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BMW 1200/ADV / Re: Early 1200 expert in WC?
« Last post by DirtRebell on Today at 11:00:07 am »
Take it to Shane at Donford CT.
Allan,  you get Clock widget apps that goes on your phones background screen with the country of your choices time(s).  It adjusts automatically to daylight savings, etc.

With one of those you will Always know what time it is over yonder..  Helped me (in business) immensely.
Licence fees are less than 200zar per year. No point in trying to save that amount in my opinion. All my classics are licenced and comprehensively insured.

Agree, this only becomes a problem if you have a biggish collection. What I would like to escape is the queue at the traffic department.

It helps to synchronise your licensing due dates.
I can understand the distance and time zone thing ... my folks live in Bristol, CT ...
My dad has been in the USA for 20yrs, my mom and boet 17yrs

WhatsApp calls are awesome!! Getting the timing right can be a challenge at times (I often forget if it’s 6hrs or 7hrs difference - daylight savings doesn’t help either)

This December will be the first time in 18yrs the entire family will be together for Christmas. 

Looking forward to spending 5 weeks in the USA

If I had the capacity, I’d take the 18hr drive for that pop in braai with a fellow WD

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Ride Reports / Re: Hearts in the Desert
« Last post by roxenz on Today at 09:11:31 am »
I'm loving this RR! Coz you guys get it: here it is not about the roads or the riding or whatever, it's the overwhelming "majestic-ness" of the place that talks directly with your soul.
BMW 1200/ADV / Early 1200 expert in WC?
« Last post by PMH on Today at 08:57:40 am »
Im from Hermanus, but can bring the bike to CT.

Need someone with experience to solve some niggles on a 2006 model.

Main issues relating to “surging” or “sensitive throttle” making it a pain in traffic or technical riding.

Had it at both Bavarian BMW and the Klerksdorp dealership with all the cleaver peoples shrugging their shoulders and giving up.

Is there anyone here that can help and willing to spend some time on it and get to the bottom of the issue?


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Beautiful road. I've never ridden that side of Sutherland. Some day...

It really is. Beats the boring R356 between Fraserburg and Sutherland by a mile! On the R356, the distance between Fraserburg and Sutherland is 100km. Rantepad adds a beautiful meandering 20kms to that distance.
 :laughing4: :laughing4: :laughing4: :imaposer:

Maaaan thanks for taking time to share this. It's the tiny revenges that keeps one going ;)
Whahaha! That was freaking hilarious!  :imaposer: Sprogs consist of 100% contradiction, love & hate, hope & despair, pride & disgust, etc.
You may be proud of the young un!  :thumleft:

Love it. Sounds a lot like me at 13 when I started playing myself. No parents by my side though...good on you for being there.
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