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Author Topic: 2 Stray Dogs  (Read 147 times)

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2 Stray Dogs
« on: August 06, 2021, 08:56:14 pm »
So yesterday we - Your Grace A.K.A Duchess and @Katoom Rider  - picked up 2 Stray Dogs.

One was a "drunk"  :biggrin: @Psycho Porra  and the other one, the reason for the "drunk" Porra, T-Rex A.K.A @LouisXander  :pot:.
We dragged them home, fed them chippies, gave them lots of water  :ablutions: :bar: >:D and sent them on their merry way...

But not without some action before they left.  First Porra had to give directions on how to... :peepwall:  LouisXander needed a hand in putting some stuff away... :3some: :lol8:
LouisXander told Katoom Rider, and I quote: "Sit hom in."   :imaposer: :imaposer: :imaposer:  OOH

Gelukkig ken hulle mekaar al lank...en ek was by.  Ek kon 'n ogie oor hulle hou  :laughing4:

Eish, boys will be boys.

We really enjoyed riding a few km's with you guys.  Hope you are enjoying the Bash.  Next time we will definitely be joining you.

We had a great time and hope to be doing some more of that in the future.  Keep safe and enjoy the pics.

P.S. Next time I'm taking more pics.
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