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Author Topic: Non-DS: Electric superbike unveiled  (Read 262 times)

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Non-DS: Electric superbike unveiled
« on: December 30, 2007, 01:06:13 pm »

Vectrix unveils first electric superbike

December 29, 2007

Vectrix has unveiled what is claims is the world's first electric superbike ?? and if the performance figures it quotes in its handout are for real, it's very close to the mark.

THE SOUND OF THE FUTURE: The launch of the Vectrix SBK concept at the 2008 Milan show. (youtube link in the original article, please use link above to access)

The company claims a top speed of over 200km/h, a standing quarter mile in 12sec and enough battery life for 20 flat-out laps of the Vallelunga circuit in Spain ?? in eerie silence, which is why the recent launch at the Milan motorcycle and scooter show took place to the strains of the Simon and Garfunkel classic "Sounds of Silence".

Vectrix is better known for its 20kW Maxi electric scooter but battery bikes began to make the performance junkies sit up and take notice recently when the Killacycle became the first electric bike to break eight seconds on the standing quarter-mile.

The Vectrix SBK concept is driven by a 240V, 60kW permanent magnet, brushless DC motor that delivers peak torque of 102Nm at zero revs, with a 7.5kW/hour, lithium-ion battery that makes up 64kg of the bike's all-up 204kg.

Range is claimed to be:

# 200km at a steady 40km/h
# 100km at 80km/h
# 70km at 120km/h

The battery pack and motor are placed as close as possible to the centre of effort of the futuristic-looking machine inside a box-section aluminium frame, with state-of-the-art suspension components and inverted disc brakes from Buell.

Drive is by toothed belt directly from the motor to the rear wheel, with a slightly offset rear monoshock modulating a single-sided swing-arm.

This bike, says Vectrix, offers racetrack performance for riders who want to have fun while appreciating "the silence of speed" with the barely perceptible vibration that's typical of electric motors.

The machine shown here is a prototype; Vectrix will begin building a limited run of 500 production bikes as soon as 500 orders at ?55 000 (about R550 000) each have been received.
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