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Wilddog Bloggers / Re: My African Dream
« Last post by Tom van Brits on Today at 02:48:52 pm »

I don't comment much here Tom but I always read your blog. You are in many ways a unique person in that you open up and share stuff most people don't.  Even though many (most?) experience similar to what you do. Cowboys don't cry, right?

The world is an unforgiving place, it has little place or time for gentle souls. It is not surprising that sensitive  "fyngevoelige" people (in the good sense of the word, ie not snowflakes) and creative people so often turn to drugs, alcohol and have higher rates of suicide than the average.  Die wreld werk nie mooi met sulke mense nie en dis jammer.  Baie jammer. Too often people are driven by other people's expectations of them and what they should do with their lives. Sadly, the price we pay to earn a living, is oft times too high.  Some deal with it better than others. To follow your own path through life is never easy.  Valuable things are not cheap. You, and your older friend you talk about above, are following your dreams, gathering a treasure of life experiences that few people can match.  It comes at a cost.

I often wonder if there is one single person, lying on his death bed, that can truly say that he has always, in every situation, made the right decision. That he has no regrets, that he would change nothing in his life could he do it over.

My greatest sadness in life is that we grow up.  That our life experiences form us like an onion, placing layer upon layer upon us until we no longer can recognise that young boy we once were.  Filled with excitement and eagerness at a massive and unexplored world, everything an adventure. Maybe we try and recapture this through riding bikes (although we never can reproduce the excitement or sense of adventure we enjoyed on our 50s); through affairs (nothing can regain the feeling of falling in love for the first time) or drugs or endless travel, heading for destinations that remain ever elusive.

Many that read your adventures yearn to live like you, possibly you yearn to live like them. We are complicated beings, few understand themselves, let alone others. Life is hard but we fight the good fight until the end my friend.

This was what I needed to hear, thank you Johan.
General Bike Related Banter / Re: Yamaha T7 - No longer a Concept
« Last post by Lord Knormoer on Today at 02:31:31 pm »

Ja nee....
Die arme ouens sukkel om 790`s te verkoop op hierdie forum oor al die twak wat op die forum gepraat word deur mense wat nog nooit `n 790 besit het nie.....

Amper soos die twak wat kwytgeraak word oor die T7 deur die wat nog nooit eers een gery het nie...en nee, as jy n Youtube video gekyk het tel dit nie :deal:
Wild Dog Pictures / Re: Sani Pass
« Last post by Tyre kicker on Today at 02:30:08 pm »
Again on two wheels up the Sani. The old fart on the left is me, the other my nephew. The climb wasn't the problem, but having passed the SA police downhill I checked the brakes. The front brake disc was blueish   :o  :P

Well Done!!!Respect :thumleft:
General Bike Related Banter / Re: Hero X Pulse 200
« Last post by LouisXander on Today at 02:24:33 pm »
TK, and do you think all of a sudden sub standard material have been used?

Honda motorcycles comes from China nowadays? What's the difference?
Wild Dog Pictures / Re: KTM Pics
« Last post by Tyre kicker on Today at 02:15:09 pm »

Al baie vroeg uit die vere. :biggrin:
Geniet dit :thumleft:
Racing Section / Re: MotoGP 2021
« Last post by TheBear on Today at 02:13:44 pm »
DB40 qualified 8th, but will start 6th due to the two " fighters"  from two weeks ago starting in the pit lane.
Wilddog Bloggers / Re: My African Dream
« Last post by Sardine on Today at 02:09:45 pm »
16 April

Chili and baked beans 😎
Fortunately the chili flakes were not potent. In fact, I think that they are ancient as there was no flavour whatsoever.

I thanked past-me for taking and organising notes on the go, as it made my admin so much easier. I was dreading the work when I realised that I had already done most of it. Bonus.

A beautiful day, work done, chocolate craving, cabin fever, coffee and croissants were in order.

With the afternoon to go, I opted to walk around the shopping center rather than sit at the house. Talk about weird.

And a lovely fresh tuna pie for dinner. So quick and easy to make, and tasty too.
BMW F800GS / 700GS / 650GS Twins / Re: F800GS Instability - Advice needed
« Last post by johanp on Today at 01:19:32 pm »
Sandvreter, thanks a heap. What you have said makes lots of sense.
Please forward that diagram... will really appreciate it.
If not here, then on WA - oh seven 3 1 tripple 5 6 double5.
Sorry been hectic here.
@NevMcGyver  here you go

That is weird, I had it as 4mm? Is it different for pre-facelift models?
Sandvreter, thanks a heap. What you have said makes lots of sense.
Please forward that diagram... will really appreciate it.
If not here, then on WA - oh seven 3 1 tripple 5 6 double5.
Sorry been hectic here.
@NevMcGyver  here you go
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