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Author Topic: October 27 - "The Ice Age...between history and nature !" - Sweden  (Read 631 times)

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Today for the first time I would be with me a motorcyclist Swedish doc! Gave the weather forecast for the weekend sun and clear sky .. but temperatures. The appointment is at 8:30. The day is beautiful .. but chilly! The temperature marks +1. Per comes spike at the meeting. We met through the forum Club Bmw Sweden http://bmwklubben.se/. He was able to appreciate all my "strolls" in Viking land and responded willingly to my invitation. After introductions and a chat "in Swedish" we leave for our first destination, the castle of Krageholms near the lake of the same name about 60 km from Malmö. After about 30 km the temperature begins to fall rapidly to reach -3 and feels! Fortunately the weather is dry and there were no rains so there is no danger of ice on the roads, but along the way is a spectacle to watch plants, trees, fields whitewashed by a thin layer of frost. We make a brief stop at the castle Svaneholms. I need to put under a jacket liners and if you do not want to freeze along the way. Now go much better! In the vicinity of the forest lake with its autumn colors welcomes us into her magic. We park the bike near the castle. Unfortunately, it is a private residence and we must be content to take a look outside. A beautiful tree-lined avenue leading to the ancient manor consists of a main body and two wings, surrounded by a moat filled with water. The present structure dates back to 1720 but its origins are ancient. We share the road met two nice girls who set up a small resale of pumpkins for Halloween. Still superb views and a temperature of about two degrees. We reach the beautiful village of Bollerup http://www.bollerup.se/ now a well-known agricultural college for the breeding of cattle, sheep and pigs for its agriculture and the breeding of quality horses. Approximately 320 students live in the beautiful school dormitory. The castle was built in the late 1400s and is surrounded by a wide moat and next to it is a beautiful church with a magnificent tower. We take a walk around the castle. Beside a beautiful lake where a pair of swans approaches curious. The place is really lovely. Shortly after we start north. The road passes through a beautiful forest to the final step in the picturesque Castle Kronovalls http://www.petripumpa.se/ one of the most beautiful architectural buildings of all Skania in the beautiful countryside of Österlen. It looks very similar to one of the many castles of the Loire and is now a luxury hotel and famous for its wine cellars and champagne. The park surrounding it is wonderfully beautiful, perfect place for a stroll or a picnic lunch at the Swedish classic. We take the opportunity to sit comfortably in the tables in front of a summer restaurant, closed for the season, complete with a view of the castle. A good sandwich and a cup of hot coffee on our lunch in the open air, under a wonderful sun and about 5 degrees. Behind the castle straight out of a house from the fairy tales. Thatched colored green moss covering it completely immersed in the magic of autumn colors in the forest. All around clear signs of frost at night, a real spectacle. Back on the bike after about 10 km we arrive at the next destination Hallemölla Vattenfall near Eljaröd in the heart of a nature reserve. It is a place historically very interesting. There is an old mill fully operational in 1500 through one of the highest waterfalls in the region. Near the river in the night on some plants have formed icicles very suggestive. After the visit we share to Malmö along the beautiful lake Vomb. On the road right on a wonderful Kaffestuga Harlösavägen / Road 104. A charming place where we stop for a coffee and an excellent dessert with vanilla cream and raspberry jam! Should plan a short walk on the shore, where the reflection of the sky on the calm waters of the lake gives us one last thrill of this incredible day on the road. A special thanks to Per for his kindness and helpfulness and for me company. Until next time and good vision. P.S. Do not forget to sign the guestbook .. ;)

ALL PHOTOS http://www.francescoinviaggio.it - ​​SWEDEN ON THE ROAD

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Re: October 27 - "The Ice Age...between history and nature !" - Sweden
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2012, 10:27:17 pm »
I see the vikings knicked one of our scottish Hairy Coo's? cracking photos nice looking trip too.
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Re: October 27 - "The Ice Age...between history and nature !" - Sweden
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2012, 06:43:02 am »
Once again some awesome shots Francesco. :thumright:
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