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Author Topic: WCOC - Rally Bike & Big Bore Classes at Quaggas Kloof Off-Road  (Read 409 times)

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Some interested to ride the WCOC Off-Roads with Rally Bikes - The Rally/Big Bore class has been split into two classes as below. WCOC is happy to give this a trial for the remaining 2017 races.

Rally & Big Bore Bike Class Regulations for the 2017 WCOC Off Road Championship
 PLEASE NOTE - These regulations are not relevant to the 2017 Tankwa 500 X Country event, which is a stand alone event that does not form part of the 2017 WCOC Off Road Championship.  A separate set of regulations will be issued for Tankwa 500.


Rally Bikes
•   Minimum engine capacity – 300cc (2- & 4-stroke)
•   Unlimited maximum cc
•   All bikes to have a road book tower with or without fairing
•   No road books
•   Long range tank/tanks with a minimum range of 160km’s
•   Long range and auxiliary tanks to be fixed to motorcycle as per SSR 352 (F) XII
•   No refueling allowed – competitors will be routed directly to pit lane exit after crossing timing line
•   NO DSP assistance permitted – competitors are required to carry tool kits

Big Bore Bikes
•   Minimum engine capacity – 500cc
•   No tower or road book required
•   Lite tower allowed
•   Standard fuel tank or long range tank.
•   Refueling permitted

For updated info, Please see FB   Westerncape Offroad     FB Events Quaggas Klooff Off-Road - Also FB Events Tankwa 500 X Country Rally

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Re: WCOC - Rally Bike & Big Bore Classes at Quaggas Kloof Off-Road
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2017, 02:00:34 pm »
This is great, if only I lived in the WC.
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