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Author Topic: Horse fetching  (Read 351 times)

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Horse fetching
« on: September 30, 2012, 12:37:31 am »
Wanted to post my bike trip/buying story when I got back from PE 2 weeks ago. But as always, work seems to get in the way of the important things in life. So seeing that I have time now, here goes...

The run up:

In June/July I decided that it is time to get back in the saddle. Had a scrambler in high school, and been in the saddle a couple of times as the years went on. But now I was in the position of getting myself a proper bike and finding that somewhat lock away adventure spirit that i seem to have lost through the years due to "real world" issues.

So the search started, found the type of bike I wanted, even found a blue print to compare my choices to on this forum. Then things started happening fast, and everyday that past made me feel like a child in a candy store.  :P

After doing most of the paper work, the day came for me to leave for PE. Due to the excitement of the previous night, I arrived too late for my flight from OR Thambo on the Saturday morning. So I was then placed on standby for the next flight, which I accidentally also missed. Reasons being that there was a miss communication, and a friend joined me at the KEG for drink. But a printed ticket later, we were enjoying the rugby on the tele and a nice afternoon. I then caught my flight to PE and ended the day at a guest house.

Due to delays from the bank's side, the crucial part of the paper work (contract conformation) was not finalised on Friday as promised. But flights and accommodation was already booked, so the new plan was then to spend the weekend in PE. Relaxation the main objective.

Sunday I took the bike for a test ride, and fell even more in love it and couldn't wait to hit the road on Monday after the paper work had been sorted out. Sunday evening brought very little sleep  :biggrin:

Monday morning brought new excuses, but also promises of people getting back to me. Monday afternoon bought the updated excuses and forgotten promises. Monday evening = frustration, but the prospect hitting the road on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning showed not progress from the bank's side (at this stage I think it necessary to point out that it was not my credit history that was causing the delay). By this time frustration was reining supreme. After some proactive steps being taken, I supplied them with the relevant information and documents they were struggling to track down for 3 days. This actually only takes 10min, well 15min if you don't have your own fax machine. The afternoon brought confirmation and approval of the deal, but unfortunately also further excuses and promises. This all meant that the start of my trip was delayed for a further day. New guest house booked and anger managed, i waited for the next day.

Wednesday morning brought more delays and excuses, which I found out later on were mostly lies. Lies exposed, managers contacted and voice recordings scared, the last steps were taken late that afternoon. But due to technical problems, i had to wait till the next morning...again.

Thursday saw me saddling up for my trip back to White River for 1600km of fun-cation (plan initially was to hit the road on Monday). As soon as the wheels started rolling, all the frustration of the past few days dissipated and the smile started on my face (still hasn't disappeared)

The Road: 

I got on the highway out of PE, and headed to my over night stop at Gariep dam. Seeing that it was already 14h00 when I left PE, I knew that it would take some riding to get to Gariep dam before night fall. But on the other hand, now accommodation was booked, so that ment that I could actually just stop over on which ever town I find myself at sunset. So after taking in some of the sites, I stopped over in Steynsburg for the night. Yes, I did not stay on the highway. No point in doing that.

A good night's rest behind me and the next target in sight, I started off on Friday morning and headed to Welkom. Stopped of at Gariep dam, spent some time playing around there and seeing everything there is to see. Also showing off my bike to some other people I met there, them either owning/ having owned / just wanting a look-see. Next stop was Welkom, to visit some family who also have a fascination with BMW bikes. The night was spent along side a braai and "hydration" methods, till late. I aslo had a chance to install my tank bag.

Saturday morning i started a little late, but the next stop over was planned for Pretoria to some my mother my new toy. From Welkom, I passed through Kroonstad and turned towards Parys. Wanted to ride the rural roads and had lunch on Parys, greated some riders there at a garage and got on the Highway around JHB. Stopped at my mother's house, her expression was priceless when see saw the size ,and heard the grumble. And after the usual "be careful" speech, see also agreed that it was an amazing machine.

Sunday morning I left Pretoria behind and turned my sights on White River, and being Sunday, there were a lot of bikes on the road and I decided to stop here and there. I was not in a rush, and enjoyed sharing my bike with others through discussions and comparisons. I took left the N4 an rode through Belfast, stopped at Dullstroom for a coffee. The weather was changing and rode into the rain and mist, add then the winding roads, and you have a breath taking ride. By the time I went through Sabie it seemed as though I was the only bike on the road and my gear and bike was properly clean from the rain, that was still comming down. White River rewarded me with a beautiful sunset as I come in!

Then it was off to my cousin's house just to go and drive out the final piece of doubt he had of buying a bike again, well...the driving out wasn't really difficult. We were planning his trip to fetch his bike almost before I put down my helmet...and 10 days later he was on the road back from Cape Town
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Re: Horse fetching
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2012, 08:32:30 pm »
 :thumleft:  Thanks for sharing and congats with your new bike . It's special getting a new bike and bonding with her on a nice long trip .

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Re: Horse fetching
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2012, 08:40:56 pm »
great bike