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Author Topic: 07 Sett. 2013 - Söderåsen National Park - Flammafallet vattenfall - Vippentorpet  (Read 511 times)

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07 Sett. 2013 - Söderåsen National Park - Flammafallet vattenfall - Vippentorpet - SWEDEN

For a long time I had planned this ride to the north and views of the fantastic weather this period in Sweden ( sunshine and temperatures between 20 and 26 degrees ) I decided on Saturday. At 08.00 we are already, in three ready to go , I my friend Jerry and Stefan . We walk quickly the first stretch of highway to Lund and then leave and head towards the Söderåsen National Park. The day is simply amazing . It's almost nine o'clock, a clear sky , sunshine , 22 degrees and practically the only ones to take this route . We reach the picturesque castle of Trolleholms where we make a short stop. Too bad you can not visit the gardens of the castle , which usually can be done. We had to settle for a peek inside. Allocation , we come to the parking lot in a short of one of the most beautiful national parks in the south of Sweden, the Söderåsen National Park. To expect Patrick with its majestic Honda Goldwing . After a brief presentation climb through the winding road that borders the park , surrounded by green forest with its ancient trees up to a picnic area for picnics. Here we stop for something to eat and drink good coffee and a chat , especially me who has to "train" my Swedish ! It starts towards the region of Halland. The landscape suddenly changes when you approach in the area of Vållosen . Forests, lakes, grazing herds show a real one . Near the lake Nouveau building stands out among the blue waters of the green vegetation and the red of the small boat moored on the shore. Just after the Ross Lake , where we make a short stop in the strip of land that separates the two lakes. We drive along the forest until Vallåsen renowned ski resort and head north again through roads and fantastic scenery completely immersed in nature. Shortly after we arrive at the first destination , Flammafallet . It is a picturesque waterfall on the river Krokan whose waters flow rushing along the ledges to the steps resulting in an extraordinarily beautiful show . The name comes from Flammat swamp or flat lands . The waters have an incredible amber color due to the sediments and the foliage that falls into the river . We take the opportunity for a nice picnic outdoors. After a buon'oretta leave the place to head towards the small pond Mästocka and then continue to the south near the beautiful lakes and Hjörneredssjöarna Vittentorpert arrive at an old country house built in the seventeenth century . with the traditional thatched roof. E ' was the home of the famous musician was born August Ysenius where here in 1877. The house is open to visitors and is furnished with antique furniture and decorated with beautiful tapestries rustic traditional popular culture. Alongside a small but delicious Kaffestuga where we sit comfortably outside under a blazing sun for a good coffee and a treat . It starts through the magnificent lakes Hjörnereds star-shaped . The road crosses the lakes giving views and breathtaking views. We head further towards the south until Vallåsen and then cut through the forest to Hjärnap where we take the highway to home through a dirt road about 15 km away completely immersed in nature. In the middle of the path the sign that tells us that we came back to the region of Skania . at the next
All photos http://www.francescoinviaggio.it - SWEDEN ON THE ROAD 2013.

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