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Author Topic: 22 Feb. 2013 A ride to Svaneholms slott in winter - Sweden  (Read 582 times)

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22 Feb. 2013 A ride to Svaneholms slott in winter - Sweden
« on: February 23, 2013, 04:33:18 pm »
ALL PICS HERE http://www.francescoinviaggio.it/RIEPILOGO%20SVEZIA%20ON%20THE%20ROAD/SVEZIA%20ON%20THE%20ROAD%202013.htm

Hi guys

-2 Degrees! I almost I'm taking pleasure in hanging out with these temperatures! Half day to a nice ride in motion. The route plan was different. I wanted to do a walk through some secondary roads that run along some lakes but unfortunately the ice and snow made ​​me change my way more than once. Sin were really nice. But we do not care about breaking my neck. A brief stop in front of the Stenbäcks Flygmuseum hosting some military aircraft, civil and a large number of machines, tools and other objects and then walk towards to the beautiful castle of Svaneholm http://www.svaneholm.com/. This is an old manor house situated on the bank of the lake Svaneholmssjön and is one of the most beautiful Renaissance castles in the area. Built in 1530, now houses an interesting museum that illustrates through numerous artifacts and other objects of daily life in the past several classes of society, from the nobility to the peasants. Very interesting reconstruction with original materials of an ancient classroom and a shop of a country. I had the opportunity to visit the museum while ago and I was very satisfied. Beautiful and elegant even coffee restaurant in the hotel. The forest surrounding the castle is a real attraction for many. And I will not let myself miss the chance for a long walk in the woods along the banks of the lake. The quiet and peace of these places you send an indescribable serenity. I sit on a bench near the lake to enjoy a nice hot coffee and something to eat. I've seen this wood in spring, summer, autumn and winter and always gives me a different emotion. Returning to the car park I take the bike to continue to wander aimlessly wherever the roads permit. Shame not to have the studded tires! at the next

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Re: 22 Feb. 2013 A ride to Svaneholms slott in winter - Sweden
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2013, 05:53:37 pm »
Thanks for the RR charlyno.  Very pretty country you have to ride in, must be cold though  :thumleft:
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