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Author Topic: KTM 640 enduro  (Read 736 times)

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Offline landieman

KTM 640 enduro
« on: November 28, 2018, 06:06:38 am »
Sup Dogs,my mate with the ducklings is looking at getting a 2004 katoom enduro,any thoughts on this bike?any known issues to look out for

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Re: KTM 640 enduro
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2018, 07:18:50 am »
Very lekker machine those. Very similar to the 640 Adv but a lot lighter as it only has a 12.5L tank and no fairing up front. Same chassis, same motor (LC4). They are nice bikes to commute with and to play around with as well. Not great on the open road, the 640's all vibrate quite a bit - takes some getting used to.

Service them. Change fluids. Give it petrol :thumleft:

I have the 625SXC which is very similar to the 640E. Had it for nearly 4 years now and haven't had any major issues at all. I refurbed the starter motor. Fixed the base gasket which was sweating - apparently they all do. While the barrel was off I put new rings although mine weren't kus.

One thing to do is to reinforce the subframe if you're gonna put anything more that 3kg. Eventually it will break on you. I gusseted the toolbox frame on the right-hand side as they usually break off, leaving a weak spot on the right side. Once that goes, the left side is inevitable. The fix is to reinforce the gussets. Also gooi blue nutlock on the subframe bolts to the frame.
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