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Author Topic: Kreebergfees Part 1  (Read 609 times)

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Kreebergfees Part 1
« on: October 10, 2011, 11:44:46 pm »
Festival done...had fantastic ride with my son...For now he follows in my dust but soon I will be following him to places where only youth and brashness can go... He "saved it" twice on loose gravel and had  smile in admiration as he regained control... without hitting brakes on very loose sand and gravel.  :thumleft: As usual the karoo did not disappoint:  A fabulous flower carpet greeted us from Ceres to Sutherland and even beyond. The town on Carnarvon pulled out all the stops: The guesthouses, restaurants, and festival organisers made us feel so welcome: having bottled water provided for the VIPS and the bikers, to hosting us for breakfast and supper to presenting the bikers with a souvenir T shirt!!!!!! The only regret? : why so few bikers!!! Gillaume Mostert laid out a fabulous route for us which saw the offroaders ride through changing terrain from karoo highways to treacherous technical stretches on Meltonwold... absolutely fabulous... Friday saw the bikers taking part in a slow race, and a gymkhana wherafter we gave the local kids rides around the arena.....GRRRRRRRREAT! The pics tell so much more... This is an event you should diarise for next year...The ride to the event is as much part of the event as the event itself Enjoy the pics...

When time allows I will post a report on the the actual event: for now this is part of my journey, one I could share with my son!

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