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Author Topic: Waterberg area - where did this come from?  (Read 435 times)

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Waterberg area - where did this come from?
« on: December 31, 2012, 09:13:02 am »
I have to admit embarrassing ignorance.
After having heard of the beauty of the area for years l eventually spent a few days there and one just cruising the roads, getting lost intentionally and even meeting another rider doing the same as me.
Oh man, and its right on the doorstep of Joburg.  ::)

The family went up in the little car and I followed on on the bike. that N1 route north to Bela Bela/Warmbad must rate as one of the most boring and over policed stretches of road I have ever come across. Should anyone have a great dirt alternative they can share...

For the most part the roads I found to be in great biking condition but the little car suffered a dented rim and flat tire... and naturally I am to blame.

The roads are 95% hard packed with the remainder being lovely soft sand waiting to catch you out once you get over confident or the occasional rocky outcrop. I would rate it as a great beginners ride.
Game viewing was a plenty in the Vaalwater area where I rode between the game farms for mile upon mile. Far better than the paid for game drive we did.

Also a visit to Loebies Lion Park is a must (http://www.loebies.com/). We stayed there and apart from a bath the size of a small basin it was great and then interacting with the various cats is just awesome. The larger lions are an awesome sight and put me in my place on the food chain!
I doubt I need to rave over romping with a lion cub either?!

and there I was lost in my own thoughts and game spotting on one of the back roads, enjoying the solitude and being the only one for miles AND get dive bombed by another rider! :-)
We stopped for a smoke break and got rained on.. brought the temp down from 33 to 29 degrees for a few minutes respite.. and then it got hot again! HOT. did I say HOT!?
After a 30 minute chat we shared contact details and agreed to get back there soonest. - Hi Phillip!
So if any of the dogs are going up there soon or can recommend routes/accommodation PLEEEEZE let me know.

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Oh to ride, to ride.
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Re: Waterberg area - where did this come from?
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2012, 09:22:04 am »
Lekker  :thumleft: Yes, awesome place to ride and not that far away. Will definitely consider a trip there soon...