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Sunday is the 31st, so still lockdown level 4. Was going to chance parking at Zone 7 and riding from there however, I have heard talks of guys getting fined for going there.

Not sure what level 3 will hold for us but hoping that we can at least ride. Not sure if I am going to be out this weekend but after all this rain, I think it would be some amazing riding.
Wixom Lake, well what was Wixom Lake is now a mud pit.

Why is the lake empty, wall broke?

Dam malfunction.
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeectic!!! :o

Yeah, I've not ever seen flooding on a scale like that previously, some are saying it's a 100 year flood for Michigan.
Eish!!! :eek7: That's bad.

Oh my, it sure is.  Saw pics on FB of people abandoning their homes, walking through water with their most prized possessions, their dogs and cats, made me misty eyed.
Pics borrowed of the recent 100 year flood that has devastated the Midland areola:

Love that 3-way bridge! But, if it were in my valley (West Rand), you'd be fishing cars out of the river every Friday and Saturday night... (Well not so bad currently, the Covid-19 booze restrictions has given traffic lights, electric pylons and road signs a much longer life expectancy!)

Did someone say 3-way  :peepwall:  >:D

Lots of DDriving there, eh?

Yo @Karel84 who da REAL Florida man?


Enjoy Tom and thanks for sharing Mr/Mrs.Zog's address with us, already Googled it but pic is BZ (before Zog's  :imaposer:) but now I know where to pop in if I ever get to the states  ::)  ;)
Bud500 & McSack

The courier is collecting your knives tomorrow morning - I will send the waybills the moment it has been collected.
General Bike Related Banter / Re: WD "Beware" stickers
« Last post by Mikie on Today at 12:57:07 pm »
I am going to need some help and ideas with this.
I have this so far, a little input from those interested might get my creative juices flowing

One thing, I can only do Vinyl cutouts, no printing at the moment so we have limitations in the design

Ride Reports / Re: Bromponies, Bier en Braai
« Last post by Noneking on Today at 12:56:09 pm »
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