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Ride Reports / Re: Damaraland, northern Namibia (2017)
« Last post by Oubones on Today at 07:55:37 am »
Thanks, nice report!
That whole area is just magical! :thumleft:
General Bike Related Banter / Re: Honda CRF300L and 300 Rally
« Last post by Mapog on Today at 07:40:36 am »
I think this little Honda would well buildt like most Hondas do.
Im here in Bloem and gonna check them out today.
BMW F800GS / 700GS / 650GS Twins / Re: Speedo problem
« Last post by ABruigom on Today at 07:15:36 am »
Good day gents,

Thank you all for the advise on this issue. I am going to try see what is going on

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I have met and befriend a guy aged 72. What a real gentleman, he is in good health and I would think looking better than I do....I kid you not, not that is's difficult.  ::)
He is so content with his live he has lived, telling me while I am dumping his truck daily what he has done in this lifetime and he still has a lot left.
It reminds of me for in many ways it is so similar but yet so different.
You see he was living in a country where he was never exposed to danger and never affected by crime, never felt threatened in his life and he tried to squeeze as much as he could in his time on earth.
He had a wonderful career, he build muscle cars and took them on extended cross country rides, he rode Harley's and done various other hobbies and still do.
He has lived up until now quality live and made a great success thereof.
He always wanted to drive 18 wheelers and now got his change and haul grain independently whenever he feels like it with one stunning Peterbilt.
This man will most probably outlive me, but what strikes me is how happy he appears. The eyes are always laughing.

My sister (she was also adopted and not my real sus but to us it's real) is the female version of this.
No problem ever brings stress, I have never seen her cry....just once a few tears in her eyes when she visited me in hospital after a big accident.
I was 10 days in ICU and my heart stopped once, so they thought I might not make it and I think the though of that brought the tear for a moment.

These days I think a lot about dying and if I'm ready to go, not in a religious way, nor depressing.
It's just that my live never stabilised, it's ever changing and I keep on ending up in situations or places which I get so attached to but everything in my life is ever so temporary.
I think about what I have done, what I've seen and experienced. I think I was born with a strong drive, I always wanted to know what lies behind the next mountain or curve in the road. I never wanted to sit at one place, it made me feel trapped. The 4th expedition on Gough Island has changed me in a way, I had a lot of time for myself and while wandering in the mountains I slowly stopped dreaming.
I revisited so many places I've been working and my memory seemed to get better, I also recalled so many emergency medical calls to the detail which I have dealt with. Sometimes rather unpleasant to recall all or some of these EMS calls.
It feels that I have lived way longer than 52 years, in a way I think I was living a bit too fast if that makes sense.
I get to miss people but my hart would not allow me to work as a medic again, it killed something special inside me long time ago already - I felt so many patients pain, got too involved but I know I did my best always.
Currently I'm at the right place, I can see some changes and most are good I would think.
I am smiling so much more, I am learning more about the more technical aspects of the work and I noticed that my driving in the semi is improving whenever I get the change to drive.
Maybe I'm just going through some change, I am many years past a midlife crisis but this may be sort of similar  :lol8: ??? Whatever   ::)

Very interesting read and I can sympathise with you also with some understanding

Where I differ in perspective is that I have lived away from my place of birth since 15 and I don't feel like I have roots if that makes sense.

Keep writing and sharing

The muslim influence started when old Mohamed wanted more black concubines for his harem... The whole east coast of Africa was raided by the Arabs for centuries, nothing has changed.
Yes RobC, and the white Christians did even worse along the west coast of Africa (although the Catholic Portuguese did supplant the Arabs along the southeastern coast).

PS. It isn't the religion (Christian or Islam or whatever), it is people (who may be of any religious persuasion) that are/were responsible. They just use the religion for extra effect.
Not denying it, just stating where the muslim influence came from... ::)
And muslims are still practicing slavery on a massive scale by the way... O0
That is true. But interestingly enough, it didn't start out that way. When Mohammed started his movement, be wanted to have good relations with the Christians in Mecca (stating they were also "people of the book"). But the Christians rebuffed him, and tried to kill his followers in an ambush. The reason the Christians wanted to kill off Mohammed and his followers was that Mohammed was against slavery, and the Christians were the main slavery cartel in the region.

Thing is, in the end, human beings will corrupt anything to fit their selfish wants.
BMW Airheads / Re: Bought this today R80 G/S
« Last post by Vintage_Mania on Today at 06:43:17 am »
Baie geluk @dw1  :thumleft:

Fiets lyk nog baie mooi.
BMW Airheads / Re: Bought this today R80 G/S
« Last post by Leo on Today at 06:41:38 am »
Beautiful unmolested bike.   :thumleft:

She will give you many happy (s)miles..

Hope to see you at the 2022 Airhead gathering.

Congratulations  :ricky:
About South Africa... / Re: Birds of South Africa
« Last post by frankmac on Today at 06:39:10 am »

Palm or banana, is that just because they're softer, or is that what the Barbets are after?

Haven't got a clear enough pic, but I'm pretty sure it's a Crested Barbet.

I'll put a fruit out tomorrow and wait patiently with my paintball gun for the mynahs to arrive

Just because they're easier to make a hole into. I think some of the nurseries should stock sisal logs as well.

If it's a Crested barbet then they quite often feed on the ground grabbing insects and garden snails.
Ja wat,

It is what it is.

We all have dreams that never realised and goals we never achieved but I guess that is part and parcel of this thing called life?

Focus to see the best in any situation and learn whatever there is to learn and then just carry on with life.

The saying goes: Don't take life too seriously, no-one is getting out alive!
Wild Dog Pictures / Re: KTM Pics
« Last post by Noneking on Today at 05:18:03 am »
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