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Author Topic: June 5 - Havgårdssjön-Jordberga-Tosterups-Bollerups-Ales Stenar - Sweden  (Read 443 times)

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.. still a beautiful day in the company of my friend Mateusz between the streets and the beautiful landscapes of Sweden. Through a long forest we reached the lake Havgård. The calmissime waters were a mirror reflecting the sky and clouds, forming a whole between sky and water. Around us a quiet herd of cows grazing watching us a little 'surprise of our presence. From there through small roads surrounded by huge fields of oilseed rape (in Sweden Raps) of a yellow color we have come to the beautiful Castle of Tosterups with its large medieval tower. Its current structure dates back to 1760 but we have news of the castle already in 1400. Just 5 km after the village of Bollerups whose castle was built at the end of 1400. And 'situated on an islet surrounded by a large moat in whose waters they swim happily ducks and swans. Adjacent to the beautiful church of Bollerups. Today the town is home to an agricultural college. View the sunny day we had to conclude our tour pointing out to sea, and exactly in Ales Stenar a megalithic burial dating back to 500 AD Situated on a hill with a beautiful view of the sea is made up of 59 large sandstone boulders arranged in such a way as to form the outline of a stone boat 67 meters long. Several hypotheses about the origin of this site. One of these gives the site an astronomical or calendrical function for the position in which they are located some stones. To round off a nice lunch of fried fish and potatoes onion jam, a real treat in addition to the various tastes of different types of smoked fish. at the next

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Great photo's,  thanks for the RR!
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