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Author Topic: 17 Feb. 2013 - Månstorps Gavlar and the sea of ​​Malmo-Sweden  (Read 793 times)

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Hi guys

Grey day but not cold, when you consider the temperature of the last few weeks. A grade and above all no snow and ice on the streets. Today we inagura the motorcycle season 2013 in Viking land! Just a walk to warm up the engine. I leave Malmö and through June 101 near Lake Arriesjön about 17 km from the city. It is a small lake where people are usually fishing. Today would be a bit 'difficult because the surface is completely frozen. On the way of the horses graze in the fields of snow and a few tufts of grass. The low temperatures mean that glia animals are covered with the capes. The fields are still covered by snow fall abundantly in recent weeks. Shortly after June enchanting Månstorps Gavlar adjacent to a large farm. The road about a mile leading to the site is completely covered in snow and I have to be careful not to go down with the bike. It is a castle built between 1544-1547 by the rider Eske Bille, who lived in Copenhagen but Månstorp built as a summer residence and pleasure. The splendor of the castle was unusual for its time with large windows, and when they entered the large room on the second floor directly from the embankment. The instant of glory was short-lived and in 1600, with the war between Sweden and Denmark, the castle was burned. Most of the bricks were used to build houses in the surrounding area. It was not until 1970 for a major renovation. Cross the jetty on the frozen lake and step within the walls of the castle is really impressive. In the distance between the fields I see a group of deer who have ventured from the nearby forest through the fields in search of food. I relax on the deck drinking a good hot tea and enjoying some delicious Danish biscuit. Allotment to the city but I do not want to go home so I headed to the sea in the beautiful Ribersborgsstranden, seafront near the Quartier Hamnen. In particular, the long pier that leads to Ribersborgs Kallbadhus http://www.ribersborgskallbadhus.se It is a traditional bathroom Swedish since 1898 that has been restored to its original splendor. It is a traditional bathroom Swedish in 1898 that has been restored to its original splendor. It has a bathroom, sauna, massage and solarium. Crowded all year round and is open daily from 08.00 to 24.00. After the sauna, you do a dive to the sea, in the paddling pool regardless of the temperature! This is an excellent place to experience authentic Swedish. Soon I will make a visit and let you know! At the next

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Re: 17 Feb. 2013 - Månstorps Gavlar and the sea of ​​Malmo-Sweden
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Verrrryyyy niiiiice :thumleft: sub
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Re: 17 Feb. 2013 - Månstorps Gavlar and the sea of ​​Malmo-Sweden
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Bravo - Francesco - missing the warm Sicilian sunshine :peepwall:
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