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Author Topic: Major loss of oil  (Read 266 times)

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Major loss of oil
« on: April 11, 2017, 08:58:17 am »
      So yes, during our trip following the Molopo River, the PitBike (2010 Model 690R Enduro) developed a slight oil leak on one of the oil filter housing covers. The result of a stripped bolt. Did a roadside fix with some Gasket Sealer, “slang spoeg, spykers en Japanese draad”, with the hope that it will last the trip, which it did.
      The idea was to not to do the next service myself, but took it to KTM when it is due and ask them to fixed the stripped bolt also. Needless to say, before that happened I went for a one nighter around Marekele.
      On the way back through Rosslyn, when I need to stop, no rear brake. Oh well maybe I was riding with my boot tip on the brake lever again, resulting in overheating of the system.
      Stopped at home, saw the problem. Oil, oil, oil everywhere except in the engine. Boots, pants, luggage, rear brake – just dripping all over. Wash the bike, fill up with oil – did find a lot of shiny things, and I mean a lot, in the washable oil filters – start it, but could not detect any difference in performance and noise. A KTM starting and idling sound like a shaking tin full of bolts and nuts. Found the oil leak, that damn stripped bolt.
      Took the bike to Trax KTM. They flushed the engine, thereby removing some more shining stuff, fill up with oil, tune it ‘ek sκ’, raced around the block with it and do with it what a mechanic normally do with it. Could not detect any funny additional noises or reduction in performance.
      The prognoses now is, that I agree with, ride it until it breaks, then we fix it.

      Strange how suddenly acute your hearing become and sensitive your feelings are. Keep on hearing these noises, real and imaginary, and feeling every bump in the road and the chain whiplash, the rattling of the bottle Gin & 6 Tafels in the top box, and and…..
      No I wonder, how much longer the engine will last, already done 77 000 + km with it. AND what will an engine repair cost for the PitBike.


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Re: Major loss of oil
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2017, 09:03:20 am »
77 000km's on a 690?  :o

Preventative maintenance will be a shit load cheaper than waiting for it to break, why run such a risk?
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