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Author Topic: SWEDEN ON THE ROAD - September 29, 2013 - Västersjö - Skottorp - Hovs Hallar  (Read 586 times)

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SWEDEN ON THE ROAD - September 29, 2013 - Västersjö - Skottorp - Hovs Hallar

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 A pleasant surprise this year in Sweden. A mild and sunny autumn . The good weather continues to persist and I do not lose the opportunity for a nice walk in motion . It is nine o'clock in the morning the sun is shining in a blue sky and the thermometer reads 10 degrees. I prepared everything needed for a picnic outdoors. Sandwiches , juices, fruit, sweets and the inevitable coffee does not just have to turn on the bike and quickly leave the city to immerse yourself in the peaceful silence of the Swedish countryside. The road runs slowly to the tune of Dire Straits. I open the helmet and full breath this air marvelous . For miles and miles not meeting anyone. Occasionally some cyclist or a couple who enjoys a nice walk in the sun . I come to the castle of Skarhults , one of the most beautiful castles in red brick Sweden. On the way one of the many windmills in the area. Often I leave the road and continue through long distances of unpaved road . The road is all a surprise . Through the forest with a series of curves that amaze a bit ' in this part of Sweden. I'm really surprised. I come near a small lake , an ideal place for something to eat and drink coffee , gently pampered by the warmth of the sun. I come near Vallåsen on the road that separates the lake from the lake Rössjön Västersjö . Skirted the latter a long dirt road surrounded by the forest. A wonderful show. The autumn has already brushed a thousand colors and shades the leaves of the trees. I stop at a small area where there are fishermen . One of these has just taken a big fish. The lake view is spectacular , a magnificent light spreads through the forest , like being in a fairy tale. The road continues through pastures, woods and open countryside until reaching the beautiful castle of Skottorps http://skottorpsslott.se/ style empire famous because here May 6, 1680 Charles XI married Ulrika Eleonora of Denmark . After a short visit of the gardens I headed to the sea in the direction of the town of Båstad and along the coast come to the Nature Reserve Hovs Hallar http://www.hovshallar.com/ incredible rock formation that descends to the sea an intense blue . This area had already in the Iron Age and Bronze Age settlements and I am witness to the numerous artifacts found in the area. For a long time here has practiced the breeding of cattle , and even today there are many animals that graze in the area. Parking the bike and go down to the sea on one of the highest ridges of rock . Here pampered by the sun and cheered by the slow waves crashing on the rocks I'm enjoying my picnic in absolute tranquility. Was it the sea or the sun but fell just lying in the arms of Morpheus for almost an hour ! I woke up suddenly to the shouts of children playing in the area, otherwise I assume that I would have continued to the bitter end ! Returning to the car park I sit in the beautiful terrace of the bar adjacent to savor an excellent Swedish coffee . The time now is smart enough to return home. at the next




















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