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Author Topic: Tornanti Road Yarns...5 Aussies, 6 weeks Euro-Alps  (Read 1035 times)

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Tornanti Road Yarns...5 Aussies, 6 weeks Euro-Alps
« on: December 02, 2007, 09:06:24 am »
Hi all  ;)

Not really standard WildDogs stuff, I guess... but hell...let's give it a whirl :)

Just back from a 6-week/ 8000km romp through the European Alps.

This story is turning into an absolute MONSTER.... ...there are 1600 pics, YES, 1600  so far‚?¶and it‚??s well on the way to become the biggest yarn of it‚??s kind. Move aside Ben Hur‚?¶

Another 400 just got upped for the next few days of the story‚?¶.

After a week's break to get some other stuff done...like having a shower or so :laugh:laugh  it‚??s back into it‚?¶and Gosh, there are some crackers in the pipe.

Part 2 came to a close in the Dolomites/ Italy...the MECCA for riders the world over...

Part 3 (days 21-30 "on-the-road") is getting updated every other day, sometimes daily.


And as some folks said in another forum...take it from the start, there's more to it than a few thousand pics ;)

Note: Due to the amount of grafix, dial-up modem connections could melt in the vain attempt to load pages. Broadband of some sort is HIGHLY advisable (even then things could be very slow).




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Re: Tornanti Road Yarns...5 Aussies, 6 weeks Euro-Alps
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2007, 09:10:01 am »
Here's a small excerpt of day2

Ask one of the locals‚?¶ahem‚?¶ another tourist who was just as stumped about the right track‚?¶

What the hell, it‚??s a GREAT road, let‚??s boogie!  :tu

Bit mucky up here‚?¶where are the mountains?

A break in the fog, time for some delicious single-lane carving across the top.

Col de Morti

Those 2 couldn‚??t believe their eyes when they saw a pack of touring-barges show up

The descent is just as good as the climb‚?¶down the Valle di Arma

‚?¶and doglegging it up the Stura Valley to Vinadio, the day drawing to an end, time to find accommodation‚?¶ and fuel for tomorrow.

Over A$2.30/ liter‚?¶

The old barracks in Vanadio‚?¶1800something.
Yesterday, by local standards.

‚?¶.what a pisser, a garden gnome-sized roundabout ‚?¶:bs

The small hotel opposite the servo‚??s got some rooms, with tiny balconies, too...it's only day 2, but those boots will have to stay DEFINITELY outside through the nights

‚?¶and the restaurant down the road comes up with some decent, but average tucker‚?¶.who cares, the beer is cold, the vino potent and the beds are comfy.

What a day for the first one in the mountains‚?¶BLOODY RIPPA, MAAAATE !!



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Re: Tornanti Road Yarns...5 Aussies, 6 weeks Euro-Alps
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2007, 09:13:26 am »
part of day14:

There‚??s a bypass around Interlaken sneaking into the Lauterbrunnen Valley‚?¶and hoohhhh, what a place! :wow::wow:

It looks like someone chopped out the valley with an axe‚?¶and waterfalls gushing over the edges, free-falling onto the valley-ground. :wow:

There‚??s water here‚?¶. everywhere‚?¶. LOTS of it !! It‚??s gurgling and roaring, flowing and foaming‚?¶crystal-clear to dark-green‚?¶and it‚??ll be with us for the rest of the trip!!!
We use the park-house in Lauterbrunnen, despite the sign advising otherwise :whistle:‚?¶then take the rack-and-pinion railways up the steep slope to Wengen.

From here it‚??s up to the Mannlichen with the cable car, Tim‚??s turning green at the thought alone‚?¶:bs

Anti-avalanche bracing

Tim‚??s made it, we‚??re at the top‚?¶. well, for now‚?¶

[SIZE="5"]And there it is!!!! The   A W E S O M E      THREESOME!![/SIZE]

Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau  !! (Eiger, Monk and Virgin)
Deep breath‚?¶. then look around. It‚??s abso-bloody-lutely STUMPING!!!
(I don‚??t know who did that shot‚?¶but centre it on the screen and look at it for a few seconds‚?¶.THAT‚??S exactly how it feels up here‚?¶right[SIZE="5"] NOW[/SIZE] !!

After all we‚??ve seen so far‚?¶THIS hits us like a brick! :glu:glu

Let‚??s keep walking the few k‚??s across to the Kleine Scheidegg‚?¶

Amongst many others, there was an early Clint Eastwood movie made here,
‚??The North Face‚?Ě, a thriller about 2 climbing crews vying for supremacy on the infamous Eiger North Face‚?¶.a dream-destination for serious climbers the world over.
And it keeps costing lives every year‚?¶:(

Kleine Scheidegg‚?¶‚?Ěmid-station‚?Ě for the Jungfraujoch-Railway and base-camp to the climbing-crews.

The railway climbs from here just behind the face of, and inside, the mountain up to the Jungfraujoch. There are 2 stops along the way‚?¶ big windows, partially iced up, are part of ‚??the wall‚?Ě‚?¶they‚??re also starting points for rescue-climbs to extract stricken climbers or whole climbing-crews, if needed. ‚??The Wall‚?Ě is to steep for choppers‚?¶



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Re: Tornanti Road Yarns...5 Aussies, 6 weeks Euro-Alps
« Reply #3 on: December 02, 2007, 09:15:42 am »
and yet another part....a little of day 20 around St. Moritz/ Switzerland

It‚??s hard to let go‚?¶lumpy-throat-hard.
Those mountains had never let me go‚?¶

Into St. Moritz‚?¶

‚?¶and down the old road to Celerina, alongside the old Olympic Bobsled track‚?¶it‚??s still used for major events now.
How is THAT for a banked curve??:eek::eek:

It‚??s been a BIG day‚?¶not so much the riding‚?¶that too‚?¶but the impressions were massive and it‚??s a slow roll down the valley to Zernez, for the hop across the Ofen Pass again.

There‚??s just enough ‚??fire-in-the-boiler‚?Ě for one more scratch-and-catch session up to the top‚?¶the shadows grow long, the day mellows into golden light‚?¶ and so does our mood.

The sun knows it too‚?¶it‚??s been one of those STAR-days !:so:so:so

Bloody oath‚?¶we EARNED THAT!!:bs

Arghhhh  :whistle:  (tastes sensational though!!)

Things are getting a bit blurry from here‚?¶but SHIT, it was FUN !!:bs:bs:bs


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Re: Tornanti Road Yarns...5 Aussies, 6 weeks Euro-Alps
« Reply #4 on: December 02, 2007, 09:19:50 am »
Nice ride
I used to be called Captain Slow but then i got Zef
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Re: Tornanti Road Yarns...5 Aussies, 6 weeks Euro-Alps
« Reply #5 on: December 02, 2007, 10:17:03 am »
Worth the pictures - even with my dial - up.

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