home I boasted to wonder woman of the numerous nutrient filled meals I had eaten. When she asked for specifics it was easier to say.
“Each day I alternated between the left and right side of the menu, as in the entire left side, and entire right side”.  :)
While lying in bed that night, my sins of gluttony prevailed and liquid fire rushed up my pharynx incinerating everything along its path along with my will to live.
My complaints of heart burn and feeling bloated fell on deaf ears and I was left hopeless and alone with no obvious path to ask for at least a belly rub*…..
*note to self, timing and order are important in the quest for night-time kinky-time. 

Wonder Woman is currently on a work sabbatical so the next day she took the time to whip up a good old home cooked meal.
For those that don’t know Wonder Woman. This is a rare occasion and cause for involuntary Nystagmus and perspiration from the inhabitants that dwell in the same abode.  :eek7:
Lucky for us she has moved beyond boiled fish and veg in one pot and I was excited to be getting home to chow down.
Due to my excessive bread intake over the previous days and wanting to eat healthy and have a carbohydrate free meal Wonder Woman had made Lamb shoulder with onions, red cabbage, cauliflower and carrots.
Some extra spices were added that made for an inviting aroma as I walked into the house after a hard days slog at the grindstone.
Eventually after salivating like a dog for an hour it was time to eat. We sat down at the table and tucked in. I was halfway through my meal, having an enlightening conversation with spiderpig about school and the tribulations that teens face today. I glanced down at my fork and noticed a cherry tomato on my plate, which I proceeded to add to my combo on my already stacked fork.
My sub-conscience tried to stop me there by saying “Hey that’s odd! Only one cherry tomato in a whole meal!! Who does that?”.  :o
I can’t really multitask that well and I decided to ignore my brain and listen to my stomach instead. I popped that sucker right into my feeding trap. The soft tender lamb combined with the crunchy carrot, cauliflower and red cabbage was so good it was giving me goosebumps. While I was masticating this mouthful, Spiderpig was continuing his story. “and now the naplan tests need to be retaken because….”
That’s when I bit into this so called “cherry tomato”, it gave an expected satisfying pop, the warm mushy liquid filled my mouth, coating my tongue and I chewed two maybe three times before I swallowed.
All of a sardine Spiderpig’s voice was drowned out by the sound of blood rushing through my ears to the top of my head.
I looked at Wonder Woman and spiderpig through tearing eyes not understanding what was happening to me. They both reciprocated by looking at me in horror, and misunderstanding.
Just managing to draw enough breath to not pass out, I launched myself across the kitchen to the sink that was filled with oily soapy water.
At this point I was willing to slurp dirty dishwater in my mouth and swirl it around until the illogical burning stopped.
I had, in fact, not eaten a “cherry tomato” I had nonchalantly, and unknowingly, popped what can only be described as a red death ball chilli into my gob and eaten it like a fat kid eats a twinkie.
I was standing there red faced, with a sudden case of hyperhidrosis disorder, breathing fire and still confused as to what was happening to me when wonder woman realized what was going on….. you see some time ago, Nicola The Burn, had given us some chillies that were in her words.
“fucken hot, I cant eat them, so be careful!”
To understand how hot she likes her chillies have a look at her Facebook pictures, in the middle to end of winter she is still brown. That’s not from the sun pal that’s from chillies burning her from the inside out.!!!!!....
Heeding her words I had put them in the deep freeze to be used sparingly...
Wonder Woman had added a chilli (from The Burn) to the Lamb, to “add some flavour”…...and then she forgot that she had done that, until just then!!
While I was standing in the middle of the kitchen floor, flailing around and gagging like a cat choking on a fur ball, Wonder Woman burst out laughing, tears streaming down her cheeks trying desperately to say sorry but failing dismally. Spiderpig was also enjoying my apparent extreme discomfort and was helplessly guffawing at his end of the table.
Eventually the pain subsided, my eyes cleared, the blood drained from my skull, and I was able to complete my meal. Even though wonder woman promised that she had only placed one chilli in the food every fork full following “the incident” was closely inspected by both myself and spiderpig.
One would think that the story ends there, but that death ball chilli had another surprise instore for me. It decided that if its gonna burn on the way in then, sure as hell its gonna burn on the way out. I currently have a bum like a Chinese’s flag and I’m wondering if you really can insert a square peg (ice cube) into a round hole.
Have a Good Weekend!!!!
Off to buy a $3 bag of round ice cubes.!!!!
My documentation of our Tazzie trip was dismal to say the least and I suppose I will need to revisit it to add some spice. Promise!!! 8)
My next one is about food and although I'm not food critic like Barry Ronge is to movies**. I think I did an ok job.
Thanks for Reading.

** I bet he would be a good food critic as well.
General Bike Related Banter / Re: Prolong the sprocket life or not....
« Last post by iamgigglz on Yesterday at 11:21:08 pm »
Check the front sprocket. If it's good then just get a new (decent quality) chain. My Transalp went through three chains before needing new sprockets - OEM sprockets gave me nearly 60,000km. No idea why or how - could have something to do with only having to deal with 59 horses.

Yes, the best thing to do is replace chain and sprockets all at the same time because they seat into each other properly, but if your sprockets are still looking that good then there's really no point. Don't get a cheap chain though. When a chain fails it can do serious damage to you and your bike.
General Bike Related Banter / Re: Yamaha T7 Concept
« Last post by XT JOE on Yesterday at 10:44:40 pm »
Neat bodywork
General Bike Related Banter / Re: Yamaha T7 Concept
« Last post by XT JOE on Yesterday at 10:40:15 pm »
Found these pics on adv pulse website ,Italian owner mods to his T7, looks pretty good
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