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Author Topic: “Bastervoetslaanpad: a thriller on a big dual sport bike in wet weather!”  (Read 5829 times)

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Achar Boys do another train trip!
"My name is Thomtom and I am an addict.  Yes, I am addicted to Ride Reports."
To admit the addiction is the most importnat step, or say they say?

I am sad to say, I have no intention on quitting either.  For years I was just a heavy user, but I now decided to also contribute.

Which title, “Achar Boys do another train trip”!, “The 8 stunning passes in Eastern Cape”, and a number of other titles to this trip could be considered, BUT, let’s stick to “Bastervoetslaanpad: a thriller on a big dual sport bike in wet weather!”
Achar Boys, we are supposed have an interest in Arts, Culture, History, Antiquities and Recreation; but with most of our recent trips we diminished into an Ancient, Crocked, Hopeloos, Arthritic bunch of Reprobates.

My new secondhand KTM; with a loose battery terminal, diagnosed later; some swearing on "why the battery was down there?", and wet weather made Bastervoetslaan a challenge, more about that later.

We like to take the Shozalosa train to a place and bike back to Gauteng.  This time it was Johannesburg to East London.  The train left Park station on time at 14:20 on the Friday and we were in Queenstown at 06:00 the next morning.  We normally enjoy the dining car, some “Jannie Stap”, the one with the red jacket on (Johnny Walker) and some discussions on any Achar topic that will steadily deteriorate into plain crap!

Unfortunately, this time there was no dining car but there was a kitchen and room serviced served us some nice “Pap and Vleis”, “Fish and Chips” and other delegacies.  We convinced the very nice train manager to let us off load the bikes in Queenstown.  With a good sleep behind us, we rolled into Queenstown station on time at 06:00.  Actually this is not all true, my cabin mates were grumpy when I fumbled around in the middle of the night for a few Panaodos, to ease the discomfort from a small kick on the head by Mr Jannie Stap.


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this already has me sniggering as to what going to posted next.
Bring on the rest :thumleft:
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Klink klaar bedonnerd :thumleft:

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Fantastic! :thumleft:

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Eks in :happy1:
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Following with interest  :thumleft:

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Something to think about...
When you complain, you make yourself a victim. Leave the situation, change the situation, or accept your it. All else is madness.

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sounds like fun... sub  :sip:
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I'm in

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Hehehe, been there done that, got the dings and scratches to prove it...
Waiting in anticipation. :biggrin:

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And I have seen that same view of my BM on Bastervoetslaanpad.
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I'm in ....
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Ek is ook in, ek wil hoeka Bastervoetslaan binnekort gaan doen.   :thumleft:
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 :biggrin: :deal:

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sub frieken scribed.

I hope you can type faster that I can read.

So far it is looking good.
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This is now what you call an ACHAR RR wait till next month for the "movement" oops sorry moment . Nou ja "stap aan" Jannie Stap.  :thumleft:
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3 = interspersed with sand, mud, sand , bush / not pillion friendly
4 = lots of sand, technical riding
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Bring it on!!!
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