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Yip on another thread I warned of going short on silencer.

PLENTY HEAT comes out the back end :)
General Bike Related Banter / Re: Electric vraag - 200 Blaster
« Last post by Runner on Yesterday at 08:01:59 pm »
Ek het nie genoeg kennis van electric nie..
As ons kickstart kom die hooflig aan, maar geen vonk op die vonkprop. Wat alles is daar waarna ek moet kyk of is dit dalk net condenser?

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Het jy n boot?
Ride Reports / Re: CT to Riebeek Kasteel via Porcelein Pad
« Last post by Gravel_Seeker on Yesterday at 07:37:29 pm »
Ya ek dink so, het iets gesien met Uitvlugt op dit
Yeah i will keep an eye on that.  Got the SW Motech racks now.  Very happy with them, but possible problem with having a stubby exhaust....


With bags (wide but acceptable):

On a test ride today I burnt through a strap.  The enduristan bags run a very funny mounting strap system using rock strap type things with the "bungee" part of the rockstrap hidden inside a false back of the bag.  the ends poke out of the lower corners of each bag.
I had the rear strap wrapped down, around the bottom of the rack and then up over the top mounting of the rack.   What I didn't realise is that put the strap directly in the gas stream of the exhaust.  MUPPET!!!! 
So one rockstrap burnt/melted. The bag itself was fine though, I think the rack provides a bit of heat shielding on it's own.

I think I have kinda made a plan with a bungee ball and a loop of webbing.  I actually have a slightly better Idea now that I look at the picture again haha

Nice idea.Just watch chafing on side panels with dust and water = mud = rubbing compound
Ride Reports / Re: Where has your bike taken you today?
« Last post by Nish on Yesterday at 06:55:41 pm »
Beestekraal Stasie Restaurant
Quick ride with the BMW guys this morning.
BMW 650GS / Dakar / XChallenge Singles / Re: Xchallenge chain guide
« Last post by BruceS on Yesterday at 06:53:09 pm »
Guide arrived at KTM, fetching tomorrow. anyone in the Cape Town area with an X I can get sizes from?

Only just niticed this thread ...so FWIW, I'm in Cape Town and I happen to have one of those touratech + KTM chain guides on my bike. PM me and and we can meet up and you can take measurements etc...
BMW 1200/ADV / Re: Klapped that GSA good & proper + Throttle Bodies service
« Last post by Mr.T on Yesterday at 06:42:50 pm »
Been away for a trip in the car. 3000 Km with no problem on my 1400 corsa 2003.
Back now and am busy with a item on the bike that seems to pop its head up on occasion.
Did a service +, on it and still have to take a ride.
I will update once it checks out and I am happy to share it with you.
Ride Reports / Re: Where has your bike taken you today?
« Last post by benreaper on Yesterday at 06:35:35 pm »
Since I'm still offroad bikeless I jumped on the back with the boy this afternoon and rode with him to the veld outside our suburb where he could play a bit.
My wife joined us a bit later with the bakkie and brought the dogs along.
He sure is enjoying his new KLX110, the bigger wheels make for a much more stable ride than the old little 50cc.
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