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BMW 1100/1150/ADV / Re: Change of Ownership.....
« Last post by JustBendIt on Yesterday at 04:10:42 pm »
The only way to sort this out is to complete the transfer and register the car in your name and the bike in his name and get new registration certificates AND then do it all over and re register the bike in your name and the car in his name

At the moment there’s what is called a pending sale on the natis system and the vehicles cannot be registered  into anyone else’s name until the transfer process is complete

You need the co operation of the guy who bought the car

I deal with these natis issues regularly in my business - please trust me when I say this is the only way - the error cannot be erased / reversed / removed on the natis system
About South Africa... / Re: Romantic accomodation Magoebaskloof/Haenertsburg
« Last post by jacbot on Yesterday at 04:10:11 pm »
No ride report, sorry. Went in the cage.
Ride Reports / CT to Riebeek Kasteel via Porcelein Pad
« Last post by Gravel_Seeker on Yesterday at 03:58:18 pm »
Short hop to Riebeek, was surprised to see an electric gate installed on a road I've been riding for 8 years. I guess the farmers are getting more security conscious

" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/youtube]

Thanks Lance and Zanie. Was a great ride. Here's a pic of you two. Sorry about the kak resizer.

Apropos next Sunday: It is possible to get there and back with a 2wd vehicle, but you'll have to be fairly assertive in places. Come down the road from the end of Morning Star and make a left into the firebreak, 1.52 km from the railway line. Stick to the tweespoor on the west (right) of the firebreak (only 900m) and you'll be fine. Anyway there'll be a whole team to get you out if there's trouble. Don't approach from Frankdale road unless you have a 4X4.

Awesomeness!! :thumleft:
Wild Dog Pictures / Re: Noneking's Lowveld living thread
« Last post by Noneking on Yesterday at 02:49:07 pm »
Late arrivals

Ride Reports / Re: Two sixty somethings go to Die Hel and back
« Last post by daveh on Yesterday at 02:29:14 pm »
Take it you went in for the day?  How often have you done that ride ??
Father and Son reunion...  ;D

Knop in die keel tyd.  :sip:

TALLY - R173, 260

Upcoming immediate future expenses
Wife degree verification - $1,300

Planned expenses
R50,000 - Dogs Relocation costs - R25,000 SA side for the transport and vet seal. 2,500 NZD on NZ side for 10 day quarantine
R30,000 - Family Airticket to NZ
R40,000 - Permanent residence applications
R3,500 IELTS test for me
R3,500IELTS test for my wife

If it makes you feel better, our bill came out in the same ballpark for permanent residence visas and move to Aus in Mar 2017.

R120k - Visas and admin for family of 4
R35k - Flight (massive special deal)
R80k - 20ft container, 95% full  :deal:
R10k - first month expenses (low because we house-sat)
R20k - misc other stuff
No look-see trip or pet expenses
R265k - Total
goat (boerbok)

As in real boerbokke?!!! :o
Dorsland will have an heart attack!! :eek7:

Dankie tog dis nie boerbokke nie!!


Boerbokke is a thing in Aus too. I’ve seen a few around Melbourne...


“With Australia producing over 50% of world goat meat exports the numbers of Boer goats in Australia continues to rise as farmers and graziers turn to goat meat production as a profitable alternative enterprise.”

Lekker party Silvrav, beautiful surrounds...
Because every farm had a milk goat or two many years ago instead of a cow those goats have multiplied and gotten "wild" and the farmers catch them at the water troughs and then sell them. Most of that 50% are thus wild goats and are not in fact farmed with but the run wild in the outback.

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