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Author Topic: Thumbs-Up to Duelies @ GOC X-country Race  (Read 305 times)

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Thumbs-Up to Duelies @ GOC X-country Race
« on: July 23, 2012, 10:07:33 am »

I did the Yamaha 200 Echo 4x4 Cross Country bike race over the weekend at Bronhorstspruit.  It was obvious how many duel sport bikes was out on the track giving the guys some loud support,... thanks guys this is really appreciated :thumleft:

I came over this one small uphill, saw a most beautiful KTM 690 in full rally raid  fairing kit standing on an embankment - I thought: "wow, it looks just like one of those american deer stags on a mountain top".  Needless to say, I did no see the negative camber decline turn (with those small marbles on a hard pack) and I lost my front, I went down hard and spectacularly.  To that rider of the KTM 690: I lost a lot of skin from my arms and if you found any of it, please return same. ;D ;)

Hope to see more of you guys at the races.

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