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Author Topic: Freakreport 2007 GAGSC  (Read 3654 times)

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Re: Freakreport 2007 GAGSC
« Reply #40 on: December 09, 2007, 11:37:39 am »
Gonna make it back I
Gonna make it back I decide, I have come this and I am not a damn going to give it up and wait for a recovery vehicle.
As George mentioned the group had decided to wait at the bottom of the mountain, its a good ways from where I was now.

The terrain they would have to reverse to get back to me is a serious ballgrinder. In my absence the decision was made that Wayne and Eddie would ride back to find out what had become of me.

I started riding seated on the airboxcover, the back tyre completely flat with my legs dangling down, its not easy.
The flat rear tends to float and drift in all directions, steering is done by shifting bodweight and at times moving my arse and legs in different directions.

I dont want to look down at the digital as the kilometeres slowly grind down to metres covered.
After about 20min I meet up with Wayne and Eddie.

Not alone anymore

I push on with Wayne and Eddie shadowing me.

The rest of the group waited as long as possible and decide to push on a sensible decision as darkness is only a few hours away.

After a few kilometres of slipping and balancing on the airbox we spot a farmhouse on a rise adjacent to the road and ride in to try see what we can do about the tyre. I still have a spare tube but we have no tyre levers as all was distributed to spread the load.

We pull up to the barn close to the farmhouse ,the whole place appears desserted so who rummage through the barn trying to find tools for changing the tube.

Freakonaleash balances on a handy log with the rear wheel of but about the only thing we cannot seem to find in the barn is a set of levers. We try using some big screwdrivers but the sidewalls prove to tough, a crowbar we find is to ungainly, now what.

In a last ditch attempt to rustle up something we stir up a bees nest in the one corner of the barn and the sound of bees in flight starts to fill the air, angry bees!
We decide its time to go as a bee stings Wayne in the neck, "boss you allergic to bees I ask?" We are about to find out is the calm reply as we replace the rear in record time.

Suddenly I spot a roll off wire lying on the ground and decide to wire the tyre to the rim. A handy "plaastang" gets used and shortly the rear is wirebound to the rim to prevent it from spinning around and climbing off, (yes it does actually work, I have done this before).

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Re: Freakreport 2007 GAGSC
« Reply #41 on: December 09, 2007, 11:42:31 am »
Backwheel bound to the rim we set of with dangling legs and ass planted on the airbox.We are joined by the sweeper team ,Hein Kuhm and another gent.

The look on their faces says it all, "you are f@kin nuts, this just isnt possible!"

No matter I am going to try cross the mountain and make it back, I have come to far to give up.

What follows is near impossible to describe, I cannot get to the backbrake and have to skip back on the bike in order to change gears, controlling the cross is difficult to say the least and the route is hardcore. Severe descent create massive involuntary stoppies but after a while I had it waxed as I had more control at time with the backwheel ot the ground.

My body starts to complain, I dont know what hurts more my butt or arms, I am so focused I dont even know where the rest of them are, my focus is unwavering and I am constantly fighting to stay on top, at times my vision blurs out, every part of me is screaming to stop.

As we approach gates the guys race ahead to open them,it takes (I am not sure) hours to break through the mountains and eventually reach level terrain.

By now I am mentally and physically shattered.

Flat gravel leads to tar 25 kms to go, as I get on tar I use the back of my heal to kick up through the gears to 5th.
I look down at the speedo, I am doing between 95 - 100 kms per hour, the backwheel keeps trying to pass me and is running next to me.

Suddenly there is a sharp sound like a guitar string snapping and something blings of my helmet, the wire is starting to selfdestruct in a serious way and bits are flying everywhere.

No slowing down as I enter the mountain pass and climb to the platue, on a hairpin I lose the back end completely and end up on the gravel on the edge of the road.

Wayne pulls up and and volunteers to take over for the last bit, I am tempted but decide to push on, twenty minutes later we stop in Neuwoudtville to refuel, as I get of the bike smoke pours out of the rear tyre.

The last stretch of gravel is run in the dark with Wayne and Eddie helping light the way , this was maybe the hardest part for me, I had nothing more left to give, but we made it!

I got to camp and dont remember much except that I was repeating myself like a parrot and ate ,drank and virtually passed out.

This was the best GS Challenge ever.

The end.

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Re: Freakreport 2007 GAGSC
« Reply #42 on: December 09, 2007, 01:49:46 pm »
Brilliant! :thumleft:

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Re: Freakreport 2007 GAGSC
« Reply #43 on: December 09, 2007, 03:59:08 pm »
There can be only one!
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Re: Freakreport 2007 GAGSC
« Reply #44 on: December 09, 2007, 06:04:28 pm »
What you have described just had to described in the way you did.  Creative writing at its best.  Wonderful.  I really got the feeling of it all.  Big respect for both your riding & writing.