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Author Topic: A new OBERON clutch slave cylinder for my SE - a worthy upgrade for any LC8  (Read 428 times)

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The original clutch slave cylinder on my SE has failed 3 times in the last 5000 km - fortunately it has not happened on a trip.

The symptom is that you lose pressure on the clutch lever - you can pull it all the way to the grip with no resistance. You can therefore not use the clutch - not so bad when you are riding but quite awkward when you want to stop or need to feather the clutch.

The cause is a leak in the clutch slave cylinder - the mineral oil in the system is leaking past the seal in the clutch slave cylinder.

OBERON PERFORMANCE in the UK make a beautiful looking (and significantly upgraded) replacement part - all aluminium and CNC machined to perfection. There are two parts - the actual slave cylinder and then the mounting, which is a copy of the original part but made in aluminium not plastic and thus not subject to distortion from engine heat.

I ordered 2 - for Heddles and I - at a cost of R1600 each. We got lucky because I had a family member in the UK who brought them back for me but you can order direct and have them shipped here - will then cost R2400 each with all the other charges.

It literally took 10 minutes to fit. I filled the new part with mineral oil before fitting to minimise bleeding - it worked so well I did not have to bleed at all - just top up master cylinder.  My part is titanium grey and Heddles opted for the anodized orange.

In pic  7 you can see where the original part was leaking - the silver scrape / wear mark on the inside of the cylinder was allowing oil to leak past the o-ring seal on the pistion. There is a definite ridge on the cylinder and I think the part is too small to be honed successfully - I have tried to re-con this part twice already but it does not take long before it leaks again.

In pics 8 and 9 you can see the front and back view of the mounting - the original plastic part is on the left - if you look carefully you can see it is distorted when compared to the new aluminium part.

OBERON have used a bigger piston than the original part which means you have to use less force to pull in the lever - I have not really noticed this but they claim you will suffer less fatigue in tough and technical conditions when you need to use the clutch a lot.

The quality, fit and finish is superb and the service I got from them is awesome - they also offer a lifetime guarantee and promise to replace / repair for free if the part fails.

I highly recommend this upgrade if you have had clutch slave problems.

Thanks to Dewie for putting me on to Oberon.

Follow this link to order one for yourself

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