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Author Topic: 21 Dic. 2010 - In the heart of National Park Madonie - Sicily - Italy  (Read 406 times)

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.. i  come  back in the Park Madonie .. but it has been very little snow! Beautiful sunny day with temperatures between 22 and 9 (Piano Battle).
 A beautiful drive through the country stopping at Madonie Geraci Siculo to visit the ruins of the castle and the medieval center of Castelbuono, between the Castle of Ventimiglia and the goodness of confectionery Fiasconaro, renowned throughout the world .. in particular for the "panettone with manna" and "Head of Turkish" typical local sweet. While waiting for the report .. look at the picture .. worth a lot and don't forget to firm the gustbook !!

Merry Christmas
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Re: 21 Dic. 2010 - In the heart of National Park Madonie - Sicily - Italy
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Beautiful man  :thumleft: :thumleft: