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Author Topic: April frontier trip - day 7  (Read 661 times)

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April frontier trip - day 7
« on: May 01, 2006, 12:34:20 pm »
Day 7
From Cradock to the Karroo Hotel near Steytlerville.
Packing up:

Just outside of Cradock we hit gravel (R337), what a delightful road! First we were treated to a pass, and much further on we were riding in a canyon, crossing the dry river countless times. If you are ever in the area, make sure that this road is on your route.

The road leading into Pearston:

Just after Pearston we let go of the R337 and took an alternative gravel road, which led to the canyon (don?t know the name of the road, but follow the R337 out of Pearston and take the first left).

Having a Kit-Kat (now that is just corny)!

Part of the canyon:

Here we had a good rest, recounting the marvels of this particular road. My personal opinion: if Lito were here he would probably opt to ride the dry river than the gravel road!

Rudeasy eating some dust:

We did a fair amount of gravel on the day, but once we hit the tar and the wind was screaming, we opted for some more gravel. The theory that we?d rather ride gravel at 80 than tar at 100 was born.
En route to Steytlerville:

Just before you enter Steytlerville from this side (now I?m getting horny!) you will notice the flags of all the ruling nations of SA from the first landing of erm, the Portuguese guy.

Crossing the bridge to the Karroo Hotel ? it may just be a Rubicon to some?

Sporting the latest range in ATGATT:

Being treated to a spectacular Karroo sunset,

And good company?

And some lightning in the far off distance?