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Wild Dog Pictures / Re: Girls with bikes!
« Last post by JFE on Today at 09:25:39 am »
I am almost certain her dad had an old XR500 and she had to kickstart that thing as a child, only reason you’ll ever have a right calf muscle like that bigger than the left

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General Bike Related Banter / Re: Isle of Man TT 2019
« Last post by Tyre kicker on Today at 09:25:19 am »
A very disturbing fact:
The first race was held in 1907, so 2019 will be the 185th (?) event.  According to Wikipedia, during the 185 events 261 people lost their lives (246 competitors, 15 race officials/bystanders/spectators).

I might have some figures incorrect, but this is a very sad truth.

185 events in 112 years? Is that correct? I thought it was an annual event, that is once a year.

There is two events per year, the classic TT and the modern bikes.
held over the same time it seems...
Friday 31st May 2019 - Saturday 8th June 2019, overlaps the TT 30 may to 12 June, to my mind one and the same... :sip:
Roll on 2021... >:D

I believe that because of the massive organisation involved like every animal must be behind at least 2 gates/doors, etc, the two different events are held close together or even overlapping.
Behoort die manne se gemidd spoed erg af te bring as daar n skaaphond losloop wat nie van bikes hou!! :eek7:

1. Honda
2. Skaaphond

 :ricky: :ricky:
Wild Dog Pictures / Re: Drone fotos/videos
« Last post by noble steed on Today at 08:26:48 am »
Ski boat festival this weekend.
General Bike Related Banter / Re: Motorcycle phone mount se moer
« Last post by Ganjora on Today at 08:22:17 am »
finally got my mount and phone case.
it is exactly as per Hanno's photo a few pages back.
very happy with the quality of both parts.
is fitted onto the bike and had it's 1st test this morning.
works as advertised.
Kawasaki KLR 600/650 / Re: Show us your KLR
« Last post by mox on Today at 08:13:28 am »
Welcome Phumlani, enjoy the rebuild. As the others said start a rebuild thread. looking forward to it  :biggrin:
General Bike Related Banter / Re: Honda CRF450L is coming
« Last post by Altie7deLaan on Today at 08:09:55 am »
Altie, I can ask you the same question. If the 450l is such a kuk bike, why are you still hanging around on this tread?

Because there is a good 450L with double the hp, that everyone hoped for, and by some miracle I want to come read here that it was decided to rather bring in the US spec model now.

The 24hp model is a lemon, as per sales figures.
General Bike Related Banter / Re: How to clean sticker kit glue from tank?
« Last post by Welsh on Today at 08:07:54 am »
Ive never bought Benzine.
Wher would one find these?

Midas, Builders etc etc
No, the 990 is actually very easy to service, once you've spent the 3 hours removing the fairing panels. :pot:

Like a road superbike.
Ditto for replacing the spark plug on a KLR

Every 100 000 kays? :pot:
Brasso - there is something in it that does the trick.

Jip, ammonia.
Is there not some kind of 'rubbing compound' in brasso?  Might damage top layer of paint / surface.
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