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Author Topic: David Ellis - Fence strike at Tankwa while filming for Tankwa 500 X Country  (Read 1110 times)

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Ouch...that took the wind out the sails! :o
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Not only can he go fast, he can stop fast too! What "ellis" can this man do?!

Glad you walked away from that David!  :thumleft:
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Bliksem he was lucky, that could have been soooo bad. Glad he's okay & valuable lesson learnt without too much damage  :thumleft:
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Glad you walked away from that David!  :thumleft:

Indeed!  :eek7: :thumleft:

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Sho! Glad he could ride away from that!

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I must say David was fortunate. After seeing his film home "Home Ground" I asked if Michael & David if they would be interested in joining us in Tankwa and maybe like to film some footage there. Once there they were hooked, it has been a pleasure to take them around to specific spots also very interesting to witness how they operate.
In this case light was changing & Michael wanting to film David riding away, due to time he did not do a test run therefore the fence caught him out. IMO the diamond netting saved him if only wires it could have been worse. This was Day 1, Day 2 David made an unusual mistake loosing it with a massive off on a trail also lucky to get up from that one  - tuff guy !

Cant wait for the final product - will post it when Michael releases it.
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