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Ride Reports / Re: Loskopdam se braai
« Last post by Sheepman on Today at 09:34:46 am »
Great spot for a braai  :thumleft:
Pierre, wag for jy 50 slaan, dan werk daai k.a.k soos n bom, geen gedissery Meer nie.

Glo my. Ekt my 1150 juis nou die dag verkoop want hy's te swaar.

Gaan nou net XR400 en XR600 mee sukkel.
Ek kom nou laat in by hierdie gesprek.
Self het nou ligter gegaan. As ek so 'n "device" byderhand gehad het toe ek nie die swaarste "adventure" fiets kon optel nie en moes wag vir 'n barmhartige Samaritaan om my hand te gee nie, sou en seker nie die lig gesien het nie.

Verander sommer my naam na Paulus.

Daai is 'n lifesaver.
Some @Ghato precision arrived this morning.  Belated from me to me gift :ricky:

I wonder if the BMW's would have been as popular if Ewen and Charlie had used another brand of bike

So many variables with that one, what if the other bikes broke down all the time...?

But remember that we didn't see all the breakdowns they had , would they have been able to do it without their two vehicle backup , just Ewen , Charlie and the cameraman . And thise bikes were sponsored , if they had to buy their own bikes would they have chosen BMW , I doubt it . If I were doing that trip at that time I would have chosen the then just discontinued XRV750 , I am sure that would have been a better choice . The thing is that other people have done trips like theirs and even longer on other bikes and very few people talk about it .
In my opinion The Long way (both) did BMW a tremendous favour , everyone since wants to be , or thinks they are Ewen and Charlie .
Stunning, congrats.
@Ghato knocks another out of the park  :thumleft:
The Comedy Club / Re: Photos that make you think WTF
« Last post by Henardt on Today at 09:21:54 am »
Still looking for Valentines Day gift ideas?
General Bike Related Banter / Re: BATT X Terrain tyres
« Last post by 777 on Today at 09:19:32 am »
I was at Motoz on Friday. Steven says stock coming in March but apprenlty all sold out to dealers etc. So when stock arrives you need to jump!
Some @Ghato precision arrived this morning.  Belated from me to me gift :ricky:

General Bike Related Banter / Re: From North to South in 20 hours.
« Last post by Tom van Brits on Today at 09:09:14 am »
Just heard that Jason is in Queenstown ICU, lung puncturer by ribs.
He is awake and stable though.
Not what he needed now.
Which him a speedy recovery.
A very cool person and one of the best riders I know.
Found this
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