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Author Topic: June 23 2013, "The inland Sicilian from Palermo to Marsala" - SICILY - ITALY  (Read 496 times)

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was from March 18, 2012 that I organized a little drive in the land of Sicily. On the occasion of my holiday in Palermo I almost felt the need to find mates bike and always enjoy my way to Sicily and this time I was "touched" do as ballast to return even though I had the pleasure of driving in new GS. Fortunately, the hot weather of the previous days has given way to a pleasant day, warm but bearable and the sun peeped through the clouds from time to time made sure that the temperature does not go up that much. Appointment of joyful ENI via Reg Siciliana with friends I had not seen for some time between a coffee and a croissant before departure. Today we will cross all the Sicilian hinterland from Alton until reaching Marsala near the Lagoon and its fantastic salt. Through Alton and San Giuseppe Jato we come near Partinico where we stop at Lake Poma. Now more than a year that I live in Sweden and return to breathe the air of Sicily, with its smells, its colors while riding a motorcycle is a great feeling, indescribable. Along the way, vineyards, land of a thousand colors, immense olive groves. Life Through Gibellina and we finally reach the pier to the island of fragments with its old mill and the unique salt http://www.trapani-sicilia.it/saline.htm. To celebrate their day what better occasion for a tasty lunch of fish at the restaurant Mamma Caura http://www.mammacaura.it right in front of the pier with a beautiful view over the salt pans. After a short walk to the mill on the proposal of my dear friend Vittorio take the bike and head to the Grotto of the Holy Father of Perreire, which lies on the border with the City of Mazzara. Carved into the rock, it was once used for processing of the tuff and was commonly known as Perreira. The place is still a place of pilgrimage, also for the beautiful church next to the grotto was built by Father Nazarene Gulino and keep a copy of the bust of San Francesco di Paola. The cave was completed in 1899 outside with a small dome supported by two columns of tufa stone. In the sanctuary we visit the interesting and picturesque Museo del Tufo also housed in a former quarry that tells a little 'history of these quarries through tools and machinery used in a bygone era. A special thanks to Francis, who has been our guide during our visit. Shooting the bikes we return home. Proper, along the way, a small deviation in Castellammare del Golfo at the bar the source to delight once again the palate with a warm cassatella the ricotta cream and chocolate. Thanks to my friends who have allowed me to spend once again a beautiful day on the road. Hello Sicily. At the next
All photos of http://www.francescoinviaggio.it - ​​SICILY ON THE ROAD 2013

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