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Ride Reports / Re: Hearts in the Desert
« Last post by roxenz on Yesterday at 01:46:19 pm »
Great, great RR! Thanks for taking the trouble Minxy - we know these things take a lot of time!

We (wife, son 3.5 years old, daughter 16 months, myself) did a 3 week Nam trip in 1997 in an Isuzu KB. One week in Kaoko. No GPS yet, navigating from topo maps. At one stretch we didn't see another vehicle for 5 days. Ran out of tracks and navigated by map and sun for 3 days. Your RR made the memories alive again. Thinking that a repeat with my son, now 25, would be great. Now where would I be able to get 2 500s for decent money?!  ;D
Good to see you exploring properly Ri :thumleft:

But I would strongly suggest that you learn how to change a tube and even patch a tube (for example if you would have puncture on the wheel for which I already used up spare tube). It is not that difficult and for this kind of trips very essential, and will increase an enjoyment of the trip even further giving you peace of mind that should you get flat, you are ready to deal with it.
Ride Reports / Re: Tankwa Trek (16 - 30 Sept 2019): Oh I don't know where I'm going
« Last post by Ri on Yesterday at 01:18:42 pm »
  :drif:  :imaposer:  :laughing4:

Welllllllll........ I must confess that at first glance, I thought, what a lovely elderly woman with a perfectly rolled joint  :imaposer:

Glad you read for clarification, I think many people only glance at the peekchas :laughing4:

Was the consensus on Facebook as well. I admit it would have been hilarious to sneak her a joint, but she's never smoked in her life. Maybe I should investigate edibles :sip:
  :drif:  :imaposer:  :laughing4:

Welllllllll........ I must confess that at first glance, I thought, what a lovely elderly woman with a perfectly rolled joint  :imaposer:

Ride Reports / Re: Nasty Insane in the Membrane Austrian Conquer the USA
« Last post by big oil on Yesterday at 12:43:00 pm »
That Corvette 76í ?

Thanks for your guess Hennie, Iím afraid youíre wrong!

GM only offered this specific blank for one year is another hint!!
Another guess, is it the 25th anniversary model?
1978?  :peepwall: :drif:
I had the little Bmw2002 ( German model) and my mate the 76 Corvette and we did maintenance on holiday flats using them on alternate days. The people were very surprised to see the maintenance guys rock up in such vehicles! :pot: :peepwall:
Good days and good sports, but the Vette could not catch me around town! :thumleft:

Thanks for your guess, Mr Hennie, no cee gar!

Hint:  GM only used ________ for 1 year to power the Corvette before they decided it simply wasnít cost effective

And umm, although 2002 is probably my all time favorite Beemer, especially the ti, I need video evidence of your having eat a Vette!  Was the Vette driver comatose? :pot:
Ride Reports / Re: Tankwa Trek (16 - 30 Sept 2019): Oh I don't know where I'm going
« Last post by Ri on Yesterday at 12:34:24 pm »
Day 11 (cont'd)

Suddenly there's a confusion of sign boards, and a "vae spesmaas" makes me stop and investigate all.

Looks like a nice, friendly road, kind to the tyres...?

And hiding behind these two choices, the ONLY sign pointing out this road, facing the direction I was NOT travelling from... my hunch proves correct.

"This is the way; ride in it" (paraphrasing Is. 30:21)

Very soon the quiet solace is threatened by a dire warning, and I wonder about the history (and veracity) of this dramatic sign. What risk?

What camera? Should I put on some make up?

Fraserburg must be at least a 100km away still, is it really the closest SAPD? And no disrespect to our fine upstanding Police Force members in Fraserburg, but how long to even get here to start an investigation? But I digress. Always (OK, mostly) a dutiful citizen, I make very sure to close the gate behind me and continue on my journey into the cellphone signalless back of beyond.

If mentioned this before, please forgive, but even though on this trip I featured my first puncture ever, and on the intractable back tyre no less, and was now riding without a spare back tube, I'd lost my fear of getting another puncture. After straying into, over and down that remote rocky abyss without getting stranded or damaging my tyres, I stopped riding like a granny, braking for every bump, stone and rocky ridge in the path, although I avoid sharp stones.

I ride for my enjoyment, and I can't enjoy the ride while I'm in fear of punctures - or falling, for that matter. I'm fairly lightweight compared to most bikers. I don't ride fast enough to slam into obstacles (well, mostly) and don't deflate my tyres in challenging terrain, as I hold a completely unsubstantiated theory that riding with deflated tyres aid punctures (Heresy!! I hear some rider friends moan). I also trust that if such a thing happens to me again, there will be help at hand, as has been the case.

Soooo not so much fearless as stupid :imaposer: But it gives me the freedom to climb on my bike and head out on my own, gaining confidence through the struggles and relishing every new adventure, sighing blissfully to myself, how blessed am I?

I have a tendency not to stop much when I'm riding by myself. I don't need smoke breaks, I carry my water on my back, and seldom feel the need to snack. I learnt the pleasure of a tea break riding with Keith in June, but even though I have various cappucino mix packages, water and my gas canister close at hand, I still don't stop much, except quick stops for comfort cum photo breaks.

Getting up late very day doesn't really help. It doesn't give me much time to relax during the day, especially when I have to cover 400km. And even though I don't mind riding in the dark, and even relish it, I feel bad for people who have to wait up for me. It's also annoying trying to unpack in the dark... mistakes are made.

Today my unsnackiness catches up with me. I start to feel tired and limp, lose concentration and ride faster than prudence suggests. The next time a comfort break becomes necessary, I remember the leftover braai meat I'd packed in last night - half a braaibroodjie, pig chop chopped up, a piece of chicken and braaiwors. Food fit for a king :drif:

I choose a rock with a view and savour the left over braaibroodjie, wors and some of the chop. Heaven.

Not long after my break, I reach the R356 linking Sutherland and Fraserburg, and turn left.

A few more kilometres and I reach my destination. Today has been a six hour long slog, and apart from stiffness and a planky bottom, I mostly feel fine. My favourite Richa riding gloves have become quite holey though and I regret that I'll have to get rid of them soon. I haven't yet seen or found any gloves as well-made, and idly wonder whether it would be possible to still find and import the same range.

I arranged to stay with some family friends near the retirement home. After I unpack and settle in, it is still light and I walk to the retirement home to see my mom unannounced. She is surprised and happy to see me, and immediately asks for tea. I make her her favourite snack as well, matzo spread with butter and dabbed with Bovril - that bit that looks like she's holding a joint ::)

We chat until it she tires and chases me out. I walk back to the house in darkness, have dinner and go to sleep. It's been a long, unexpectedly lovely day.


I bit the bullet and got hold of a nice 07 1200GS. Let me know when you are heading in my direction (Northville) or maybe I can head in yours for a ride before the cold start.



Congrats on being a new GS owner and again, welcome to my country and the historic city of Northville.

Today is supposed to be warm, I hope you get to enjoy a ride.

Unfortunately, I was involved in a recent auto accident, hit my head too hard.

I removed insurance from my bikes as unless something drastically changes in my head, I will be unable to ride again before the ice and snow comes.
General Bike Related Banter / Re: Lane Splitting and pedestrians
« Last post by peteb on Yesterday at 11:35:31 am »
I've taught a few people to drive. First lesson is there are no such things as 'roads' in SA. We have by far the best pedestrian paths in the whole world. They just happen to be wide enough to drive a car on.
The Comedy Club / Re: Funny quotes, memes and laughable matters
« Last post by Bie on Yesterday at 11:30:15 am »
Sidecars / Re: My Sidecar Project
« Last post by woody1 on Yesterday at 11:28:07 am »
Lyk goed....now JACK UP YOUR ARSE and finish this thing :laughing4:
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