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Author Topic: August 23, 2013 Among dirt roads and forests until Häckeberga - Sweden  (Read 483 times)

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After more than a month after returning from Norway was time to warm up a bit 'the engine. Half day available, bright sunshine and temperatures around 22 degrees. Quickly leave the city to immerse myself in the silence of the Swedish countryside. Although the area is not the greatest in terms of motorcycle, the landscapes are characterized by the following broad fields instill a quiet absolute, which often leads me to open the helmet and breathe in the clean air of the countryside. Buzzards and hawks control territory from above always in search of some small prey in the fields. Many of the fields have already been plowed and in many of these hundreds of hay bales waiting to be transported to the shelter for the winter. Soon I reach the large nature reserve Häckeberga. Here I leave the asphalt along a very long stretch of dirt road in very good condition that insinuates itself between the forest, which in some places seems almost wrap the way of forming long tunnels. The landscape is really nice and I'll take a short break just to eat a little 'fruit which I brought with me. There is an absolute silence, I can almost "disturb" eating a peach! I arrive shortly after near the castle of Häckeberga with its beautiful lake. A huge expanse of water lilies covering a good portion of the lake and the white flowers are shown scattered here and there as if to beautify the landscape which in itself is already wonderfully beautiful. Allotment for a short retracing my steps for putting them again on the track for about ten kilometers and then take the long way home. at the next
ALL PHOTOS ON www.francescoinviaggio.it - SWEDEN ON THE ROAD 2013. good vision















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