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Author Topic: Bad Service from Dealers ???  (Read 214 times)

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Bad Service from Dealers ???
« on: July 18, 2013, 04:50:21 pm »
As we all know --our beloved brand has NOT been taken up seriously ---- Not by some dealers but by Some Staff that work in the shops owners have invested Millions of rand and their own sweat and blood in --Only to get it Listed by Us the End users as ---a Shop with Crap Service and never even consider using them again --Rather get the spares directly from overseas .. I am not even going to mention how many times this has happened to me--

But Today I was pleasantly Surprised by the owner of  --Sandstorm Racing who called me personally to say sorry for poor service by one of the people who works there. I wanted to place a order fro spares on Monday as the factory Overseas closes for a month holiday soon -- Was told that the person was busy and could not come to the phone and he will call me back--

Yippee four days later I get a call and some person say's --I hear you want spare WTF --- Eventually got the dots connected but was pissed off with not getting back to me--Luckily I had called Rob at Primrose and told him what I wanted and when I asked on Wednesday have they got stock he said --Mike --I have already placed your order and you can pay when it gets here as we know the factory will be closed for a while --now that is awesome.

I however will deal with Sandstorm in future again as the owner was man enough to admit he has a problem with some staff -- I for one hate riding far to get spares and here is wishing a change in spares and service at Sandstorm Racing in future --- hoping relationships will be grown in future and that problems will be resolved --

I was asked that if any of us have a problem --Please bring it to his attention Personally --if he does not hear about it he can not look at getting a solution to the problem ---

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