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That is pretty much what we have had at Killarney for years already , it certainly makes for interesting racing where you have 125 GP bike that relies on insanely high corner speed and something like a Guzzi , Katana etc which has vastly different lines through the corners . Good fun  :thumleft:

Except that there was more TZ350's in this race than in the whole of Africa put together. :thumleft:

What wonderful little machines these are, just another reason to love Yamaha.

One has to watch something like this to understand Yamaha's contribution to the motorcycle world.
Ride Reports / Re: Brandon Bosch Memorial Ride - Africa 2021
« Last post by DASKOP on Today at 05:13:11 pm »
I felt like having fish for supper, so I walked down to the Waterfront Lodge, sampled the local Simba brew and watched the local fishermen as sunset was approaching.

I cannot remember what fish I had, but it was delicious.

It was quite a challenge walking back up to the house in total darkness with excavations everywhere.
Honda CR / CRF / Africa Twin 1000 / Re: Honda Africa Twin Pics
« Last post by Captain Zef on Today at 05:05:18 pm »
Ek ry te min vir verdere mods.
Ride Reports / Re: Brandon Bosch Memorial Ride - Africa 2021
« Last post by DASKOP on Today at 05:01:14 pm »
The Viljoen family, had through their local church community, organised accommodation at the Brubacher residence in Samfya.

I eventually found it, but the trail down to the house was going to be somewhat of a challenge, there were excavations everywhere. I made it, the staff were expecting me and was rewarded with an amazing view over Lake Bangweulu.
Racing Section / Re: MotoGP 2021
« Last post by Bappas on Today at 04:58:49 pm »
Very glad for him! Beter of there than on a KTM !

You may also need a dolop of humble pie soon  :imaposer:

Really doubt that ! KTM and Aprilia was the only teams not under the development freeze and they should have stepped up! Aprilia did to a degree but KTM went backwards despite their advantage! So humble pie I doubt that!  When the real players release their developments  I think they will be even further towards the back if that is possible

I will put the humble pie in the freezer for you. I am not sure how you can say they went backwards despite being able to run often at the sharp end. KTM's major issue is tyres. Anyway time will tell. KTM are a serious racing force if they put their mind to it. Remember they are really new in MotoGP. BTW they have just finished 3rd and 5th in FP2.  :o. (they were not in reverse gear).

Would love take you up on your offer if Brad can be the man! But we will have to see! All the others will come with huge engine gains for next year . Honda being the biggest engine manufacturer in the world have something to prove Yamaha have been leaders in engine technology ! I am not so sure about KTM !

FFS! KTM have not even been 5 years in MotoGP and you are comparing them to Yamaha and Honda. Myopic is the word that comes to mind. KTM have dominated other classes with brilliant engines and technology, give them a chance at least instead of banging on about the Jap marques (who have actually been pretty dismal of late in the bigger picture). Also what makes you think KTM are not "real players" (in your words) and cannot come with meaningful development for 2022? Do you really think they have been sitting on their hands the whole year?

Lets see! Look how long it took Ducati to get there! The japs have the resources and have mostly been on top since they got there they will do their best to stay there! Let me maybe not say more! This seems touchy for you.
Ride Reports / Re: Brandon Bosch Memorial Ride - Africa 2021
« Last post by Pilchie on Today at 04:58:05 pm »
And there it was, the bleeding heart of a grieving father.

Gosh this picture says it all, my heart bleeds for you - wishing you strength to go forward. Thank you taking the time to share your this heart wrenching story.
Ride Reports / Re: Brandon Bosch Memorial Ride - Africa 2021
« Last post by DASKOP on Today at 04:39:22 pm »
The Luapula bridge itself is 3 km long. If you include the embankments which were constructed for the road on both sides leading up to the bridge, to cross the swamp, the total length is 9 kilometers.

The water is actually very clean and clear.
Ride Reports / Re: Destination Unknown
« Last post by skydiver on Today at 04:32:58 pm »
Daai lyk nou na lekker paaie om te ry.   :thumleft:  :thumleft: 

Hoop julle kry nou lekker reen.
Normaalweg reen dit in al die dorpe rondom ons, maar ons kry selde van daai reen.
Dalk is ons gelukkig binnekort.
General Bike Related Banter / Re: Scorch Berserker
« Last post by Dux on Today at 04:31:48 pm »
What bike ?
Ride Reports / Re: Brandon Bosch Memorial Ride - Africa 2021
« Last post by DASKOP on Today at 04:30:37 pm »
At the start of the Luapula bridge there was an unmanned police observation tower.

There was also a truck unloading sheets which had been used for the manufacture of sandals. A boat approached and they collected the sheets. I was told that the local fishermen use these as flotation when fishing.
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