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Author Topic: June 3 2013 - Between the fields, forests and ancient churches (Sweden)  (Read 503 times)

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Great day on the road surrounded by colorful fields of flowers, ancient forests and beautiful medieval churches. I completely intoxicated scents of earth, in the silence of the countryside, amazed by the beauty of nature, amazed by the wealth of some medieval frescoes. 210 km of extraordinary beauty. A special mention deserves the Church of Everlöv with its beautiful medieval frescoes. One above all stands out for its peculiarity. The figure of Matthew writes that sitting in a chair and wearing a pair of glasses. One of the very few paintings in which it is possible to observe a pair of glasses, a rarity at that time! at the next
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Wow... very green... just been to Switzerland just as green there...  :thumleft:
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