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So, my rubbers is op soos ou toast!

Does André help with the shaping of the corners or with what does one shape it?

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Hey there buddy.

Where about are you from? You more than welcome to pop in here by me sometime & I'll assist you with the shaping of the corners.

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Interesting I do not read about GS850 owners on WD's, but I see them on the road quite often and even on some of the fb bike groups I have joined and all owners seemed happy with the new model.
Weirdly it is the GS800 that has blown new life into the now very popular midrange adventure bike segment around 2008? And that GS800 was regardless of what some may think an excellent bike. Now even better, with that tubeless design which I think looks and works the best but somehow it's like people are giving it a miss and why? Is it only here on WD's that this bike is left in the shadow?
I have seen a couple of comparative tests on YouTube where the 850 actually came out tops even over the AT.
General Bike Related Banter / Re: Motorcycle phone mount se moer
« Last post by Manic on Today at 04:30:07 pm »
And thanks to @XTZFegen I also found this for R299

Yip, fuckted my phone up very same mount  :'(
How??? I have done four off road tours and my phone is perfect,, did you attach it to the spokes?

Lens in the camera broke loose. Pics now look like this....
Ever the optimist, I see that soaking rains will fall on Friday and Saturday, but Sunday morning will break with biblically nice conditions for a pleasant trundle on the tracks.

I'll need a chaperone or 2 because I'm still a bit wobbly but improving rapidly.

Let's leave from Cipla at 9am.
KTM LC8 950/990 / Re: Cyclops LED's group buy
« Last post by Half - Bac on Today at 03:58:44 pm »
I bought the Cyclops kit for my Super Tenere 18 odd months ago. Worked fantastically. However, the first bulb popped about two weeks after the one year warranty expired, the second went about a month after that! At a cost of some R3500-00 incl shipping (the Super Tenere kit also includes two larger lamp covers that are needed to install the chubbier LED bulbs), I felt just a slight bit cheated by the deal.

I have now replaced them with 2 x H7 LED globes supplied to me by forum member AndyF - for a total cost of R950-00. I am happy with the result :thumleft: :thumleft:
And the technology has improved to the point that these new bulbs are as bulky as standard H7's, so I do not need Cyclop's larger bulb covers anymore (one of which had rattled loose and disappeared on a ride).
Kappa also makes a touring screen for the F850GS.
KTM LC8 950/990 / Side Stand Relocation brackets
« Last post by octanium on Today at 03:44:42 pm »
Hey Dogs,

I still have a couple side stand relocation brackets I had made up if anyone is keen.
6mm steel plate, powdercoated with countersunk holes and stainless steel hardware with high tensile steel long bolt.

This version I found to be the best, bike looks like stock and you can keep everything in place.

KTM LC8 950/990 / Group buy: New air filter system for LC8 motors
« Last post by octanium on Today at 03:36:10 pm »
Howzit dogs,

Doing a group buy on the ultimate air filter system for the KTM 950/990 models!

Price works out to: R4299

No need to remove tanks, parts or anything! Other than seat.

Key features:
- 100% perimeter seal with a base plate and separate filter cage; no guessing or worrying about a correct seal.
- Filter and filter cage are SEPARATE pieces like rally and enduro bikes
- roll up pre-oiled spare filter
- same method of filtering and sealing as the KTM factory rally bikes
- superior filtration using triple layer foam
- no tools required for a two minute filter change
- 950 super enduro FULL HEIGHT velocity stacks; no need to cut them like with the other kits
- water skin cover available (like goretex for your filter)

The filter system includes:
- Alloy base plate and filter cage
- TWO main foam filters (pre-oiled and ready to go)
- correct density foam sealing o-rings (no more hardened and cracked rubber rings)
- crankcase breather filter
- all hardware

This kit fits every 950/990 model bikes.

Replacement Air Filter R400
Filter skin R350 (for Fesh Fesh & water repelling like GoreTex)
KTM LC8 950/990 / Re: Cyclops LED's group buy
« Last post by I&horse on Today at 03:35:34 pm »

Can the box with the plug in just dangle around?
General Bike Related Banter / Re: Motorcycle phone mount se moer
« Last post by ClimbingTurtle on Today at 03:28:50 pm »
And thanks to @XTZFegen I also found this for R299

Yip, fuckted my phone up very same mount  :'(

What phone was it, btw?

Never mind - Lees en Presteer......
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