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Offline Grootseun

« on: August 31, 2009, 12:26:48 pm »

I had an hour or so to kill on Saturday afternoon, so I decided to visit one of the open fields in my area that has some single-track.

Turns out, because of the amount of urban kwat-riders it was now turned into kwat-track

There was some land developers that cleared a section of the field, but never went any further than that, so there is some serious soil erosion happening.

Some of the kwat-track ahead:

Being an avid mountain biker, that travels through these open fields fairly often, I am amazed at the amount of cable theft that occurs.

Looking back:

The track has some really rocky sections, and some of the rocks are seriously sharp, slime or tyreweld will not help much if one of these rocks destroys your tire. Unless youre AmaRideRide, he seems to be able to plug tears on anakees like it’s nobody’s business.

Some more scenery:

Before the winter veld fires, the grass is seriously long, and in summer, all manners of flying insects do kamikaze attacks on an unsuspecting rider.
Not the case at the moment.

Theres also a little watercrossing, obviously a different story during the rainy season.

And a little incline on the other side of the “river”

Once again the Erosion washouts are ready to catch you out if you drift from your line, wouldn’t want to be in that situation.

On the other side, I found this huge pile of ash, and some serious power cable housing, semi-burnt. This area is obviously not somewhere I want to be at night.

Man-made marvels Africa:

Little falls hill, it sez so on the side.

The little uphill mentioned earlier, viewed from the top. Nothing difficult, but care is still necessary.  All the up and downhills I rode slowly to practice balance and line, one also get a better feel for what the bike may and may not do under those circumstances.

Views of the little river.

The river base is soft river sand, the water not deep at all, nothing tricky or treacherous.

Then I found this lawn highway. This used to be an easylawn farm, but it seems they are not actively pursuing this venture. Got out of second and briefly into fourth.

This was basically the whole area, I went back for another lap, lots of corners with them sharp rocks waiting for an unsuspecting tire to stray. cant really get out of second on a big heavy DS

Made my way back home, klapped the rest of my Heinekens waiting patiently in the fridge for my return.

I will certainly be back. Maybe when it’s nice and muddy…not

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Re: Honeyduro
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2009, 12:44:08 pm »
I rode that exact area 2 weeks ago. A good place to practice your riding skills. Send me an email if you're keen to go again as I stay in Honeydew.
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Offline Grootseun

Re: Honeyduro
« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2009, 01:20:17 pm »
I rode that exact area 2 weeks ago. A good place to practice your riding skills. Send me an email if you're keen to go again as I stay in Honeydew.

Hey Frog sounds good, will do so.