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Really bad  :( The scum bags have been quite active in the greater Centurion area of late.
Sheepman to be honest I'm really heartbroken, unfortunately my extras was not insured. Still waiting for the outcome on the claim. Last week Monday my car blew a headgasket, and now this. Luckily I have good friends offering to borrow me a car.
Watter straat en hoe laat?  - Sulke kak hier in ons Valley  >:( >:( >:(
in Shackleton Straat 5am
Blades, folders, multi tools, axes / Re: Show us what you made
« Last post by Allegro on Today at 05:18:52 pm »
1st Photo before and then there after, still need some spit and polish.

And the new proud owner of this is..... ME   O0
Daai Suzuki maak n moerse 5hp.......  :imaposer:

Wonder of ek met my dikgat teen bult by kompleks gaan uitkom  :imaposer:
Racing Section / Re: MotoGP 2020
« Last post by TheBear on Today at 05:05:11 pm »
is he replacing Petrucci or Dovi. Must be Petrucci.

TZR 50 ook afgelaai vandag  :biggrin:

That little TZR looks just great  :thumleft:
Mooi man Manic. Daai haas is seker in sy noppies met al die bikes om hom.. :imaposer: :thumleft:
Dis lewendige aas vir die worshonne!! ;) :lol8:
General Bike Related Banter / Re: Harley Davidson
« Last post by Mother on Today at 04:54:53 pm »

love the xbone i think bit collector thing now in hd community

yes very hard to find these bikes now

heres a picture of my mates custom xbones when he just got it
Ride Reports / Re: Bromponies, Bier en Braai
« Last post by Sheepman on Today at 04:47:44 pm »
Lekker little story & vid  :thumleft: That road has been washed away quite severely with plenty ruts and nice sand  8)
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