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Author Topic: 3 Idiots take on NAM_KTM view  (Read 6734 times)

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3 Idiots take on NAM_KTM view
« on: May 10, 2012, 12:15:16 pm »
As with any story told there are 2 sides to it, this is the KTM view, whilst Dirtrider tells the BMW side of the story, and experiences on the trip , I will try and tell the real story ....... :) , we will try and not duplicate any pics.....

(The planning for this ride  http://www.wilddog.za.net/forum/index.php?topic=94190.0)

So the trip of NAM started with these 3 idiots :

Whom attempted to ride this route through Namibia

Whom had a awesome experiences with these three machines (Eswee and Liam in background)

Whom were looked after by the locals

Ended up taking on some of the local scenery

Whom ultimately ended up becoming

Our packing list consisted of:
Parts - many of them
Sleeping bags
A sense of adventure
and whole lot of heart ............................

Our route

1.     PTA Windhoek                     1400   km      22-Apr (Car)
2.     Windhoek Sesriem                288     km      23-Apr
3.     Sesriem                                                    24-Apr
4.     Sesriem Swakop                    351   km       25-Apr
5.     Swakop Brandberg                339   km        26-Apr
6.     Brandberg Kamanjab               239 km         27-Apr
7.     Kamanjab Kunene Lodge         394  km        28-Apr
8.     Kunene Epupa                       97   km         29-Apr - Technical
9.     Epupa Van Zyls                    149   km        30-Apr - Technical
10.  Van Zyls Marble Camp              83   km        01-May - Technical
11.  Marble Camp Purros               163   km         02-May - Riverbed Technical
12.  Purros - Ongongo                     128   km        03-May
13.  Ongongo - Brandberg                275   km        04-May
14.  Brandberg - Spitzkoppe             129   km        05-May
15.  Spitzkoppe Windhoek             300   km        06-May
16.  Windhoek Kang                     900   km        07-May( Car)
17.  Kang PTA                             700   km        08-May (Car)
                                                  5935  km       09-May

Day 1 to follow..................

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Re: 3 Idiots take on NAM_KTM view
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Re: 3 Idiots take on NAM_KTM view
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The brave do not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.

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Re: 3 Idiots take on NAM_KTM view
« Reply #3 on: May 10, 2012, 12:53:32 pm »
Looks awesome!! :thumleft:

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Re: 3 Idiots take on NAM_KTM view
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Jul lyk na mense mense. :thumleft:

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Re: 3 Idiots take on NAM_KTM view
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 :thumleft: Looks interesting...

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Re: 3 Idiots take on NAM_KTM view
« Reply #6 on: May 10, 2012, 01:51:50 pm »
Day 1 - O f*k day

The plan was to leave at 2:30 in the morning, to make sure we get to Windhoek by 7 or 8 that evening.

Liam had some things to do and arrived home at 11 the night before. Between the 3 of us he had  done the least amount of planning and packing beforehand so he started to pack at around 12 that night ......

Luckily myself and Eswee loaded the bikes the previous day and finished our packing. At 3 am we had to call it and told Liam time is up , whats packed is packed and the rest he will just have to go without......

We officially hit the road at approximately 3:25 am, we were extremely nervous as the trailer were never tested to  that limit and  neither have we ever had to strap 3 Adventue Bikes onto 1 trailer either.

The immediate goal was the first speedbump in my estate, if we could make that we should be fine.

As soon as the trip started it ended, within 7 metres of my house (before the first speedbump), it was a loud "o f*k" by Liam which brought the car to a complete halt. He left his camera and GoPro behind and needed a cushion for the road. He ran back fetched it and we set on our way.

We made a brief stop at the nearest BP for Coffee and a Pie, and we were on our way

We travelled another 6km's when the next "o fok" came from the back - Liam just realised he left his grondseil or something like that at home, he eventually fell asleep and we made it to the border, once he woke up, the trend continued of him yelling "o f*k" every 15 minutes as he realised what he left behind .................

The border post was a breeze, the staff was extremely friendly and helpful , we were surprised, maybe they felt sorry for us as we were completely useless or something but it went smooth .............

SA/Botswana border post:

Once we entered Botswana we hit that damn Trans Kgalagadi Highway ................... I have never seen such a straight and boring road in my life, however it was ideal for towing the bikes there was no turns , bumps or anything on that road.....however neither is there any filling stations for miles, we ended up going into a small town called Kang to re fuel and continued....

Puma fuelling station in Kang

Apart from talking crap nothing much happened on day one, we eventually arrived at our destination and now the trip really started, we were welcomed by these bad boys,

and boy are they smooth .............. we went to bed early as the next day the adventure would start .............


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Re: 3 Idiots take on NAM_KTM view
« Reply #7 on: May 10, 2012, 01:56:37 pm »
The brave do not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.

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Re: 3 Idiots take on NAM_KTM view
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Bring it on  :happy1: :hiding:
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Re: 3 Idiots take on NAM_KTM view
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Re: 3 Idiots take on NAM_KTM view
« Reply #10 on: May 10, 2012, 02:14:49 pm »
I like this view!  :deal:
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Re: 3 Idiots take on NAM_KTM view
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Sub :thumleft:
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Re: 3 Idiots take on NAM_KTM view
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Sub  :mwink:

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Re: 3 Idiots take on NAM_KTM view
« Reply #13 on: May 10, 2012, 03:07:55 pm »
Day 2 - Windhoek to Sesriem - 380km - We are riding on the freeway .........

We woke up and it was piss cold in Windhoek, luckily we had no hangover, we immediately starting packing, we woke up at what we thought was 6:15 - see day 3

Packing was a massive task - Liam  (we always knew he would need special attention as he gets side tracked easily) could not stop complimenting everything he brought with and everything we bought .... his favourite line ....."Hierdie Rokstraps is moer cool......" it took him the longest to finish as he had to stick some clear vinyl on his bike as well - A bright idea we thought of to protect the bikes from scratches, which ended up working like a charm..........

We eventually got the bikes packed at around 11 am, and I was eager to get to our first destination as we had no idea exactly what waited on us....

We started looking for petrol and ended up meeting a few other riders at the petrol station, they had stories of flooded rivers, riverbeds and some of their mates quitting and going home, this scared us a bit, but who cares ......

We started driving out of town and eventually hit the gravel, (classic pic that everyone takes ones they leave the tar, one wheel on tar, other on gravel)

The roads in Namibia is truly amazing, this time we mainly traveled on a C road and it is in great condition, one has to remind ourselves not to travel too fast and try and stick to 100km/h max, but every no and then one does get a bit carried away.................

The song " we are riding on the freeway for some reason gets stuck and I start singing it to the boys ..... this scares me ....

There are some hidden sandy patches that does wake you up and is a bit scary, but all seemed to go smooth, we also take turns to race ahead and take pics, we go through a few small river crossings which is amazing....

At one specific river crossing I decide to turn around to take a pic of Liam, I did not notice the time and only realised later it was amateur hour. As I turn around I lost control of the Beast and she starts falling over, I try to hold her up but the Beast is too heavy, she falls to the ground, I am not impressed, pictures gets taken.

We pick up the Beast....

It did not take us too long to get a bit lost and myself and Eswee had to figure it out

At this point in time Liam got a bit side tracked.....and nature called

We eventually arrive at Sesriem, there is basically one garage, a lodge and camping site, we immediately have a beer, and another and one more, we start chatting to "Oom Willie" he runs the camp site and the garage, he informs us that we are not allowed into Sossusvlei with bikes anymore as people caused havoc there (we would later learn that some okes with Quads chased the Gemsbok / Oryx)

Our only option is to go in with the lodge, but it is fairly expensive,

Oom Willie then makes a plan and negotiates a deal on our behalf with the lodge and we get a special price..... Thanks again oom Willie .......we return the favour by supporting oom Willies shop, by buying most of his beers !!  ;D

We get to our camp site pack out our stuff and go for a quick swim

Bliksem die plek is mooi!!

Our campsite was amazing as well

During our brief stay at the garage , we met some other bikers, they did not book accommodation for the night and the camp site was full, so being the good guys that we are we said we can share our campsite  

We then head of to the lodge to pay our fees for the next day , and the place is beautiful......

We get told that we must buy our permits the day before and the vehicle leaves at 6 : 15 sharp ......

We head back to camp , maak n braai en drink n paar biere , talk nonsnese with the other okes and off to bed ..... it was cold as hell!!

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Re: 3 Idiots take on NAM_KTM view
« Reply #14 on: May 14, 2012, 12:33:21 pm »
DAY 3 - Namibia Time - Rest day

So we were warned to be there 6:15 sharp , Eswee set his alarm for 5:30, at 6:01 we here someone screaming "Kom , ons is laat maak gou dis al na 6" ofcource he mistakenly hit the off instead of snooze and we overslept, we grab warm clothing put on a beany and run to the gas station.

I notice the gas station is still closed and I was sure oom Willie said he is open from 6 to 6 every day anycase we keep on running, as we get closer I get more suspicious. The  " o f*k's" start making an appearance as we run, we realise what we have left behind, but most of them we are happy until Eswee realises he left something important at the tent and he has to turn around, it is now after 6:15 and we are just looking to see if we can stop and stall the cruiser, as he runs back I ask him to just make sure what is the time........

We make it to the gas station and will stall the vehicle until Eswee comes back , but still no vehicle and the shop is still closed. Eswee comes strolling back  - the reality is that it is 5:15 Namibian time as Namibia is 1 hour behind us........Who knew..........

Oom Willie eventually opens the shop and we buy coffee and spend a hour waiting .....6:15 the truck shows up and we enter.........

The rest of the day was spent in the reserve, truly awesome..... just pics below......no need to say more.....

Big Momma Dune

View from the top of Big Momma

View from the top of Big Momma Dune

Yes we walked up

Then we went to deadvlei

Later that day we also visited the canyon close by

As you can tell , we really roughed it up  ;D

The sandhonds famous jump......

Karools version

Next day we head of to Walvisbay via Solitare..... a BIG day .....................

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Re: 3 Idiots take on NAM_KTM view
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Nice  :thumleft:
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Re: 3 Idiots take on NAM_KTM view
« Reply #16 on: May 15, 2012, 08:05:41 am »
Day 4 - Sesriem to Swakop via Solitare - 351km - "Boys will be boys" - the birth of Karools

The next day we set of quite early as we know we have a pretty easy but long road ahead of us. It is cloudy weather which is ideal for riding, we pack our bags, load our bikes and get reminded by Liam "hierdie rokstraps is moer cool, ek wens ons het nog gekoop". The bikes are packed and we are off.

The scenery is beautiful on the way to Solitare, especially with the weather we had:

We get a bit of rain on the way there, once we arrive there we realise why everyone recommended we stop there,

the locals are once again extremely friendly , we get to taste all the dishes which is truly amazing, we end up buying scones with some other stuff, and the owner/manager gives us some great blueberry jam and butter on the house, the coffee is great as well......

The amazing Blueberry jam

When the rain comes down the owner insists that we park our bikes in the restaurant ......

We have some time on our hands ....... and we see this sign .......... this pose pops to mind and once we meet Carlos in Brandberg (in a few days time) this became known as Karools

Later that day we travel to Swakop and of course we stop at Dune 7

Apparently you are not allowed to ride on it anymore, so we go on to Swakop itself....

Our plan : Buy supplies for the next couple of days as they will be rough .............

However, to do this one needs to plan properly, so we check into our accommodation and go find a spot where we can "plan" and maybe have something to eat...............

The planning start at a place on the waterfront, we test their Draft Beer (for ride report purposes only) and their Drafts are amazing. So in order to do our bit and to support the local economy we have a couple. We then decide to take a ride to identify the spot were we will  be making our purchases that we have planned, but again a quaint little pub appears.

To enable us to inform fellow Wilddogz and warn them of bad beer we decide to have a few Drafts there as well, at this point in time we are proud to let you guys know that Drafts in Swakop are all of a acceptable standard, so feel free to enjoy it on your next trip.

Whilst in little Germany our Little friend Jagermeister pops in and greats us at the same pub. This pub does not only put the Jagermeister in the freezer but even the shot glass, so we have to have some, and again truly amazing......

This continues until dark, we then feel the urge to eat our last decent meal before we go into the rough, so we find our way to the Tug restaurant also on the beach front. Still fully clothed in our bike ride kit, pants tucked in boots the works.........tThey welcome us and we have and amazing steak with a prawn and a piece of calamari, trying to make up for our appearance we order red wine, to show that we are sophisticated. For dessert we ask the locals were they go, and the send us to a local pub were you can "skiet Pool" in their words.

So we go, and start playing pool  badly etc. etc. and our other friend Brandy and Coke pops in to say hi...........

Unfortunately there is not many pic's of this evening as there were more important things to do.................This is the only pic that made it ...... the pub with the cold Jagermeister .......

The next day we will pay for our mistakes in a big way and the actual fun on the bikes starts

Mad Dog and Sandhond arrives on the scene the next day and we end up in the middle of nowhere.....
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Re: 3 Idiots take on NAM_KTM view
« Reply #17 on: May 15, 2012, 08:44:39 am »
.............. and me pop into the thread for some nice reading  :thumleft: :thumleft:
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Re: 3 Idiots take on NAM_KTM view
« Reply #18 on: May 15, 2012, 09:14:13 am »
gooi hom, laat hy kom

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Re: 3 Idiots take on NAM_KTM view
« Reply #19 on: May 15, 2012, 02:23:26 pm »
Day 5 - Swakop to Brandberg - 339 km - Road less travelled

The next moment we wake up and it is time to get going, we pack our stuff at an amazing speed and decide to try and make it to Hentiesbaai and do the shopping there. We go through a road block just before Henties, and event the cops are fairly friendly

It seems that we have forgotten what to buy (since our "planning session" the previous day) as we stroll around in a SPAR, eventually we buy stuff.......... we load the stuff on the bike and once again gets reminded on how amazing the rokstraps are.

We need to eat and we go into a local coffee shop,

We ask the locals for directions and try and assess if the roads are accessible etc. Eswee starts talking the purest Afrikaans our ears have ever heard and we leave him to it.

We get onto the road.....

It is hard to say what road we actually travelled , but we tried to go straight towards Brandberg ..... we were suppose to travel on the pink route but i think we ended up taking something like the orange route.....

When going off the recognised roads the first few minutes are fairly stressful for some of us (not for Liam a.k.a. sandhond), you realise that you are on your own , it is impossible to capture the initial feeling, and neither could I capture the environment/escarpment on a camera. The only thin we did know for sure is that people don't come by often....

We find ourselves going through various types of environments, starting of with a black rocky area that turns into a red rock area, extremly dry places, not a plant to be seen

the only friendly face we saw was old Karools

There is truly nothing around

We eventually notice some of these legendary plants......

A bit later in the day ................ (now starting to get extremely hot) ........ we find this sign ................... again spirits are high and we make jokes of how desolate the place is ..............

Left or right ----- Moer Toe

We maybe should have taken it a bit more seriously ..........

Minutes later the landscape turns sandy and all of a sudden we are in fairly deep sand..............

I drop my bike first, luckily Eswee is close by and we pick my bike up quickly.........

From here on it starts going South ....... Liam earns his name sandhond by riding the sand like a local, he keeps his head up and keep it on the gas, from time to time he ends up way of course but he keeps on going....... i follow him and try and do some "smart riding" looking for patches of hard sand etc. etc. i manage but it is a slow process

Eswee starts suffering, he is at the back and is going slower and slower, fatigue is setting in and maybe the old Jagermeister is holding him back, he is sweating like a ....you know what

We keep on encouraging him to ride in the front, be he is not interested, he basically gets to a point where he cannot ride any further.... I put him in the shade of my bike (there is still no sight of a tree and give him water)

And I make him eat..... unfortunately this is all we had ........

Red Polony on buns

The oke is not well ................ he goes into the little cover of the veld .......... and he needs this ......

He returns and we need to rest..... he starts contemplating to just stay there, but it is not a option

We gather ourselves and continue on, ..... at this point in time everyone is tired to a certain degree, I still have no idea were we are heading and the brothers do what brothers do and start arguing a bit .......... all of a sudden the land opens up and there is hope.....

The next minute i make the mistake of going a bit to fast and hit some kind of mound with my back wheel, the bike basically flips over and I end up with only my front wheel on the ground whilst my back wheel is above my head ( a endo or a stoppie at speed) I brace myself for a big fall as my luggage hits me at the back of the head....... by some luck gravity pulls the back wheel down to earth and off I go................. big sigh .................. (my save of the trip)

Our happiness is short lived as the road turns sandy again, but this time I am in front and can take some pics, old sandhond was starting to fade on the sand and was all over the show, he was in the bushes and eventually ended up .....

Closer view

By now okes are tired, the GPS is of limited use , and so is its operator (sandhond) we take another rest. We go around another corner and behold ...................Brandberg in the distance ............

We still have hours of traveling to do........... but at least we know in which direction............

Eswee is extremely tired ......... we eventually join up with a main road again and head of in the direction of Uis

We still hit many sandy patches and light is fading fast, Eswee is beyond a point of caring and just stays on the gas, he flies past myself and sandhond, sitting on his bike as if its a low rider and just goes, we try and get the oke to respond but just goes.............................He earns the nickname Mad Dog................. only a mad dog will sit and keep on the gas in sandy areas ....... his riding position changes to a oke that should be on a chopper...............

He goes and we try to keep up.

Early evening we arrive at the White Lady Lodge at the foot Brandberg......... we are welcomed by the house pet Carlos (meerkat), and immediately me and him relate

Eswee was too tired to notice there was a meerkat even

We make our camp,

and go back to the main building to organise fire wood were we meet this German Tourist ..............

(Only later did we notice it was Liam a.k.a. Sandhond.......)

We make something to eat ....

We sleep ............... the next day we are of to Kumanjab


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