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Author Topic: Johannesburg to Italy, 10 weeks, which way  (Read 415 times)

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Johannesburg to Italy, 10 weeks, which way
« on: October 31, 2012, 05:02:51 pm »
This is also posted on "Planning a Ride" but I thought I might catch more long distance travelers here.

I return to South Africa on 23 Nov. to pick up moto and head north.  Original plan was to try to stick to better roads as it would be two up on loaded 1200 GSA.  Well the wife has backed out, so I am open to alternate routes.  Considering going up the western Riff Valley.  There was a ride report on that route last year (I think) but I can not find it now.  Any and all insight appreciated.

Specific Questions:
  1. What is the road like going north from Caia Mozambique, (at Zambeze river), to southern tip of Malawi.
  2. Can I get a bike over the railroad bridge at Vila De Sena, (on above route)
  3. What is the fuel situation in Malawi now, hopefully better after they let their currency float?
  4. In Tanzania going up the west side my map shows the road from Sumbawanga north to Kasulu to be "restricted".  anyone know what that means?
  5. What are the "do not miss" spots if I go up the western Riff, (Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda then to Nairobi and North to Ethiopia ......

Anyone wanting to head north and want to join the ride for a part or all is welcome.

Thanks for any advice you can give this wandering Yankee
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