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Author Topic: 28 Apr. 2013 - Dalby Stenbrott - Vombsjön - Sövdeborgs Slott - SWEDEN  (Read 459 times)

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Sun, sun and more sun, finally the weather is changing here in Sweden! The days are starting to be very long, even if late spring begins to manifest itself in all its splendor and makes you really want to grow bike. In the company of my friend Alexander depart in the direction of Dalby. A few miles from the center there is a small paradise Dalby Stenbrott the old stone quarry entry into disuse in 1958 and now restored together with the surrounding nature reserve. His story is quite bizarre. The workers a day during the excavation they found a spring of water, caring little they decided to leave everything as it was and to come back the next day. But to my surprise did not find the cave but a large lake that had engulfed machinery and whatever else had been left there. With its cliffs and clear waters is very popular in summer by swimmers and divers for diving. It 'a really lovely place. From here many paths to the surrounding pastures and forests and we take the opportunity for a nice walk around the lake. Shooting the bikes we head towards the lake Vomb. Through a long unpaved but in good condition go through a long forest before arriving in a lay-by where parked the bikes through a short walk you will reach a small marina on the shores of the lake where you can rent the boats. From here, a picturesque stretch of sand leading down to the shores of the lake. The view is superb. The clouds run fast in a blue sky and the air smells of grass. Let's take a short break to eat a sandwich in nature. We leave you will quickly reach the picturesque castle of Sövdeborgs http://www.slottsguiden.info/slottdetalj.asp?id=182 after crossing the shores of Lake Ohrid. The castle was built around 1570 but its history dates back to 1180 where he talks about a farm that belonged in the Middle Ages Sövde Archdiocese of Lund. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful moat where ducks and geese settle. More in the through the portal you arrive in a large park that leads to the lake. A true paradise. To conclude this half-day on the road a jump in the nearby Sjöbo Kaffestuga http://www.sjöbokaffestuga.se/, an old farm of 1700 transformed into a café-restaurant. The place is very cozy with a large garden where we enjoy a good coffee and local pastries. To keep us company a small squirrel jumps here and there in search of something to eat. Until next time, and good vision. P.S. ... For those who have not yet done if you want to leave a comment on the guestbook. Thanks

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