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Author Topic: 1st Ride through Lesotho to my 1st National bash  (Read 324 times)

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1st Ride through Lesotho to my 1st National bash
« on: September 30, 2012, 09:06:03 pm »
Day 1
Myself, CrazyPorra, Redrider and Brian got together at the Villiers one stop on Tuesday afternoon at about 13:00. They were bussy renovating the restaurant and a little shop outside wanted R30-00 for a small cold hamburger so we stopped in Villiers for a very nice toasted ham cheese and tomato sandwich with chips. We had a lekker chat with the friendly owner and Brian made sure the tap water was drinkable.

 From there we slabbed it past Frankfort and shortly thereafter got onto the dirt where we pushed it a bit to make sure we got to Golden gate before dark .We then stopped in Kestell for some meat and beers.
The road between Kestell and Glen Reenen Camp and our camping spot.

Golden Gate. It is very easy to see where the area got its name from. The night there was easily the coldest Ive been in a long time. I woke up during the night and my feet felt like blocks of ice. I spent about 30 minutes rubbing some life into my feet and then had to put on a pair of socks before I could sleep again.

Day 2
We took our time breaking camp and having breakfast and then took a shortcut through the park to Monantsa border post where we met up with Fearless and his wife Crazy Biker Chick

The border crossing on the SA side was a breeze and with no border post on the Lesotho side we were gone in a flash.

Good riding in Lesotho with the 1st of many water crossings

We met up with Tabasco in Butha Buthe where we filled up with fuel for body and machine and then headed to ramabanta Trading post  via some awesome uncharted routes that did not even show on T4A.
At Ramabanta trading post we liked up with SharkZA, Welsh, Die Dominie and his wife. We all stayed in the backpackers and I must say that I was surprised with the good accommodation and the excellent  food. It was along day and most of us had an early night. After the cold of the previous night I slept like a baby.

This is all I have time for now, off to bed. Anybody else feel free to post your picks here.
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